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New Items into stock this week 10th December to 16th December 2016

Published: 16/12/2016 08:14:58

A list of new releases from across our ranges which have come into stock in the last seven days.

AL10002137 Master RS-11 Loco New Haven 1405

AL20003768 Master ACF Pressuraide Green Mountain Railroad 51421

AL20003769 Master ACF Pressuraide Green Mountain Railroad 51422

AL20003770 Master ACF Pressuraide Green Mountain Railroad 51423

BU1060 Christmas Market Booths

BU1181 Winter Equipment

BU5598 Peugeot Boxer Polizei (Flashing Lights)

BU5917 Construction Site Flashing Light Set

DA2F-034-031 21t Hopper Pilkington 1974

DA2F-034-032 21t Hopper Pilkington 1974 Weathered

DA2S-008-009D A4 Valanced 4490 Empire of India LNER G/Blue (DCC-Fitted)

DA2S-011-003 A3 Flying Scotsman 60103 BR Express Blue Early Crest

DA2S-011-004 A3 Flying Scotsman 60103 BR Green Early Crest Train Pack

DA2S-011-006 A3 Flying Scotsman 60103 BR Green Late Crest

DA4F-012-011 Ventilated Van GWR 123519

DA4F-013-025 Gunpowder Van Rugby Cement 16

DA4F-018-015 Salt Van ICI 27

DA4F-018-016 Salt Van ICI 27 Weathered

DA4F-038-110 20t Steel Mineral Wagon Margam 157

DA4F-038-111 20t Steel Mineral Wagon Margam 157 Weathered

EFE27319 Leyland TD1 Scout Blackpool

EFE38002 Bristol Alexander Y Western S.M.T.

FA120245 Langwiess Goods Shed Kit II

FA130160 Modern Fire Station Kit V

FA130161 Modern Fire Staion Extension Garage Kit V

FA130197 Milk Unloading Station with Weighbridge Kit V

FA130443 Modern Multi-Coloured House Kit V

FA163102 Two Wheels (Twin Tyres) Tyres & Classic Lorry Rims

FA163403 On/Off Switch for Electric Bus

FA180382 Tar Boiler Kit III

FA180383 Industrial Steam Engine Kit I

FA191703 Metal Works Kit I

FA232524 Hobby Series Kits - Gutach Station II

FA272909 Spindle Wagon Lifting Jacks (2) II

FA282781 Provincial Houses Kit II

FM546013 DBAG Zacens Slurry Bogie Tank Wagon Weathered Set (3) V

KI39454 Single Road Add On for 9452

M16292 DB V90 Diesel Locomotive III (DCC-Sound)

M16956 MRCE/TXL ES64 U2 25yr Reunification Electric Loco VI

MCPKN4301 Soft Grip Craft Knife No.1 with No.11 Blade

MCPPU1001 Auto Centre Punch

MCPTW1093-FR Fine Serrated Locking Tweezers

MCPTW5351 Heavy Duty Tweezers - 7'' Curved

MN41359 KBayStsB CCu 3rd Class Express Coach I

MN42103 WStE BCCi 2nd/3rd Class Express Coach I

MN42132 WStE CCi 3rd Class Express Coach I

MN43876 DBAG EC Tiziano Bpmz291.3 2nd Class Coach V

MN46287 KBayStsB SSml Flat Wagon Set (4) I

MN47724 SJ Innofreight/Green Cargo Container Wagon Set (3) VI

MN48457 RTS Eamos Side Dump Hopper Wagon Set (5) VI

MN82471 GATX Funnel Flow Bogie Tank Wagon V

MN82473 GATX Funnel Flow Bogie Tank Wagon V

MN82486 VTG Funnel Flow Bogie Tank Wagon V

MN82488 VTG Funnel Flow Bogie Tank Wagon V

MN82540 SBB Eanos Sugar Beet Gondola Set (5) VI

MTK05137 US Army M561 Gamma Goat Truck

N14107 Laser Cut Minis - Vegetable Garden Set

N14109 Laser Cut Minis - Orchard Set

N14246 Laser Cut Minis- Cattle Loading Ramp

N14247 Laser Cut Minis - Cattle Loading Bridges/Gates

N48583 Asphalt Covered Road Grey with Markings 1m x 66mm

N48584 Asphalt Covered Road Grey with Markings 1m x 66mm

N63906 Laser Cut Kit - St George Church

N65614 Cattle Transport Scenery Set

N66701 micromotion Laser Cut Kit - Love Shack

N66826 Laser Cut Kit - Event Stage with Brass Band & Sound

N66830 Football Stadium with Clubhouse Floodlights & Sound

N66906 Laser Cut Kit - St George Church

N71720 English Translation of the Noch Catalogue

OD72PP003 Percival Proctor Koninklijke Luchtmacht

OD76ALL004 Austin Allegro Estate Tahiti Blue

OD76AMDB9001 Aston Martin DB9 Coupe Skyfall Silver

OD76AMV001 Aston Martin Vanquish Coupe Appletree Green

OD76BN6005 Bentley MkVI Two Tone Grey

OD76CAV001 Vauxhall Cavalier Champagne Platinum

OD76CC001 Carlight Continental Caravan Light Grey

OD76FF005 Ford Fiesta Mk1 Jade Green

OD76FHP002 Fordson Heavy Pump Unit London Fire Brigade

OD76MB004 Mercedes Actros SSC D-TEC Combitrailer John Mitchell

OD76RM114CC Routemaster Coca Cola Xmas

OD76SDF002 Shelvoke & Drewry Fork Freightlifter British Rail(Crimson)

OD76SET48 Jaguar Set (3)

OD76SHP001 Sherpa Van Royal Mail (Wales)

ODNMOS004 Morris Minor Car Saloon Almond Green

OR76AR005 Adams Radial Steam Locomotive - East Kent Railway

OR76AR005XS Adams Radial Steam Loco - East Kent Railway (DCC-Sound)

PEPM-205 Your Guide to Modelling European Railways

PE-SYH12 Modelling Water Booklet

PK40206 National Express BR442 Talent 2 3 Car EMU VI

PK40323 SBB Ae3/6l 10619 Electric Locomotive II

PK47244 Abellio BR442 Talent 2 3 Car EMU VI

PK51524 DB BR141 Electric Locomotive IV

PK51574 WLE BR187 Electric Locomotive VI

PK51732 DB BR140 Electric Locomotive IV

PK52634 DR BR102.1 Diesel Locomotive IV (DCC-Sound)

PK54588 OnRail Shimmns Tarpaulin Wagon VI

PK55754 Street Light Single Arm 120mm high

PK56254 DBS54 Pantograph for BR110/140 Locomotive

PK56255 VSH 2 FS Pantograph for BR243/143 Locomotive

PK56256 VSH 2 FS Pantograph for BR112/143 Locomotive

PK56258 SBS65 Pantograph

PK58718 DBAG Lgs579 Maersk Container Wagon VI

PK58726 PKP U-zx Flat Wagon IV

PK58727 PKP Uh Tank Wagon IV

PK59269 D PKP IC SM42-607 Diesel Locomotive V

PK59788 DB Schenker/PKP 3269 Diesel Locomotive VI

PK59984 PKP Cargo BR193 Vectron Electric Locomotive VI

PK95990 SBB Sgnss Hangartner Container Wagon VI

PK96301 PKP SU45-100 Diesel Locomotive VI

PK96303 PKP SU45-165 Diesel Locomotive V

PK96371 PKP ET41-171 Electric Locomotive V

PK96650 PKP 120A Bdh 2nd Class Coach V

PK96651 PKP 120A Bdh 2nd Class Coach V

PLS90001X A-1P - 0.8mm ANGLE (SINGLE)

PLS90709X MS-10P - 0.3mm SQUARE ROD (SINGLE)



PLS90872X MRX-30P - 0.8mm HEX ROD (SINGLE)

PLS90874X MRX-60P - 1.5mm HEX ROD (SINGLE)


PO331776 Half Relief Kit - Cycle Store

PO331788 Allotment Garden Hut Kit

PO331902 Lanz Bulldog Tractor Kit

R6731 LMS 20 Ton Coke Wagon

R6731A LMS 20 Ton Coke Wagon

R6733 BR 20 Ton Coke Wagon

R6733A BR 20 Ton Coke Wagon

R6743 4 Plank Wagon Westleigh Stone & Lime Co. Ltd

R6744 4 Plank Wagon North Bitchburn Coal Co. Ltd

R6745 4 Plank Wagon Hingley & Sons Ltd

R6746 4 Plank Wagon Stephens & Co.

R6747 5 Plank Wagon Walter Burt

R6748 5 Plank Wagon Foster Wilson

R6749 5 Plank Wagon Farndon

R6750 5 Plank Wagon Shap Tarred Granite

R6783 BR 20 Ton Coke Hopper Wagon Set (3)

RC73292 OBB Rh4061 Electric Locomotive III

RC73293 OBB Rh4061 Electric Locomotive III (DCC-Sound)

RC76481 Transwaggon Sliding Tarpaulin Wagon V

VN5224 Control Unit Colour Light Block Signals

WK066901 Neuson TD15 Dumper Truck

WK077421 WIKINGControl87 - Fire Service Vehicle

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