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K6074-2 - JR Kiha 35 Powered Car Metropolitan
O Scale Wargaming Architectural Narrow Gauge Tools+

Kato 6074-2 JR Kiha 35 Powered Car Metropolitan

Only 61.00 Out of stock but available to order
Brand: Kato
Part Number: 6074-2
Scale / Type: N Scale
Our Code: K6074-2

6074-2 Kiha 35 metropolitan area color (M) The Kiha 35 series is the JNR commuter railcar that appeared in 1961 (1961). 413 units were produced for non-electrified commuting routes in the suburbs of large cities, and have been active in various parts of Japan mainly in the metropolitan area, Niigata, Nagoya and Kansai. Initially appeared in the two-tone color of cream and orange JNR color car, characterized by the appearance consisting of a three-door outside hanging double door, gable and the interior of the long seat, was called a train version 101 series train . In addition, the reinforcement of the front of the level crossing accident measures that were constructed in the later years and the repainting to the so-called "Tokyo metropolitan area color" of No. 5 No. 1 color changed the impression greatly. Main features ? Kiha 35 series is for non-electrified commuting routes in the suburbs of large cities as Kansai Main Line Nara Line, Kusatsu Line, Sakurai Line, Wakayama Line, Kise Main Line, Katamachi Line, Boso District, Kawagoe Line, Sagami Line, Hachiko Line, Toshihiko Active in various parts of Japan, including the Line, Echigo Line, and the Chikuhi Line. ? Kiha 35 series general colors are modeled as prototypes of the original form manufactured around 1965-37. From this time, change the front holo of both operation cart Kiha 30 to one-sided equipment. The other side reproduces the holo frame and can enjoy different faces before and after. In addition, since Holo for exchange is attached, it is also possible to attach with the holo both before and after ? Kiha 35 series metropolitan area color is a two-lamp type shield beam of the time when Takasaki first organization zone affiliation around 1979, front reinforcement Model the form of remodeling into a prototype. We also produce Kiha 35 series 900 900 metropolitan area color with a distinctive corrugate on a stainless steel body. ? Kiha 35 900 Silver was prototyped as an all stainless steel body for the purpose of weight reduction. Because it is resistant to corrosion, the painting of surface protection is omitted, and it is placed in the Chiba Pedestrian Area, which often runs along the coast, and has been active in each line in the Boso area. -Headlights are single light type. Reproduces all stainless steel body at the time of appearance accurately with silver paint of established KATO Replacement of the special type of diesel engine is easily reproduced by replacing with included Arnold coupler adapter Number 909, belonging The notation is "1000 Chiha". The front display is "normal". Notation is all black ? Kiha 35 series make-up parts (sold from Hobby Center Kato) Front destination display 8 types (Omiya, Koryagawa, Takasaki, Hachioji, Chigasaki-Kashihashimoto, Nara-Kancho, Kameyama-Kenara, Nara ? Kyoto) 2 pieces, plain 4 pieces. -Headlight frame, head lens tip ... 3 types (No cream 4 convex rib of 2 light shield beams, silver convex ribs of 2 light shield beams, silver mortar of 1 light shield beam) x each Four. ? Single item ? Headlight / taillight standard equipment (with light off switch) ? Reproduce the vehicle shape exactly like a commuter-type diesel car based on a straight line ? Cab see-through ? Reproduce the characteristic outside hanging door. In addition, the rubber per unit of the double-opening door is also expressed in gray. ? The side glass window reproduces the handle ? The flywheel mounted power unit is adopted ? The general color is the JNR standard color with orange and cream divided, the capital Sphere color, beautifully reproduce the blue No. 5 ? Affiliation notation is beautifully expressed General color: Kiha 30 Tenha, Kiha 35 Kiha 36 Tenara metropolitan area color: Kiha 30, Kiha 35, Kiha 35 900, Kiha 36 Taka Taka 1 ? The 1-2th place of the Kiha 30 metropolitan area color can replace the holo frame with the supplied holo to reproduce the presence or absence of the through door holo. (The 3-4 side reproduces the state of holo mounting) ? Adopts a lighting type front display (sold with "normal" attached) ? (N) KATO knuckle coupler (body mount type) as standard equipment ? Accessories: Jumper (with or without hose), Arnold coupler

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