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New Items into stock this week 17th November to 23rdth November 2018

Published: 23/11/2018 08:43:09

A list of new releases from across our ranges which have come into stock in the last seven days.

Atlas AL7011 Code 148 (40.5) Curved Track 22.5 Degree

Bachmann B31-761 GNR Class C1 4-4-2 Atlantic 272 GNR Green

Bachmann B31-762 GNR Class C1 4-4-2 Atlantic 4421 LNER Green

Bachmann B31-910 H1 Class Atlantic 4-4-2 No 39 La France LBSCR

Bachmann B32-393DS Class 37 884 Europhoenix (DCC-Sound)

Bachmann B38-151C 80t BDA Bogie Bolster Wagon Railfreight Red Weathered

Bachmann B38-153 80t BDA Bogie Bolster Wagon Departmental Yellow

Bachmann B38-352B BAA Wagon with Steel Coil Load BR Railfreight Red/Black

Bachmann B38-353 BAA Wagon with Steel Coil Load BR Brown Weathered

Bachmann B38-525 Mk1 Horse Box BR Maroon (ER)

Bachmann B38-627 FGA BR Freightliner Outer Container Flats 2pcs Maritime

Bachmann B38-628 FFA BR Freightliner Inner Container Flat Maritime

Bachmann B38-700A 12t Pipe Wagon BR Bauxite (Early) Weathered

Bachmann B39-726DC BR Mk2F DBSO Driving Brake 2nd Open ScotRail (DCC-Fitted)

Bachmann B44-588 Scenecraft Two Tanktainers (Pre-Built)

Dapol DA4A-000-006 Yellow Dye for Dapol Modelling Water

Dapol DA7F-018-002 Salt Van Stubbs & Co 37

Dapol DA7F-052-002 5 Plank Wagon 9ft Wheelbase Richard Webster & Sons 102

Dapol DA7F-073-003 7 Plank Wagon 9ft Wheelbase 3 Door Lightmoor 283

Faller FA171670 Rock Building Premium Starter Set

Fleischmann FM521610 DR El-u(Omu) Gondola with Brakeman's Platform IV

Fleischmann FM531104 NS Gs Van Set (3) IV

Fleischmann FM568901 KPEV ABCC 1st/2nd/3rd Class Coach I

Fleischmann FM825602 DR Rm Stake Wagon with Steel Stanchions IV

Fleischmann FM828342 Start PKP Cargo Eaos Gondola Set (3) VI

Fleischmann FM834609 KPEV Sauglings-Fursorge der Stadt Berlin Van I

Fleischmann FM867710 SNCF Coach Set (3) III

Graham Farish GF379-322 Midland Pullman Stewards and Train Crew (6) Figure Set

Graham Farish GF379-327 Rural Tradesmen (6) Figure Set

Gaugemaster GM7000101 Brighton Works Premium Starter Set

Ian Allan Publishing IAIA34143 Aspects of Modelling: Slot Car Racing

Kato K137-3003 Amtrak ACS-64 Electric Locomotive 648

Kato K156-0945 Virginia Railways Express Gallery Bi-Level Coach V812

Trix HO M62330 C Track Curved Track Radius 3 30 Degree

Trix HO M62711 C Track Left Hand Turnout Radius 12.1 Degree

Trix M62771 C Track Left Hand Curved Turnout Radius 3 30 Degree

Trix M62772 C Track Right Hand Curved Turnout Radius 3 30 Degree

Trix HO M62912 C Track Curved Track Radius 1 12.1 Degree

Oxford Diecast OD76SET33 Tractor Set (5)

Oxford Diecast ODAC088 Yak 3 Anton Dmitrievich Yakimenko 150th Guards Reg.1945

Oxford Diecast ODAD005 Bristol F2B Fighter 11 Squadron RFC 1917

Oxford Diecast ODDS008 Daimler DS420 Hearse Black/Carlton Green

Oxford Diecast ODLD003 TX4 Taxi London Taxi

Oxford Diecast ODLD010 London Eye

Oxford Diecast ODVOL01WF Volvo FH Walking Floor Alex Anderson

Peco PEGR-500UG Glyn Valley Tramway 4 Wheel Enclosed Side Coach Green

Peco PEGR-500UR Glyn Valley Tramway 4 Wheel Enclosed Side Coach Red

Peco PEGR-520UG Glyn Valley Tramway 4 Wheel Open Side Coach Green

Peco PEGR-520UR Glyn Valley Tramway 4 Wheel Open Side Coach Red

Peco PEGR-530UG Glyn Valley Tramway 4 Wheel Brake Coach Green

Peco PEGR-530UR Glyn Valley Tramway 4 Wheel Brake Coach Red

Peco PEIL-83 Code 83 Flat Bottom Nickel Silver Rail 914mm (6)

Peco PEPS-317 Pecoscene Coarse Grade Weathered Brown Ballast (250g)

Peco PERMS-19 Railway Modeller Special 2019

Peco PESL-1140 Streamline Bullhead Buffer Stop Kit (2)

Peco PESL-8300 83 Line Code 83 Nickel Silver Wooden Sleeper Track (25)

Peco PEST-607 Setrack Standard Curve Radius 2 939.8mm

Piko PK36195 PIKO Digital Sound Kit for V60/BR260

Piko PK36196 PIKO Digital Sound Kit for V100/V199

Piko PK40201 DBAG BR442 Talent 2 EMU 5 Car Frankenbahn VI

Piko PK59144 Expert DBAG BR146.2 Baden-Wurttemberg Electric Loco VI

Piko PK59556 Expert RIZZI BR146 535 Electric Locomotive VI

Piko PK59567 Expert Regentalbahn D05 Diesel Locomotive V

Piko PK59784 Expert CD T669 Diesel Locomotive V

Piko PK59785 Expert PO ex-CSD T669 Diesel Locomotive V

Piko PK59789 Expert CSD T669.1 Diesel Locomotive IV

Piko PK59913 Expert ZSR Rh1216 Electric Locomotive VI

Piko PK59933 Expert DBAG BR219 Diesel Locomotive V

Piko PK59953 Expert DBAG BR186 Electric Locomotive VI

Piko PK59977 Expert Rail Services BR193 Electric Locomotive VI

Piko PK59978 Expert WLC BR193 Vectron Electric Locomotive VI

Plastruct PLS90849 (MR-15P) Rod 0.4mm 10pc

Hornby R3663TTS Railroad BR Peppercorn A1 4-6-2 Tornado (DCC-Sound)

Roco RC63178 DBAG BR650 Diesel Railcar VI

Roco RC66867 SNCF Covered Open Wagon IV

Roco RC73980 Gysev Rh471.5 Electric Locomotive VI

Roco RC74451 DR Reko 2 Door Coach IV

Roco RC74452 DR Reko 2 Door Coach IV

Roco RC74455 DR Reko Baggage Coach IV

Roco RC76132 SNCB Side Discharge Hopper Wagon Set (3) VI

Roco RC76177 ZSSK Pitched Roof Hopper Set (3) V

Roco RC76450 SNCF Ermewa Sliding Tarpaulin Bogie Wagon VI

Roco RC76672 OBB Long Wheelbase Van IV

Roco RC76764 PKP Stake Wagon with Fiat 127 Load IV

Roco RC76837 DRB Van II

Roco RC76886 SBB Silo Wagon VI

Ratio ROGJ01 Grand Junction Plain Boarded End Panels (4)

Ratio ROGJ02 Grand Junction Window Panels (4)

Ratio ROGJ03 Grand Junction Single Door Panels (4)

Ratio ROGJ04 Grand Junction Plain Boarded Panels (4)

Tiny Signs TSO105 LNER Travel Posters Small

Viessmann VN4174 Catenary Self-Made Single Tensioning Mast with Lever

Viessmann VN4188 Catenary Self-Made Fuse Holder with Spare Fuse

Viessmann VN4193 Catenary Marklin to Viessmann Connector

Viessmann VN6044 Adaptor Plugs (25)

Walthers Cornerstone WH933-3227 Backshop Kit

Wiking WK085134 Scheuerle Heitkamp Low Loading Trailer

Wiking WK086436 VW 1600 Berlin Police

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