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New Items into stock this week 6th April to 12th April 2019

Published: 12/04/2019 10:14:35

A list of new releases from across our ranges which have come into stock in the last seven days.

Gaugemaster BPGM18 Rail Joiners N Scale (48)

Dapol DA2D-003-007D Class 52 D1012 Western Firebrand Maroon SYP (DCC-Fitted)

Dapol DA7F-052-001 5 Plank Wagon 9ft Wheelbase S.Brookman 30

Dapol DA7F-071-009W 7 Plank Wagon Vauxhall Weathered

Faller FA120465 Two Track Viaduct Kit

Faller FA120466 Two Track Curved Viaduct Kit

Faller FA120570 Double Track Circular Arc Tunnel Portals (2) Kit

Faller FA130898 Electricity Pylons (2) Kit III

Faller FA163011 Car System Assembled Front Axle Classic Lorries

Faller FA170466 Snow Paste (150ml)

Faller FA170540 Modellers Knife with 20 Blades

Faller FA180966 Large Gas Tank Kit

Faller FA180967 Concrete Mixer Kit

Faller FA180970 Plastic Barrels (9) Kit

Faller FA180971 Aluminium Beer Barrels (10) Kit

Faller FA180975 Wheelbarrow Kit

Faller FA191737 Kyllburg Tunnel Portals Model of the Month Kit

Faller FA191738 Two Road Engine Shed Model of the Month Kit

Faller FA222572 Railway/Road Bridge Kit

Gaugemaster GM360 Gaugemaster Catalogue

Herpa HA094177 Basic MB T2 Cabin Platform Municipal Vehicle

Herpa HA094207 Basic MB 207D Deutsche Post Lorry

Herpa HA531962 KLM Boeing 737-900 PH-BXS Buzzard/Buizerd (1:500)

Jagerndorfer JC60402 OBB Rh2143 Diesel Passenger Train Pack III

Kato K106-7117 Santa Fe El Capitan 2 Car Add on Set

Kato K176-2121 EMD F7A Locomotive Santa Fe 300/301/304

Kato K176-2211 EMD F7B Locomotive Santa Fe

Kato K176-9104-DCC EMD F40PH Locomotive Chicago Metra 142 Ravinia (DCC-Fitted)

Kato K176-9105-DCC EMD F40PH Loco Chicago Metra 174 Fox River Grv (DCC-Fitted)

Kato K176-9106-DCC EMD F40PH Chicago Metra 181 Village Schaumburg (DCC-Fitted)

Kato K35-6026 Bi-Level 4 Window Cab Coach Chicago & North Western

Kato K35-6027 Bi-Level 4 Window Cab Coach Chicago Metra 8730

Kato K35-6037 Bi-Level 4 Window Coach Chicago & North Western

Kato K35-6038 Bi-Level 4 Window Coach Chicago Metra 7780

Kato K35-6043 Bi-Level 6 Window Coach Chicago & North Western

MiNIs (by Lemke) LKLC4413 MB O302 Europabus

Minitrix M11631 DRG BR92.20 Freight Train Pack II (DCC-Fitted)

Minitrix M15820 DR Henschel Design Steam Powered Rotary Snowplough IV

Trix M22034 DB BR98.3 Glaskasten Steam Locomotive III (DCC-Fitted)

Trix M22562 DRG BR56.2-8 Steam Locomotive II (DCC-Sound)

Trix M22916 DRB BR05 Steam Locomotive II (DCC-Sound)

Trix M22981 DB BR44 Steam Locomotive III (DCC-Sound)

Trix M23250 DBAG IC2 Bi-Level 2nd Class Driving Coach VI (DCC-Fitted)

Modelcraft MCPPL1154 Box-Joint Cutters Top/End 115mm

Marklin MN32560 SBB Ce6/8 II Gold Edition Crococdile Electric (MFX+-Sound)

Marklin MN49570 DB Ardelt 57t Steam Crane III (MFX-Sound)

Marklin MN58902 DB V23 Interchange Design Livestock Van III

Marklin MN88715 DBAG BR406 MF ICE3 4 Car EMU VI

Model Power MPW721325 Manuta Vintage Freight Car White Pass 1860 Reefer

Model Power MPW723020 Manuta Wooden Vintage Freight Car PRR 1860 Water Car

Model Power MPW87611 2-6-0 Mogul SF

Noch N1582706 Matthis the Skier Figure

Noch N1583704 Lotte the Festival Visitor Figure

Piko PK40223 Arriva GTW 2/8 Stadler 3 Car EMU VI

Piko PK40304 DB BR118 Electric Locomotive IV

Piko PK40305 DB BR118 Electric Locomotive IV

Piko PK51640 Expert DB BR150 Electric Locomotive IV

Piko PK51736 Expert DB BR110 Electric Locomotive IV

Piko PK51802 Expert DBAG BR110 Electric Locomotive V (DCC-Sound)

Piko PK52544 Expert DR BR102 Electric Locomotive IV (DCC-Sound)

Piko PK52634 Expert DR BR102.1 Diesel Locomotive IV (DCC-Sound)

Piko PK52636 Expert DR BR102.1 Diesel Locomotive IV

Piko PK54604 Expert DBAG Fakks127 Side Dump Wagon V

Piko PK55208 A-Track (GUE62-U) Adaptor Track 62mm

Piko PK56321 Sound Module for BR612

Piko PK58414 Expert PKP 401Z Bogie Low Sided Stake Wagon IV

Plastruct PLS90842 (MRT-40P) Triangular Rod 1.0mm 10pc

Plastruct PLS90891 (MRQ-30P) Quarter Round Rod 0.8mm 10pc

Pola PO333112 Green Shutters and Doors (36)

Pola PO399219EX Pola New Items Leaflet 2019

Hornby R3782 Terrier 0-6-0T 751 SE&CR

Tomytec TOM010999 Straight Track 3/4ftft 18.5mm (2) & 1-5/16ftft 33mm (2)

Tomytec TOM018018 Tomix Straight Track 5-1/2ftft 140mm (4)

Tomytec TOM254171 Bus Running Road Only Set A

Viessmann VN4120 Catenary DRG Mast with Beam 106.5mm

Life-Like WH433-1351 General Store Kit

Walthers Mainline WH910-10165 GE ES44C4 Evolution GEVO Loco Canadian Pacific 8858

Walthers Mainline WH910-1927 50ft Evans Smooth Side Boxcar Conrail 160055

Walthers Mainline WH910-2189 50ft ACF Exterior Post Boxcar Providence & Worcester 379

Walthers Mainline WH910-2325 50ft Waffle Side Boxcar Delaware & Hudson 24069

Walthers Mainline WH910-2326 50ft Waffle Side Boxcar Delaware & Hudson 24053

Walthers Mainline WH910-2840 50ft PCF Insulated Boxcar Milwaukee Road 2894

Walthers Mainline WH910-30109 85ft Budd Passenger Car 10-6 Sleeper VIA

Walthers Mainline WH910-30202 85ft Budd Small Window Coach ATSF

Walthers Mainline WH910-3766 50ft AAR Mechanical Reefer BNFE 5132

Walthers Mainline WH910-3771 50ft AAR Mechanical Reefer Northern Pacific 551

Walthers Mainline WH910-3772 50ft AAR Mechanical Reefer Northern Pacific 619

Walthers Mainline WH910-9845 EMD SD70ACe BNSF Railway 9388

Walthers Mainline WH910-9846 EMD SD70ACe BNSF Railway 9389

Walthers Mainline WH910-9847 EMD SD70ACe Kansas City Southern de Mexico 4082

Walthers Mainline WH910-9850 EMD SD70ACe Penn Central 1073

Walthers Mainline WH910-9851 EMD SD70ACe Wabash 1070

Walthers Mainline WH910-9852 EMD SD70ACe Union Pacific 8484

Walthers Mainline WH910-9926 EMD F7A Alaska Railroad 1530

Walthers Proto WH920-110109 Jordan Spreader BNSF Railway Orange 972665

Walthers Proto WH920-110110 Jordan Spreader Canadian National 50988

Walthers Proto WH920-110116 Jordan Spreader MOW Black/Shark Face Unlettered


Walthers Proto WH920-2300 33ftft Turned Metal Wheelsets w/Metal Axles (12)


Walthers Cornerstone WH933-1040 Bridge Abutment for Double Track Truss Bridge Kit

Walthers Cornerstone WH933-3090 Columbia Feed Mill Kit

Walthers Cornerstone WH933-3175 Butterfly Style Station Platform Shelter Kit

Walthers Cornerstone WH933-3195 Asphalt Street System Straight Sections (8) Kit

Walthers Cornerstone WH933-3330 Meadowhead Barn Kit

Walthers Cornerstone WH933-3652 Willow Glen Covered Bridge Kit

Walthers Cornerstone WH933-3762 Subway Entrance Kit

Walthers Cornerstone WH933-3790 Company Houses (2) Kit

Walthers Cornerstone WH933-3791 American Bungalow with Single Car Garage Kit

Walthers Cornerstone WH933-3794 Split Level House Kit

Walthers Cornerstone WH933-3796 Single Car Garages (2) Kit

Walthers Cornerstone WH933-3832 City Water Tower Black (Pre-Built)

Walthers Cornerstone WH933-3870 Single Track Arched Pratt Truss Bridge Kit

Walthers Cornerstone WH933-3880 Bridge Pier Kit (2pcs)

Walthers Cornerstone WH933-3881 Bridge Abutment Kit (2pcs)

Walthers Cornerstone WH933-4077 HVAC Units (8) Kit

Walthers Cornerstone WH933-4091 Trackside Signal Ducts

Walthers Cornerstone WH933-4093 Coal Trestle Kit

Walthers Cornerstone WH933-4121 Modern Concrete Grade Crossing Kit

Walthers Cornerstone WH933-4132 Small Business Centre Kit

Walthers Cornerstone WH933-4200 Brick Post Office Kit

Walthers Cornerstone WH933-4582 Double Track Railroad Bridge Stone Pier Resin Casting

Walthers Cornerstone WH933-502 Roof Texture Kit

Walthers Scenemaster WH949-11013 Kalmar Intermodal Container/Trailer Crane Kit

Walthers Scenemaster WH949-11014 Hi-Rail Excavator Kit

Walthers Scenemaster WH949-11015 Two Axle Truck Crane Kit

Walthers Scenemaster WH949-11016 Modern Fishing Boat Kit

Walthers Scenemaster WH949-1105 Blooming Flowers Grass Tufts (104)

Walthers Scenemaster WH949-1141 Harvest Corn Field Brown

Walthers Scenemaster WH949-13800 Heavy Duty Fire Engine Red

Walthers Scenemaster WH949-14000 UPS Package Car Bow Tie Shield Logo

Walthers Scenemaster WH949-4162 Farm Plough and Planter

Walthers Scenemaster WH949-6031 Christmas (6) Figure Set

Walthers Scenemaster WH949-6065 Railroad Yard Crew (6) Figure Set

Walthers Scenemaster WH949-8601 28ft Container & Chassis UPS Modern Shield Logo (2)

Wiking WK026502 MB 319 Panel Truck MB Service

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