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New Items into stock this week 10th August to 16th August 2019

Published: 16/08/2019 07:39:49

A list of new releases from across our ranges which have come into stock in the last seven days.

Bachmann B32-991 Wickham Type 27 Trolley Car BR Maroon

Bachmann B32-994 Wickham Type 27 Trolley Car Green

Bachmann B35-175 Railway Operating Division (ROD) 2-8-0 1918 War Dept Black

Bachmann B35-176 Railway Operating Division (ROD) 2-8-0 2394 LNWR Black

Bachmann B37-093 7 Plank End Door Wagon Highley Mining Company Ltd Wthrd

Bachmann B37-134B 8 Plank End Door Wagon Ketton Cement

Bachmann B37-157A 8 Plank Fixed End Wagon Stewart & Lloyds Ltd

Bachmann B37-925A 3 Plank Wagon ICI Buxton Lime

Bachmann B393-025A Bogie Covered Ambulance Van WD Grey

Bachmann B393-026A Bogie Covered Goods Wagon Nocton Estates LR Grey Weathered

Bachmann B393-027 Covered Goods Wagon Lincs Coast Light Railway Crimson

Bachmann B393-028 Covered Goods Wagon SR Brown

Bachmann B393-029 Bogie Covered Goods Wagon Express Dairy Company Blue

Bachmann B393-030 Bogie Covered Goods Wagon SR Insulated

Bachmann B393-051A Open Bogie Wagon Nocton Estates LR Grey Weathered

Bachmann B393-055 Open Bogie Wagon Ashover Railway Light Grey Early

Bachmann B393-056 Open Bogie Wagon ICI Red

Dapol DA2F-026-001 HIA Hopper Freightliner Heavy Haul 369008 Green

Dapol DA2F-026-002 HIA Hopper Freightliner Heavy Haul 369052 Green

Dapol DA2F-026-003 HIA Hopper Freightliner Heavy Haul 369027 White

Dapol DA2F-026-004 HIA Hopper Freightliner Heavy Haul 369044 White

Dapol DA2F-026-005 HIA Hopper Freightliner Heavy Haul 369002 Green

Dapol DA2F-026-006 HIA Hopper Freightliner Heavy Haul 369020 Green

Dapol DA4A-000-012 Timber Loads for 10ft Wheelbase Wagons (4)

Dapol DA4F-051-039 5 Plank Wagon LMS 404102

Dapol DA4F-061-001 Bogie Bolster E BR 923358 Bauxite BEV

Dapol DA4F-061-002 Bogie Bolster E BR 923444 Bauxite YNV

Dapol DA4F-061-003 Bogie Bolster E BR 923528 Bauxite YRV (S&T)

Dapol DA4F-061-004 Bogie Bolster E BR 923791 Bauxite YNV

Dapol DA4F-061-005 Bogie Bolster E BR 923962 Bauxite YRV (S&T)

Dapol DA4F-061-006 Bogie Bolster E BR 924327 Bauxite BEV

Dapol DA4F-080-115 8 Plank Wagon Modern Transport 1210 Weathered

DCCconcepts DCDCC-6PF3 Decoder Harness 6 Pin Female 150mm (3)

DCCconcepts DCDCW-DM1 Diode Matrix Pack

DCCconcepts DCLED-GRT Tower Type 2mm with Resistors Green (6)

DCCconcepts DCLED-PWM Mini Butterfly Type 1.6mm with Resistors Prototype White(6)

DCCconcepts DCLED-RDM Mini Butterfly Type 1.6mm with Resistors Red (6)

DCCconcepts DCLED-YLF3 Flat Front Type 3mm with Resistors Signal Yellow (6)

DCCconcepts DCLED-YLM Mini Butterfly Type 1.6mm with Resistors Yellow (6)

Graham Farish GF372-775 C Class 0-6-0 271 SECR Plain Green

Graham Farish GF372-776 C Class 0-6-0 1294 Southern Railway Black

Graham Farish GF372-777 C Class 0-6-0 31227 BR Early Black

Graham Farish GF373-560 100t TEA Bogie Tank Wagon Esso

Graham Farish GF373-561 100t TEA Bogie Tank Wagon BP Green

Graham Farish GF373-562 100t TEA Bogie Tank Wagon Gulf Black Weathered

Graham Farish GF374-064C Mk1 SK 2nd Class Coach BR Chocolate/Cream

Graham Farish GF374-065 Mk1 SK 2nd Class Coach Sealink

Graham Farish GF374-066 Mk1 SK 2nd 2nd Class Coach BR Blue/Grey Scotrail Weathered

Graham Farish GF374-085B Mk1 BCK 1st/2nd Class Brake Coach BR Blue/Grey

Graham Farish GF374-196 Mk1 BSK 2nd Class Brake Coach Sealink

Graham Farish GF374-197 Mk1 BSK 2nd Class Brake BR Blue/Grey Scotrail Weathered

Rivarossi HR2753 Union Pacific 4000 Big Boy 150yr Transcont.RR

Kato K106-084 Santa Fe El Capitan 10 Car Display Set w/UniTrack

Kato K156-0955 Viewliner II Heritage Baggage Car Amtrak 61006 PhIII

Kato K156-0956 Viewliner II Heritage Baggage Car Amtrak 61058 PhIII

Kato K176-5403 EMD E5A Locomotive CB&Q 9911A Silver Pilot

Kato K176-5404 EMD E5A Locomotive CB&Q 9912A

Kato K22-201-1 American Diesel (EMD 1st Gen) Sound Card

Kato K28885 Kato UniTrack T-Trak Subterrain Straight Kit

Minitrix M16482 DBAG BR648.1 LINT 2 Car Diesel Railcar VI (DCC-Sound)

Trix M22256 DB BR18.1 Steam Locomotive III (DCC-Sound)

Trix M22345 OBB Rh42 Steam Locomotive III (DCC-Sound)

Trix M22413 SBB Re460 Circus Knie 100yr Electric Loco VI (DCC-Sound)

Metcalfe MEPN902 Mixed Stonework Sheets

Metcalfe MEPN913 Double Track Engine Shed Red Brick Card Kit

Metcalfe MEPN937 Settle & Carlisle Double Track Engine Shed Card Kit

Metcalfe MEPN951 Manor Farm Buildings Card Kit

Metcalfe MEPN971 Low Relief Bank & Shop Card Kit

Metcalfe MEPN972 Low Relief Pub & Shops Card Kit

Marklin MN44232 Start Up Halloween Glow in the Dark Wagon

Marklin MN44452 Start Up Container Loading Wagon Set (2)

Marklin MN88167 DB BR798 Diesel Railcar & Trailer IV

Peco PEPSG-54 Pecoscene 4mm Spring Grass Tufts (100)

Piko PK59930 Expert DR BR119 Diesel Locomotive IV

Preiser PR10749 Snack Point Sales Stand (5) Exclusive Figure Set

Preiser PR28188 Leaf Blower Figure

Hornby R6906 21t Mineral Wagon Pack British Railways (3)

Wills SSM323 Security Gate Kit

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