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K8013-5 - JR Taki 43000 Tank Wagon Green/Grey
O Scale Wargaming Architectural Narrow Gauge Tools+

Kato 8013-5 JR Taki 43000 Tank Wagon Green/Grey

Only £12.00 Out of stock but available to order
Brand: Kato
Part Number: 8013-5
Scale / Type: N Scale
Our Code: K8013-5

8013-5 Taki 43000 Japan Oil Transportation Color The Taki 43000 tank car is a tank car exclusively for gasoline, and Nippon Oil Terminal Co., Ltd. was established in 1966 as a joint investment between JNR and various oil companies, and Nippon Oil Terminal Co., Ltd. was established. It was developed for the purpose of approving trains. In order to improve transport efficiency, a frameless structure and a tank body with different diameter cylinders are used to expand the volume to the limit, achieving a load of 43 tons. The exterior paint color was an exceptional blue No. 15 (dark blue) as a gasoline tank car for identification. Production will be suspended following the tank car structure standard revision of 1974 (1974), but production will be resumed in 1982 (1982) after design change, and various design changes will be repeated thereafter to a total number of 819 Will Nippon Oil Transportation adopted the same format from 1974 (1974) and began to introduce it. New production vehicles belonging to Nippon Oil Transportation Co., Ltd. since 1990 (Taki 243 666) are divided into emerald green and light gray, and a change of image is planned. We will commercialize Taki 43000 Nippon Oil Transportation (Black, Blue, Silver) 8-Car Set (specially designed items) including Taki 143645, commonly known as "Gin Taki". Taki 43000 is a typical form of tank car that production continued from 1967 (1967). Among them, Taki 143645, which is called "Gin Taki", has a tank body made of stainless steel, and it is a major feature that it has a different appearance from other Taki 43000 equipped with the TR 215 G truck. In addition, the present set includes Taki 43000, which has been marked by Japan Oil Transport Co., Ltd., with the blue paint of the Japan Oil Terminal era even after being transferred to Nippon Oil Transport Co., Ltd. You can enjoy a variety of variations. Main features ? Taki 43000 Nippon Oil Transportation (black, blue, silver) 8-car set (specially designed item) · Japan Oil Transportation affiliation vehicle as of 2018 (2018) is a prototype. -Taki 143 645 reproduces only the tank body of Taki 43000 series stainless steel and the black deck part. TR215G dolly that axis distance and form are different from other cars and reproduced by new production. -Taki 43000 (blue): Reproduce the figure that the notations were changed to Japan Oil Transportation Specification with the blue painted color of Japan Oil Terminal era. -Taki 43000 (black): Commercialized with a number different from existing products. -Faithfully reproduces the body shape of different diameter cylinders utilizing plastic molding technology. -Arnold coupler equipped with each vehicle. ? Faithfully reproduces the body shape of different diameter cylinders utilizing Taki 43000 and plastic molding technology. -Faithfully reproduce the details of various parts of the vehicle such as handrails, underframes and piping. · Beautifully reproduces the brightly colored body of each oil transport company. · Specification change of existing bestseller product, Taki 43000. An improved product tailored to the quality of current tank wagon products. -From the paper seal correspondence of the company's name and company name of the conventional product, the fuselage has been updated with various printed notations, and the degree of completion has been improved. · We added the chemical product classification number (fuel 32) and the arrow that shows the inlet, and made it the current notation. · The company name department of "Nippon Oil Terminal Co., Ltd." has a ground color of black. -Print "Taki 43266 / Kuragano Station Regular / Self Weight 16.2t". · Printed “Japanese Taki 43182 / Hama Goi Station Regular / 16.0t of its own weight”. Optional option ? KATO coupler N (PAT.) Part number: 11-702 ? KATO coupler N (gray) (PAT.) Part number: 11-707 ? Magnematic coupler MT-10 Product number: 11-711

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