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New Items into stock this week 15th December to 21st December 2018

Published: 21/12/2018 08:12:57

A list of new releases from across our ranges which have come into stock in the last seven days.

Dapol DA2A-000-020 Siphon Chassis

Dapol DA4F-013-029 Gunpowder Van SR 62151

Dapol DA4F-015-013 Fruit Mex Wagon BR B833340

Dapol DA4F-015-014 Fruit Mex Wagon BR B833340 Weathered

Dapol DA4F-032-012 Rectangular Tank BR 28 Weathered

Dapol DA4F-051-051 5 Plank Wagon Devlins 12

Dapol DA4F-051-052 5 Plank Wagon Devlins 12 Weathered

Dapol DA4F-052-031 5 Plank Wagon 9ft Wheelbase Alfred Dukes 12

Dapol DA4F-052-032 5 Plank Wagon 9ft Wheelbase Alfred Dukes 12 Weathered

Dapol DA4F-052-033 5 Plank Wagon 9ft Wheelbase Brymbo Steel 286

Dapol DA4F-052-034 5 Plank Wagon 9ft Wheelbase Brymbo Steel 286 Weathered

Dapol DA4F-072-013 7 Plank Wagon 9ft Wheelbase Charles Wilson 15

Dapol DA4F-072-014 7 Plank Wagon 9ft Wheelbase Charles Wilson 15 Weathered

Dapol DA4F-080-122 8 Plank Wagon Embling & Son 17

Dapol DA4F-080-123 8 Plank Wagon Embling & Son 17 Weathered

Dapol DA7A-000-009 Brake Lamp Red

Dapol DA7A-000-010 Brake Lamp White

Dapol DA7A-000-011 Instanter Couplings & Hooks 5pr

Faller FA120297 Friedrichstadt Station Kit II

Faller FA130169 Gravel Plant Kit

Faller FA163207 Car System Steering Parts for Tractors

Faller FA190295 Waldbrunn Station Kit Set III

Faller FA191734 Factory with Steam Engine Model of the Month Kit I

Faller FA191735 Nurses Home Model of the Month Kit VI

Faller FA232503 Hunters House and Mountain Inn Hobby Kit II

Graham Farish GF373-780 45t TTA Tank Wagon Total

Graham Farish GF377-766A Covered Hopper Wagon Soda Ash Light Grey Weathered

Graham Farish GF42-093 Scenecraft Sheffield Park Footbridge (Pre-Built)

Graham Farish GF42-515 Scenecraft Greenhouse (Pre-Built)

Graham Farish GF42-580 Scenecraft Dry Stone Walling and Gate (Pre-Built)

Hobbytrain (by Lemke) H2692S DB ETA517 008/ESA517 008 Railcar & Trailer IV (DCC-Sound)

Harburn Hamlet HHSS315 Bushy Shrub in Terracotta Planter (Pre-Built)

Heljan HN1098 BR Class 33/0 Green Fawley Esso Tank Train Pack

Heljan HN1099 BR Class 33/1 Blue Fawley Esso Tank Train Pack

Heljan HN3417 Class 33/0 D6504 Green

Heljan HN3418 Class 33/0 D6518 Green Full Yellow Ends

Heljan HN3419 Class 33/0 D6540 Green Small Yellow Ends

Heljan HN3437 Class 33/0 D6558 Blue Full Yellow Ends

Heljan HN3438 Class 33 056 The Burma Star Blue Full Yellow Ends

Heljan HN3439 Class 33 009 Dutch Engineers

Heljan HN3444 Class 33 114 Network SouthEast

Heljan HN3446 Class 33/1 D6580 Green Small Yellow Panels

Heljan HN3458 Class 33 106 Blue Full Yellow Ends

Heljan HN3459 Class 33 111 Blue Full Yellow Ends

LGB LGB10080 Straight Track 82mm

MiNIs (by Lemke) LKLC4022 MB O307 Bus Wertkauf

Marklin MN36203 CD Rh380 Electric Locomotive VI (MFX-Sound)

Marklin MN37797 SNCF TGV Duplex V150 Train Pack VI (MFX-Sound)

Marklin MN58119 DB Pwg Pr14 Baggage Wagon III

Marklin MN60943 Marklin Digital High Efficiency Motor Upgrade Set

Marklin MN60970 Marklin Digital Decoder Tester

Marklin MN72813 Double Light for Maintenance Facilities 124mm

Oxford Diecast OD43ASV008CC Austin Seven Van Coca Cola

Oxford Diecast OD43JUP001 Jowett Jupiter SA Green

Oxford Diecast OD43LAN188024 Land Rover Series I 88'' Canvas Bronze Green (Plimsoll)

Oxford Diecast OD72SW004 Supermarine Walrus Operation Torch N. Africa 1942

Oxford Diecast OD76ACC005 Pallet/Loads Wills Woodbine (4)

Oxford Diecast OD76ACC006 Pallet/Loads Watneys Red Barrel (4)

Oxford Diecast OD76ACC007 Pallet Loads Reckitts Starch (4)

Oxford Diecast OD76ACC008 Pallet Loads Pratts Motor Oil (4)

Oxford Diecast OD76BI004 Beadle Integral Southdown

Oxford Diecast OD76BM02003 BMW 2002 Taiga Green

Oxford Diecast OD76CA023 Bedford CA Milk Float Co-op

Oxford Diecast OD76ETYP012 Jaguar E Type Soft Top Imperial Maroon

Oxford Diecast OD76FS004 Ford Sierra Sapphire Moonstone Blue

Oxford Diecast OD76FT3008 Ford Transit MkIII British Gas

Oxford Diecast OD76J4003 Austin J4 Van Southern Electricity

Oxford Diecast OD76JAG2007 Jaguar MkII Carmen Red

Oxford Diecast OD76LR2S006 Land Rover Series II SWB Canvas REME

Oxford Diecast OD76LR3S004 Land Rover Series III SWB Canvas Royal Navy

Oxford Diecast OD76MFE005 MAN Pump Ladder Hertfordshire Fire & Rescue

Oxford Diecast OD76MMT002 Morris Minor Traveller Trafalgar Blue

Oxford Diecast OD76MMT010 Morris Minor Traveller Limeflower

Oxford Diecast OD76QLD007 Bedford QLD RAF 2nd Tactical A F-84 Grp 1944

Oxford Diecast OD76RDH001 Daimler Hearse Black

Oxford Diecast OD76REL005 Reliant Regal Supervan Blue

Oxford Diecast OD76RRE002 Range Rover Evoque 2016 Coupe (Facelift) Fuji White

Oxford Diecast OD76RRS003 Range Rover Sport SVR Firenze Red

Oxford Diecast OD76SAL006 Scania ARP Scottish Fire & Rescue

Oxford Diecast OD76SCT006 Scania P Car Transporter ECM

Oxford Diecast OD76SET61 BMW Set (3)

Oxford Diecast OD76SET62 Bubble Car Set (3)

Oxford Diecast OD76TAC006 TACR2 RAF St. Mawgan (Red)

Oxford Diecast OD76TR4004 Triumph TR4 103MU RAF Akrotiri Cyprus

Oxford Diecast OD76XR006 Ford Escort XR3i Caspian Blue

Oxford Diecast ODAC089 Lavochkin LA7 Sergei Federovich Dolgushin 156 Fighter Reg.

Oxford Diecast ODNFDE004 Ford 400E Van Royal Mail

Oxford Diecast ODNFT012 Ford Transit MkV Stobart Rail Low

Oxford Diecast ODNMN007 Mini RAF

Oxford Diecast ODNTRAIL004 Mobile Trailer Walls

Peco PEPS-300 Pecoscene Fine Grade Clean Grey Ballast (250g)

Peco PEPS-310 Pecoscene Fine Grade Clean Brown Ballast (250g)

Peco PEPS-362 Pecoscene Coal Dust Weathering Powder (75ml)

Peco PEPS-364 Pecoscene Ash Dust Weathering Powder (75ml)

Peco PEPSG-13 Pecoscene Static Grass Pump Glue (500ml)

Peco PEPSG-21 Pecoscene Tuft Strips 4mm Daffoldils (10)

Peco PEPSG-404 Pecoscene 4mm Winter Grass (20g)

Peco PEPSG-603 Pecoscene 6mm Autumn Grass (20g)

Piko PK46212 Function Decoder for Reko Coaches

Piko PK47101 DR BR55 Steam Locomotive IV (DCC-Sound)

Piko PK47365 Rail Transport V60 Diesel Locomotive VI

Piko PK51884 Expert OBB Rh1041 Electric Locomotive III

Piko PK52804 Expert PKP ST44 Diesel Locomotive IV

Piko PK52805 Expert PKP M62 Diesel Locomotive IV (DCC-Sound)

Piko PK52822 Expert DBAG BR363 Diesel Locomotive VI (DCC-Sound)

Piko PK53205 Classic DR Bghue 2nd Class Corridor Coach IV

Piko PK53213 Classic DR B4p 2nd Class Compartment Coach III

Piko PK53243 Classic DR Pw4ge Baggage Modernisation Coach III

Piko PK55391 A-Track Terminal Loop Track

Piko PK57150 Hobby DB Regio BR218 Passenger Starter Set

Piko PK57605 Hobby DBAG IC Bpmz294.4 2nd Class Coach V

Piko PK57938 Hobby DBAG BR146 017 VVO Electric Locomotive VI

Piko PK58362 Expert DBAG Graffitti Tarpaulin Wagon Weathered Set (2) VI

Piko PK96943 Hobby NS ICE3 Passenger Starter Set

Piko PK97600 Expert PKP 111A Coach V

Piko PK97601 Expert PKP 112A Coach V

Piko PK97602 Expert PKP 111A Coach VI

Piko PK97603 Expert PKP 112A Coach VI

Preiser PR10086 French Railway Personnel (6) Exclusive Figure Set

Preiser PR10236 DB Railway Personnel (6) Exclusive Figure Set

Preiser PR10382 Passengers (5) and Stewards (2) Exclusive Figure Set

Preiser PR10440 Guests at the Buffet (6) Exclusive Figure Set

Preiser PR10483 Seated Fire Crew (8) Exclusive Figure Set

Preiser PR10512 Surveyors (5) Exclusive Figure Set

Preiser PR10525 Statues (3) Exclusive Figure Set

Preiser PR10570 Chinese Railway Scene (5) Exclusive Figure Set

Preiser PR10578 DB Delivery Men (4) with Loads Exclusive Figure Set

Preiser PR10580 Seated Women (7) Exclusive Figure Set

Preiser PR10586 At the Fashion Store Scene (8) Exclusive Figure Set

Preiser PR10693 Divers (4) Exclusive Figure Set

Preiser PR10694 Ready for Sunbathing (5) Exclusive Figure Set

Preiser PR10745 Soccer Fans (6) Exclusive Figure Set

Preiser PR10752 Electric Vehicle Drivers (5) Exclusive Figure Set

Preiser PR12135 Bathing Persons 1900 (6) Exclusive Figure Set

Preiser PR14015 Motorists (6) Standard Figure Set

Preiser PR14135 Japanese People (6) Standard Figure Set

Preiser PR14136 People Shopping (6) Standard Figure Set

Preiser PR14200 Firemen (6) Standard Figure Set

Preiser PR14203 Firemen (6) Standard Figure Set

Preiser PR16359 Medieval Festival (125) Unpainted Figures

Preiser PR16577 Russian Prisoners of War (22) Kit

Preiser PR16578 German Prisoners of War (20) Kit

Preiser PR16594 German Reich 1939-45 Joining the Chow Line (6) Kit

Preiser PR17312 Rubber Dinghys (3) & Trailers (2) Kit

Preiser PR17600 Rural Accessories Kit

Preiser PR18215 Quarrystone Walling Combination Kit

Preiser PR18217 Quarrystone Walls with Doors & Arches Kit

Preiser PR18218 Parapet Detailing Kit

Preiser PR24625 Carnival Samba Dance Group (6) Figure Set

Preiser PR24767 Medieval Costumes on Stands (6) Exclusive Figure Set

Preiser PR28052 Angler in a Boat Figure

Preiser PR28125 Porter Standing with Luggage Cart Figure

Preiser PR29023 Man in German (Urach) National Costume Figure

Preiser PR29025 Man in German (Sest) National Costume Figure

Preiser PR29111 Vampire Lying Figure

Preiser PR29112 Female Vampire Holding Coffin Lid Figure

Preiser PR29113 Vampire Holding Coffin Lid Figure

Preiser PR30416 Horse Drawn Rack Wagon

Preiser PR30434 Horse Drawn Freight Wagon

Preiser PR30445 Horse Drawn Landwehr-Bier Bottled Beer Wagon

Preiser PR30496 Horse Drawn Wedding Carriage (Open)

Preiser PR45000 Controller and Conductor Figure Set

Preiser PR45007 Track Workers with Pick/Fork (2) Figure Set

Preiser PR45036 Seated Persons (3) Figure Set

Preiser PR45062 Family (4) Figure Set

Preiser PR45069 Postman on Bicycle Figure Set

Preiser PR45072 Farmer's Wife with Basket and Farmer with Sack Figure Set

Preiser PR45123 Seated Travellers (4) Figure Set

Preiser PR45124 Signal Box Workers (2) Figure Set

Preiser PR47004 Cow Lying Figure

Preiser PR47070 Hens (3) Cocks (2) Chickens (3) Figure Set

Preiser PR47087 Peacock Figure

Preiser PR47089 Turkeys (2) Figure Set

Preiser PR47092 Swan Figure

Preiser PR47104 Farm Girl Figure

Preiser PR47504 Lion Attacking Figure

Preiser PR47505 Lion Sitting Figure

Preiser PR47506 Lioness Standing Figure

Preiser PR47511 Tiger Walking Figure

Preiser PR47513 Tiger Cubs (2) Figure Set

Preiser PR47518 Bear Cubs (2) Figure Set

Preiser PR47522 Polar Bear Upright Figure

Preiser PR47523 Polar Bear Cubs (2) Figure Set

Preiser PR47526 Wolf Figure

Preiser PR47528 Young Llama Figure

Preiser PR47535 Buffalo Striking Figure

Preiser PR47536 Moose Figure

Preiser PR47538 Reindeer Figure

Preiser PR47539 Gazelle Figure

Preiser PR47541 Yak Figure

Preiser PR47700 Stag Standing Figure

Preiser PR47701 Stag Belling Figure

Preiser PR47703 Fawn Figure

Preiser PR47713 Snow Goat Figure

Preiser PR47715 Forester Figure

Preiser PR57001 Seated Truckers (3) Figure Set

Preiser PR65319 Truckers (6) Figure Set

Preiser PR65600 Passengers/Passers By/Travellers (16) Unpainted Figures

Preiser PR68203 Passers By (6) Figure Set

Preiser PR79199 Passengers Seated (14) Figure Set

Preiser PR79710 Circus Elephants (2) Figure Set

Hornby R3448 BR 4-6-0 Welbeck Abbey B17 Class Early BR

Hornby R3623 LMS Princess Coronation 4-6-2 6211 Queen Elizabeth

Roco RC51250 Geoline Digital Track Set 1

Tomytec TOM006427 N Scale Track Cleaning Car Red

Tomytec TOM007039 Tomix Catalogue 2017/18

Viessmann VN4360 Catenary Suspended Box Girder for 2 Tracks 85mm

Vollmer VO47731 Zur Glocke Inn with Lighting Kit

Vollmer VO48240 Stone Art Cobblestone Street Plate 15x8cm

Walthers Mainline WH910-1326 40' AAR 1944 Boxcar New York Central 174057

Walthers Mainline WH910-20067 Alco PA-PB Set PRR 5754A/5756B (DCC-Sound)

Walthers Mainline WH910-20172 GE ES44AC Evolution GEVO Loco KCS 4774 (DCC-Sound)

Walthers Mainline WH910-256 Diesel Detailing Kit EMD SD50/SD60

Walthers Mainline WH910-30200 85' Budd Small Window Coach Painted/Unlettered

Walthers Mainline WH910-30405 85' Budd Dome Coach VIA

Walthers Mainline WH910-7272 54' P-S 4427 CD Covered Hopper Burlington Northern 439431


Walthers Proto WH920-2303 36'' Turned Metal Wheelsets w/Plastic Axles (12)


Walthers Proto WH920-6050 Streamlined Passenger Trucks w/Talgo Couplers (2)

Walthers Cornerstone WH933-2928 Washington Salvage Yard Kit

Walthers Cornerstone WH933-2984 Train Shed with Clear Roof Kit

Walthers Cornerstone WH933-3016 Allied Rail Rebuilders Kit

Walthers Cornerstone WH933-3044 Hardwood Furniture Company Kit

Walthers Cornerstone WH933-3067 Pier and Travelling Crane Kit

Walthers Cornerstone WH933-3089 Western Coal Flood Loader Kit

Walthers Cornerstone WH933-3092 Greatland Sugar Refining Kit

Walthers Cornerstone WH933-3144 Sawmill Outbuildings Kit

Walthers Cornerstone WH933-3169 Tanker Truck Loading Rack Kit

Walthers Cornerstone WH933-3190 Art Deco Highway Underpass Kit

Walthers Cornerstone WH933-3198 Van Dyke Farm Windmill Kit

Walthers Cornerstone WH933-3262 Modern Coaling Tower Kit

Walthers Cornerstone WH933-3339 Antiques Barn Kit

Walthers Cornerstone WH933-3463 Cristie's Pet Supply Kit

Walthers Cornerstone WH933-3465 Glover Park Hardware Kit

Walthers Cornerstone WH933-3493 Public Library Kit

Walthers Cornerstone WH933-3496 Brick Church Kit

Walthers Cornerstone WH933-3521 Wooden Fencing 113cm Kit

Walthers Cornerstone WH933-3528 Modern Water Tower Kit

Walthers Cornerstone WH933-3631 Horizontal Baler/Logger Kit

Walthers Cornerstone WH933-3656 Cottage Grove School Kit

Walthers Cornerstone WH933-3661 Benson's Five and Dime Kit

Walthers Cornerstone WH933-3781 Four Unit Brick Apartment Building Kit

Walthers Cornerstone WH933-3814 Modern Water Tower Kit

Walthers Cornerstone WH933-3823 Wood Coaling Tower Kit

Walthers Cornerstone WH933-4050 Brick Office Building Kit

Walthers Cornerstone WH933-4052 Metro Power and Light Generating Plant Kit

Walthers Cornerstone WH933-4068 Truck and Rail Scale Kit

Walthers Cornerstone WH933-4070 Truck and Railroad Docks Kit

Walthers Cornerstone WH933-4079 Modern Printing Plant Kit

Walthers Cornerstone WH933-4086 Modern Organic Vapour Air Cleaner Kit

Walthers Cornerstone WH933-4087 Modern Particulate Dust Cyclone Kit

Walthers Cornerstone WH933-4096 Travelling Crane with Brick Street Kit

Walthers Cornerstone WH933-4097 Brick Craneway Base and Street (3) Kit

Walthers Cornerstone WH933-4100 Brick Kilns (2) Kit

Walthers Cornerstone WH933-4101 Brickworks Storage Building Kit

Walthers Cornerstone WH933-4102 Brickworks Kit

Walthers Cornerstone WH933-4103 Brick Stacks Kit

Walthers Cornerstone WH933-4116 Modern Shopping Centre II Kit

Walthers Cornerstone WH933-4130 Loading Ramps (2) Kit

Walthers Cornerstone WH933-4131 Cross-Dock Truck Facility Kit

Walthers Cornerstone WH933-4563 Elevated Commuter Station Kit

Walthers Scenemaster WH949-11290 International 4900 Single Axle Box Van White

Walthers Scenemaster WH949-11841 International 4900 Crew Cab Fire Engine Red

Walthers Scenemaster WH949-13801 Heavy Duty Fire Department Ladder Truck Red

Walthers Scenemaster WH949-6069 Holiday Shoppers (6) Figure Set

Walthers Scenemaster WH949-6077 Photographers (6) Figure Set

Walthers Scenemaster WH949-6080 Zombies (6) Figure Set

Walthers Scenemaster WH949-662 Wrench Set No.2

Walthers Scenemaster WH949-8805 40' Hi-Cube Container Mitsui OSK

Walthers Scenemaster WH949-8841 48' Ribbed Side Container Canadian National

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