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New Items into stock this week 10th November to 16th November 2018

Published: 16/11/2018 13:51:41

A list of new releases from across our ranges which have come into stock in the last seven days.

Atlas AL6900 Signal Tower Kit

Humbrol AXB0016EP No 16 Gold Metallic Acrylic Paint (18ml)

Humbrol AXB0053EP No 53 Gunmetal Metallic Acrylic Paint (18ml)

Bachmann B36-417 Tradesmen 1960/70s (6) Figure Set

Bachmann B98011 Thomas and Friends Raspberry Syrup Tank Wagon

Dapol DA2S-009-005 GWR 38xx 3819 GWR Green

Dapol DA4F-071-148 7 Plank Wagon Buckley Junction 24

Dapol DA4L-001-008 GWR Bracket Left Hand 1 Arm Signal

DCCconcepts DCDCD-MED Alpha Mimic Add on LEDs and Leads Dual Red/Green

DCCconcepts DCDCD-MER Alpha Mimic Add on LEDs and Leads Red

DCCconcepts DCDCW-TW25-3.5 Twisted Bus Wire 25m of 3.5mm (11g) Twin Red/Black

Deluxe Materials DLAD-47 Roket Cyanoac Poly 15gm

Fleischmann FM481803 KBayStsB D VI Steam Locomotive I

Fleischmann FM738903 LTE BR187 Electric Locomotive VI

Fleischmann FM738973 LTE BR187 Electric Locomotive VI (DCC-Sound)

Fleischmann FM825001 Wascosa T2000 Dbl Pocket Wagon LKW Walter VI

Fleischmann FM931890 DB BR218 Freight Starter Set V (DCC-Fitted)

Graham Farish GF379-323 Modern Farmers (6) Figure Set

Graham Farish GF379-324 Arable Farmers 1940/50s (6) Figure Set

Graham Farish GF379-326 Livestock Farmers 1940/50s (6) Figure Set

Graham Farish GF379-329 Tradesmen 1960/70s (6) Figure Set

Gaugemaster GM592 Slot Car Tool Set

Gaugemaster GM593 Plastic Kit Sprue Shaver

Gaugemaster GM594 Slim Snap Off Knife with Blades

Gaugemaster GM595 Pipette Set 1ml (5)

Gaugemaster GM596 Flexible Masking Tape 1mm x 18m

Gaugemaster GM597 Flexible Masking Tape 6mm x 18m

Gaugemaster GM598 Flexible Masking Tape 10mm x 18m

Gaugemaster GM656 Low Temperature Glue Sticks (10)

Gaugemaster GM665 Pinion Removal Tool

Hobbytrain (by Lemke) H3020 SBB Re4/4 II 1 Electric Locomotive Green III

Hobbytrain (by Lemke) H3021 SBB Re4/4 II 1 Electric Locomotive Red III

Hobbytrain (by Lemke) H3022 SBB Re4/4 II 1 Electric Locomotive Swiss Express III

Heljan HN5285 Class 52 D1035 Western Yeoman Green SYP

Heljan HN5287 Class 52 D1039 Western King Maroon FYE

Heljan HN5288 Class 52 D1023 Western Fusilier Blue FYE

Heljan HN6100 GWR/BR 61xx Large Prairie Great Western 6110

Heljan HN6101 GWR/BR 61xx Large Prairie GWR 6106

Heljan HN6102 GWR/BR 61xx Large Prairie BR Unlined Black EC 6144 (81A)

Heljan HN6103 GWR/BR 61xx Large Prairie BR Unlined Green LC 6111 (81F)

Heljan HN6104 GWR/BR 61xx Large Prairie BR Lined Green LC 6132 (81C)

Kato K21-503 Connecting Cable 40cm

Kato K5-053 Unitrack Double Track Catenary Gantries (4)

LGB LGB10153 Straight Interrupter Track 150mm

LGB LGB50650 Level Crossing Gates

Minitrix M15679 DB TEE7 Rheingold Avmz111.1 1st Class Compartment Coach IV

Minitrix M15803 DRB C4u-38 Berlin-Hamburg 3rd Class Express Coach II

Minitrix M15944 Metronom Bi-Level 1st/2nd Class Driving Car VI(DCC-Fitted)

Minitrix M15947 Metronom Dbpza Bi-Level 2nd Class Coach VI

Trix M22657 DB BR724 Test Railcar IV (DCC-Sound)

Trix M22926 SBB C5/6 Elephant Steam Locomotive III (DCC-Fitted)

Trix M23248 DBAG IC2 DApza687.2 Bi-Level 1st Class Coach VI

Trix M23249 DBAG IC2 DBpza682.2 Bi-Level 2nd Class Coach VI

Trix M24046 DB Heavy Oil Tank Wagon IV

Marklin MN39208 (e) DB BR01.5 Oil Tender Steam Locomotive on Plinth III

Marklin MN39242 DR/DDR BR08 1001 Steam Locomotive III (MFX-Sound)

Marklin MN39548 Robel Tm235 BLS Track Maintenance Vehicle VI (MFX-Sound)

Marklin MN39622 GM EMD F7 (A/B/A) Coca Cola (MFX-Sound)

Marklin MN44214 Start Up Dolomiti Refrigerated Wagon VI

Marklin MN45055 70 Years of Porsche - DBAG Flat Wagon & Load 5 VI

Marklin MN45056 70 Years of Porsche - DBAG Flat Wagon & Load 6 VI

Marklin MN45057 70 Years of Porsche - DBAG Flat Wagon & Load 7 VI

Marklin MN45058 70 Years of Porsche - DBAG Flat Wagon & Load 8 VI

Marklin MN45685 Coca Cola Wagon Set Enjoy/Pop/Drink/Fizz/Ahhh/Enjoy (2)

Marklin MN47068 SBB Res Bogie Stake Wagon w/Army Vehicle Load V

Marklin MN47946 DB Heavy Oil Tank Wagon IV

Marklin MN48418 Christmas Wagon 2018

Marklin MN80628 Christmas Wagon 2018

Marklin MN80828 Marklin Magazine Wagon for 2018

Marklin MN87009 KWStE Passenger Coach Set (5) I

Marklin MN88218 OBB Rh2048 Diesel Locomotive V

Model Power MPW6062 Fat People (6) Figure Set

Model Power MPW6063 Work People (6) Figure Set

Model Power MPW6064 Farm Action (6) Figure Set

Model Power MPW6181 Mason and Bricklayers (6) Figure Set

Model Power MPW724022 Manuta Wooden Vintage Freight Car UP 1860 Log Car

Minitanks MTK05120 US Army M1 A1 Abrams Main Battle Tank

Noch N12027 Christmas Manger Deco Scene

Noch N14349 Self Supporting Car Port Laser Cut Minis Kit

Noch N14391 Christmas Market Entry Arch Laser Cut Minis Kit

Noch N14436 Outhouses (2) Laser Cut Minis Kit

Noch N15914 Kreidler Florett RS Motorbike

Noch N22111 Christmas Illuminated Tree with 10 LEDs 5cm

Noch N22121 Christmas Illuminated Tree with 20 LEDs 8cm

Noch N22131 Christmas Illuminated Tree with 30 LEDs 12cm

Noch N60136 Gras-Master Sieve

Noch N60836 Landscaping Modelling Foil XL 150x50cm

Noch N60856 Coloured Water Drops Set

Noch N60858 Easy Water Drops (150g)

Noch N60870 2K Water Gel

Noch N60871 Coloured 2K Water Gel

Noch N61605 Terra-Form Test Pack

Noch N61640 Terra-Form Standplates (20) & Clamps (20)

Noch N61650 Terra-Form Wooden Support Poles 40cm (35)

Noch N61660 Terra-Form Flexible Support Pole 3m

Noch N66412 Christmas Market Stalls (3) Laser Cut Structure Kit

Peco PESL-E696 Streamline Code 200 Left Hand Medium Turnout Electrofrog

Plastruct PLS90103X (TB-3P) Tube 2.4mm

Plastruct PLS90595X (ZFS-8P) Z Section 6.4x3.7mm

Plastruct PLS91107X (SSS-110P) 2.5mm Styrene Sheet White 300x175mm

Preiser PR10230 Austrian Firemen (6) Exclusive Figure Set

Preiser PR45005 Track Worker and Safety Guard Figure Set

Roco RC05395 Puch Haflinger Swiss Army

Roco RC10625 Five Wire Ribbon Cable (10m)

Roco RC33290 OBB Rh2095.04 Diesel Locomotive III

Roco RC33291 OBB Rh2095.04 Diesel Locomotive III (DCC-Sound)

Roco RC33293 OBB Rh2095 010-1 Diesel Locomotive VI (DCC-Sound)

Roco RC40609 Semaphore Distant Signal Moveable Disc/Arm 51mm

Roco RC72267 DB BR85 001 Steam Locomotive III (DCC-Sound)

Roco RC73911 CD BR193 295-3 Vectron Electric VI

Roco RC73912 CD BR193 295-3 Vectron Electric VI (DCC-Sound)

Roco RC73923 Cargoserv Rh1193 890-1 Electric Locomotive VI

Roco RC73924 Cargoserv Rh1193 890-1 Electric Locomotive VI (DCC-Sound)

Rokuhan RKH7297077 (R077) Uncoupling Track for Marklin/Arnold

Rokuhan RKH7297082 (R082) Double Crossover Concrete Sleeper

Tomytec TOM272663 Toyama LRT Santram Street Car (Unpowered)

Train Tech TTCAT19 Train Tech Catalogue 2019

Viessmann VN5210 Colour Light Signal Control Module

Viessmann VN6229 Spare Bulb Clear T3.4 2.3mm Diameter 16v 30mA

Viessmann VN6724 Swan Lamp Kit 87mm

Ziterdes ZIT6011998 Half-Timbered House

Ziterdes ZIT6012002 Manor House

Ziterdes ZIT6012056 Landing Platform K40

Ziterdes ZIT6012081 Energy Base

Ziterdes ZIT6012173 Tree Bases Transparent (10)

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