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New Items into stock this week 9th Mar to 15th Mar 2019

Published: 15/03/2019 07:30:21

A list of new releases from across our ranges which have come into stock in the last seven days.

Bachmann B22-177 Station Master and Porter Figure Set

Bachmann B31-214 Patriot Class 4-6-0 45538 Giggleswick BR Green E/Emblem

Bachmann B32-122 Class 08 834 BR Railfreght Distribution

Bachmann B33-857B 30t Bogie Bolster Wagon LMS Grey

Bachmann B33-858 30t Bogie Bolster Wagon BR Bauxite Weathered

Bachmann B39-271F BR Mk1 GUV General Utility Van BR Maroon Parcels Express

Bachmann B39-277A BR Mk1 GUV General Utility Van BR Blue Property Board

Bachmann B39-550 BR Mk1 CCT BR Maroon

Bachmann B39-551 BR Mk1 CCT BR Blue Weathered

Bachmann B39-556 BR Mk1 CCT Van Tartan Arrow

Bachmann B44-0089 Scenecraft Presflo Loading Hopper (Pre-Built)

Bachmann B44-0099 Scenecraft The Gate Inn (Pre-Built)

Bachmann B44-0100 Scenecraft Midsomer Norton Signal Box (Pre-Built)

Bachmann B44-288 Scenecraft Urban Stone Walling (Pre-Built)

Bachmann B44-291 Scenecraft In Cod We Trust Fish & Chip Shop (Pre-Built)

Bachmann B44-595 Scenecraft Sleeper Built Fencing (Pre-Built)

Bachmann B44-597 Scenecraft Platform Vending Machines (Pre-Built)

Bachmann B44-598 Scenecraft Platform Accessories (Pre-Built)

Faller FA120290 Container Gantry Kit IV

Faller FA130577 Kinzigtal Storage House Kit I

Faller FA163102 Car System Two Wheels Twin Tyres and Classic Lorry Rims

Faller FA163765 Car System Digital Flashing Lights 20.2mm Blue

Faller FA170715 Reeds 75mm

Faller FA170769 High Grass Set 8mm (4)

Faller FA180968 Beer Cases with Bottles (4) Kit

Faller FA180969 Level Crossings (2) Kit

Faller FA180974 Butchers Shop Interior Kit

Faller FA181580 Snow Covered Fir Trees (18)

Faller FA181615 Clump Foliage Light Green 300x200mm

Faller FA181616 Clump Foliage Dark Green 300x200mm

Faller FA181617 Clump Foliage Assorted 300x200mm

Faller FA181618 Clump Foliage Summer Green 300x200mm

Faller FA190847GB Car System Profi Tips Booklet

Faller FA190919EX Faller New Items Leaflet 2019

Graham Farish GF371-014 Class 08 834 BR Railfreight Distribution

Graham Farish GF371-020A Class 08 13050 BR Black Early Emblem

Graham Farish GF371-050C Class 04 D2283 BR Green Warning Stripes

Graham Farish GF371-742 Western Pullman 6-Car Unit Grey/Blue

Graham Farish GF377-088 7 Plank Wagon End Door GWR Grey

Graham Farish GF379-480 Wired Power Clip

Graham Farish GF42-289 Scenecraft Low Relief Modular Mill Facade (Pre-Built)

Graham Farish GF42-290 Scenecraft Low Relief Modular Mill Entrance (Pre-Built)

Arnold HIN2437 WLE BR187 Electric Locomotive VI

Arnold HIN2437D WLE BR187 Electric Locomotive VI (DCC-Fitted)

Arnold HIN2438 DBAG BR147 Electric Locomotive VI

Arnold HIN2438D DBAG BR147 Electric Locomotive VI (DCC-Fitted)

Rivarossi HR2736S BLS Re4/4 192 Electric Locomotive IV (DCC-Sound)

Kibri KI13060 Breuer & Wasel Liebherr 1160/2 Telescopic Mobile Crane Kit

Kibri KI13061 Breuer & Wasel Liebherr LG1550 Crane Kit

Kibri KI15011 Unimog with Rotary Snow Blower and Winter Set Kit

Kibri KI15013 Beilhack Universal Snow Ploughs and Spreader Bodies Kit

Kibri KI15030 Magirus 3 Axle Tipper with Snowplough Kit

Minitrix M15890 DBAG Regio Nurnberg S-Bahn Coach Set (2) VI (DCC-Fitted)

Minitrix M16185 (e) DB BR18 505 Steam Locomotive III (DCC-Sound)

Trix M22035 Swiss Museum BR01 202 Steam Locomotive VI (DCC-Sound)

Trix M22268 DB E41 Electric Locomotive III (DCC-Sound)

Trix M22655 DB BR420 S Bahn 3 Car EMU IV (DCC-Sound)

Trix M24129 DB Erz IIId Long Henry Hopper Wagon Set (12) III

Marklin MN37487 DB ET87 Electric Railcar III (MFX-Sound)

Marklin MN55046 DB V100 Diesel Freight Digital Starter Set III (MFX-Sound)

Marklin MN74462 C Track Digital Decoder Installation

Marklin MN80419 Easter Wagon for 2019

Marklin MN82318 DRG Liquid Transport Wagon Set (3) II

Marklin MN88001 Bochum 80 030 Steam Locomotive Museum Special VI

Marklin MN88742 DB BR064 Steam Locomotive IV

MRC MRC1651 8 Pin Universal Decoder

Piko PK35250 G-Track (G-P3000) Rail Sections 3000mm 20pcs

Piko PK35421 Mini Hacksaw for Cutting PIKO G-Track

Piko PK36320 Extra Weights (2)

Piko PK37222 DR BR24 Steam Locomotive III (Analogue-Smoke)

Piko PK37575 DR BR118 Diesel Locomotive IV

Piko PK38888 PRR Ore Wagon

Piko PK38890 Mighty Hauler Ore Wagon

Piko PK40280 NS Hondekop 2 Car EMU IV

Piko PK40293 NS Hondekop 2 Car EMU IV

Piko PK40424 NS 2400 Diesel Locomotive IV

Piko PK46193 Sound Decoder/Speaker for Hondekop

Piko PK52806 Expert DR BR120 Diesel Locomotive IV

Piko PK58364 Classic DB Frankfurt Breweries Wagon Set (3) III

Piko PK58365 Classic RailCargo Austria Tarpaulin Wagon Set (2) IV

Piko PK58676 Hobby Alex 1st/2nd Class Coach VI

Piko PK58776 Hobby PKP Ft Caboose III

Piko PK58935 Classic OBB Glm Box Van IV

Piko PK58940 Classic DB Bosch Box Van III

Piko PK58958 Expert GATX Retractable Tarpaulin Coil Wagon VI

Piko PK58961 Expert SBB Pannonoa-Ethanol Funnel Flow Tank Wagon VI

Piko PK58962 Expert Wascosa Funnel Flow Tank Wagon VI

Piko PK59667 Expert DB IC Avmz111 1st Class Coach IV

Piko PK59687 Expert DB B4ym 2nd Class Coach IV

Piko PK59688 Expert DB AB4ym 1st/2nd Class Coach IV

Piko PK59689 Expert DB B4ymf 2nd Class Control Coach IV

Piko PK94346 SBB (ex FB/B3/B2/C2) Coach Set (4) IV

Preiser PR10238 Italian Railway Personnel (6) Exclusive Figure Set

Preiser PR10579 Seated Men (5) Exclusive Figure Set

Preiser PR10601 American Railway Personnel (5) Exclusive Figure Set

Preiser PR10739 On the Park Bench (6) Exclusive Figure Set

Preiser PR10740 Skaters & Passers By (6) Exclusive Figure Set

Preiser PR12196 King Wilhelm II and Entourage 1900 (5) Exclusive Figure Set

Preiser PR16327 Rural People/Animals/Carts (60) Unpainted Figures

Preiser PR16353 Bavarian Band (18) Unpainted Figures

Preiser PR16540 German Reich 1939-45 Mortar Crew (5) Kit

Preiser PR16570 German Reich 1939-45 Horse Drawn Field Wagon Kit

Preiser PR16840 German Army Standing Soldiers Berets/Coats (6) Figure Set

Preiser PR17216 Medieval Festival Market Stalls & Accessories Kit

Preiser PR17224 Shopping Trolleys (10) Kit

Preiser PR17939 Lanz D2416 with Liquid Manure Wagon

Preiser PR18203 Traffic Signs (40) Kit

Preiser PR20386 Circus Brown Bears (4) Figure Set

Preiser PR21030 Circus Krone Electrical Trailer

Preiser PR28107 Police Officer at the Desk Figure

Preiser PR28227 Kissing Couple Figure

Preiser PR28228 Woman Putting on her Shoe Figure

Preiser PR28229 Woman Using Hairspray Figure

Preiser PR28230 Woman in Bowler Hat Figure

Preiser PR28231 Woman with Bag Figure

Preiser PR28232 Woman WITHOUT Burger Figure

Preiser PR44931 Family Visiting Father Christmas Figure Set

Preiser PR44932 Marriage Proposal with Ring Figure Set

Preiser PR44935 Slaughtering at the Farm Figure Set

Preiser PR45042 Bride's Parents (3) Figure Set

Preiser PR45043 Wedding Guests (3) Figure Set

Preiser PR45046 Market Woman and Accessories Figure Set

Preiser PR45061 Aunt Tulli with Niece and Nephew Figure Set

Preiser PR57152 President Obama and the First Lady Figure Set

Preiser PR57820 Passers By (6) Unpainted Figures

Preiser PR63067 Passengers (3) Figure Set

Preiser PR63080 Female Passers By (3) Figure Set

Preiser PR65318 Passers By (6) Figure Set

Preiser PR65341 Hay Harvesters (4) Figure Set

Preiser PR65345 In the Beer Garden (4) Figure Set

Preiser PR65352 Seated Travellers (4) Figure Set

Preiser PR65358 Women at the Campsite (6) Figure Set

Preiser PR68213 Businessmen (6) Figure Set

Preiser PR75056 At the Village Roadside (6) Figure Set

Preiser PR79000 People/Animals (120) Unpainted Figures

Preiser PR79027 Young Travellers (6) Figure Set

Preiser PR79095 At the Shops (7) Figure Set

Preiser PR79224 DB Railway Personnel Era III (6) Figure Set

Preiser PR79230 At the Campsite (6) Figure Set

Preiser PR93065 Preiser New Items Leaflet 2019

Hornby R3616 LMS 5MT 4-6-0 5089

Hornby R3621 LNER J36 0-6-0 722

Hornby R3768 Terrier 0-6-0T 32636 BR

Hornby R4877 Collett 57' Bow Ended D98 6 Cpt Brake Third RH 4972 GWR

Hornby R4878 Collett 57' Bow Ended E131 9 Cpt Composite LH W6630W BR

Hornby R4879 Collett 57' Bow Ended E131 9 Cpt Composite RH W6631W BR

Hornby R4880 Collett 57' Bow Ended D98 6 Cpt Brake Third LH W5507W BR

Hornby R4881 Collett 57' Bow Ended D98 6 Cpt Brake Third RH W5508W BR

Hornby R7195 SkaleScenics Green Mix Lichen (Large)

Hornby R7224 SkaleScenics Tree with Treehouse

Viessmann VN1316 eMotion Multijet Fountain with LED Lighting

Viessmann VN1514 eMotion Blacksmith with Glowing Iron

Viessmann VN1542 eMotion Fire Fighters in Action

Viessmann VN4212 Catenary Middle Mast with Beams 71.5mm

Viessmann VN4396 Catenary Height Marker

Viessmann VN4570 Door and Gate Motor Drive

Viessmann VN5225 Power Module 5a

Viessmann VN5576 Blacksmiths Sound Module

Viessmann VN6162 Modern Bollard Lights 10mm (3) LED White

Vollmer VO43732 Vintners Lodge with Yard Gate Kit

Vollmer VO43736 Inn with Butchers Shop Interior and LED Lighting Kit

Vollmer VO46105 Setting Clouds Background Sheet 266x80cm

Vollmer VO99902 Vollmer/Kibri New Items Leaflet 2019

Wiking WK016301 Porsche 904 Carrera GTS Purple

Wiking WK082303 Bogward Isabella Limousine Metallic Ice Blue

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