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New Items into stock this week 4th May to 10th May 2019

Published: 10/05/2019 07:56:36

A list of new releases from across our ranges which have come into stock in the last seven days.

Bachmann B22-179 Father and Son Figure Set

Bachmann B22-197 Drivers Figure Set

Dapol DA2F-024-006 Siphon G GWR 1451 Weathered

Dapol DA4F-037-004 Conflat & Container GWR Weathered

Faller FA171662 Premium Water Effect (230ml)

Fleischmann FM714202 DB BR24 Steam Locomotive III

Fleischmann FM714282 DB BR24 Steam Locomotive III (DCC-Fitted)

Fleischmann FM718083 DRB BR50 Steam Locomotive II (DCC-Fitted)

Fleischmann FM739311 DBAG BR193 Electric Locomotive VI

Fleischmann FM739314 OBB Rh1293 018-8 Electric Locomotive IV

Fleischmann FM739391 DBAG BR193 Electric Locomotive VI (DCC-Sound)

Fleischmann FM739394 OBB Rh1293 018-8 Electric Locomotive IV (DCC-Sound)

Fleischmann FM781902 SBB Re450 Zurich S-Bahn Train Pack VI

Fleischmann FM809003 KBayStsB Mixed Traffic Rolling Stock Set (5) I

Fleischmann FM931884 DBAG ICE2 Passenger Starter Set VI (DCC-Fitted)

Graham Farish GF374-631A 50' Bogie B Luggage Van BR(SR) Green

Graham Farish GF374-632A 50' Bogie B Luggage Van BR Blue Weathered

Graham Farish GF374-633 50' Bogie B Luggage Van BR Departmental

Graham Farish GF374-816A Mk1 FO 1st Class Coach BR Maroon

Graham Farish GF374-819A Mk1 FO 1st Class Coach BR Blue/Grey

Graham Farish GF374-889 P 50' (ex LMS) Parcels Van BR Maroon

Graham Farish GF374-891 Stanier 50' Full Brake Coach BR Blue/Grey

Graham Farish GF377-500B 3 Plank Wagon ICI Buxton Lime

Graham Farish GF377-502B 3 Plank Wagon LMS Grey

Graham Farish GF377-506 3 Plank Wagon Easter Iron Mines

Graham Farish GF377-601C 80t BDA Bogie Bolster BR Railfreight Red Weathered w/Load

Graham Farish GF377-604 80t BDA Bogie Bolster Railfreight Metals with Load

Graham Farish GF377-628B 12t Ventilated Van Plywood Doors BR Late Bauxite Weathered

Graham Farish GF377-850A 25t Pill Box Brake Van SR Brown White Roof

Graham Farish GF377-852A 25t Pill Box Brake Van (RH Duckets) BR Grey Early

Graham Farish GF377-854A 25t Pill Box Brake Van BR Bauxite Early

Herpa HA559294 US Air Force Boeing B-52G Museum of Flight 59-2584 (1:200)

Harburn Hamlet HHCG215 Varied Height Stone Wall Contoured (Pre-Built)

Harburn Hamlet HHCG216 Varied Height Stone Wall Contoured Add-on Set (Pre-Built)

Harburn Hamlet HHCG218 Corn Stooks 2pcs (Pre-Built)

Harburn Hamlet HHCG219 Corn Stooks 5pcs (Pre-Built)

Harburn Hamlet HHCG228 Poultry Shed with Nest Boxes (Pre-Built)

Harburn Hamlet HHCG233 Anderson Shelter Corrugated Iron Roof Wood Ends (Pre-Built)

Harburn Hamlet HHCG237 Farm Shop Outbuilding (Pre-Built)

Harburn Hamlet HHCG242 Round Flower Bed (Pre-Built)

Harburn Hamlet HHCG243 Rock Garden (Pre-Built)

Harburn Hamlet HHCG246 Left Hand Front Garden (Pre-Built)

Harburn Hamlet HHFL124 Red Mail Sacks (Pre-Built)

Harburn Hamlet HHFL132 Unloaded Cargo/Crates (Pre-Built)

Harburn Hamlet HHFL134 Unloaded Cargo (Pre-Built)

Harburn Hamlet HHFL135 Ribbed Bulk Waste Container Green (Pre-Built)

Harburn Hamlet HHFL136 Ribbed Bulk Waste Container Brown (Pre-Built)

Harburn Hamlet HHFL142 Large Oak Casks 2pcs (Pre-Built)

Harburn Hamlet HHFL146 Palleted Alloy Kegs 2 Tier Full Load (Pre-Built)

Harburn Hamlet HHFL149 Alloy Kegs 3 Tier Part Load (Pre-Built)

Harburn Hamlet HHFL150 Red Oil Drums (Pre-Built)

Harburn Hamlet HHFL151 Green Oil Drums (Pre-Built)

Harburn Hamlet HHFL156 Oil Drum Groups Green (Pre-Built)

Harburn Hamlet HHFL157 Oil Drum Groups Brown (Pre-Built)

Harburn Hamlet HHFL158 Oil Drum Groups Blue (Pre-Built)

Harburn Hamlet HHHN636 Brick Administration Office (Pre-Built)

Harburn Hamlet HHHN641 Brown Cement Bags (Pre-Built)

Harburn Hamlet HHHN645 Grouped Oil/Chemical Drums Red (Pre-Built)

Harburn Hamlet HHHN646 Grouped Oil/Chemical Drums Green (Pre-Built)

Harburn Hamlet HHHN648 Grouped Oil/Chemical Drums Blue (Pre-Built)

Harburn Hamlet HHHN652 Fishing Boat Green/White (Pre-Built)

Harburn Hamlet HHQS402 Motorboat Red (Pre-Built)

Harburn Hamlet HHQS403 Motorboat Blue (Pre-Built)

Harburn Hamlet HHQS404 Motorboat Yellow (Pre-Built)

Harburn Hamlet HHQS405 Fisherman in Yellow Oilskins (Pre-Built)

Harburn Hamlet HHQS410 Small Fishing Boat Wheelhouse Aft (Pre-Built)

Harburn Hamlet HHQS416 Painted Rowing Boat (Pre-Built)

Harburn Hamlet HHQS430 Fishermans Worksheds (Pre-Built)

Harburn Hamlet HHSS302 High Brick Walls 90 Degree Curves 2pcs (Pre-Built)

Harburn Hamlet HHSS303 High Brick Walls with Gatepost 2pcs (Pre-Built)

Harburn Hamlet HHSS312 Green Trees in Concrete Planters 2pcs (Pre-Built)

Harburn Hamlet HHSS355 Portable Loo Blue (Pre-Built)

Harburn Hamlet HHSS369 Street Scene (Pre-Built)

Harburn Hamlet HHSS374 Wheelie Bins Closed Black 2pcs (Pre-Built)

Harburn Hamlet HHSS375 Wheelie Bins Closed Green 2pcs (Pre-Built)

Harburn Hamlet HHSS379 Communal Refuse Bin and Grouped Poly Sacks (Pre-Built)

Harburn Hamlet HHSS383 Long Traffic Island with Shrubs (Pre-Built)

Harburn Hamlet HHSS386 60s National Benzole Petrol Pumps (Pre-Built)

Harburn Hamlet HHSS390 Garage/Workshop with Curved Roof (Pre-Built)

Kato (by Lemke) K137118 SBB Re460 Mondaine Electric Locomotive VI

Kato (by Lemke) K137120 SBB Re460 TGV Lyria Electric Locomotive VI

Kato (by Lemke) K137121 BLS Re465 Flash Fire Electric Locomotive VI

Kato (by Lemke) K137122 BLS Re465 Pink Panther Electric Locomotive VI

Kato (by Lemke) K137123 SBB Re460 Coop Pro Montaga Electric Locomotive VI

Kato K137124 BLS Re465 10yr Lotschbergtunnel Electric Locomotive VI

Peco PEGR-221U Box Van Brown Unlettered

Peco PEGR-400U Lynton and Barnstaple Comp. Coach Indian Red Unlettered

Peco PEGR-401U SR Composite Coach Green Unlettered

Peco PEGR-421U SR Brake Coach Unlettered

Peco PEGR-440B L&B 3rd Class Coach No.14

Peco PEGR-441B SR 3rd Class Coach 2471

Peco PEGR-450B L&B Observation Coach No.10

Peco PEGR-451B Central Observation Coach SR 2468

Peco PEIL-920 Code 250 Sleepers (12) and Ends (24)

Peco PEIL-923 Code 250 Frog/Wing and Check Rail Kit

Peco PEPM-210 Your Guide to Modelling Heritage Railways Bookazine

Peco PEPSG-52 Pecoscene 4mm Sandy Grass Tufts (100)

Peco PEPSG-65 Pecoscene 6mm Patchy Grass Tufts (100)

Peco PER-66SC Silver Cross Blue Card Container Kit

Plastruct PLS91803 (WPSB-308P) Choppy Water Sheet 228.6x152.4mm

Policar POLP006-2 Ninco Adapter 179mm (2)

Policar POLP008-4 Full Length Straight 358mm (4)

Policar POLT002Z Starter Track Set 6.5m

Preiser PR10064 Traffic Police (6) Exclusive Figure Set

Roco RC73068 DB V36 Diesel Locomotive III

Roco RC73069 DB V36 Diesel Locomotive III (DCC-Sound)

Roco RC73298 OBB Rh1048.18 Electric Locomotive IV

Roco RC73299 OBB Rh1048.18 Electric Locomotive IV (DCC-Sound)

Roco RC73679 Lokomotion EU43-007 Electric Locomotive VI

Roco RC73876 SNCF BB7200 Electric Locomotive IV (DCC-Sound)

Roco RC74500 SBB IC2000 A 1st Class Bi-Level Coach VI

Roco RC74501 SBB IC2000 AD 1st Class w/Luggage Compt. Bi-Level Coach VI

Roco RC76198 HUPAC 50th Anniversary Pocket Wagon Set (2) VI

Roco RC76220 AAE T3 Sdgmns743 Pocket Wagon DB Schenker Trailer VI

Viessmann VN4177 Catenary Self-Made Headspan Accessories Set

Walthers Cornerstone WH933-3530 Trackside Structures Kit

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