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K4868-1 - JR Kumoyuni 82-800 Car
O Scale Wargaming Architectural Narrow Gauge Tools+

Kato 4868-1 JR Kumoyuni 82-800 Car

Only 36.00 Out of stock but available to order
Brand: Kato
Part Number: 4868-1
Scale / Type: HO Scale
Our Code: K4868-1

4868-1 Spider Uni 82 800s Yokosuka Color (T) During the JNR, luggage trains were being used to transport packages and baggage at various places. Transportation by passenger car was mainly, but it is baggage train such as spider two 83 that we played an active part in baggage transportation along with train by extension of electrified section. Among them, the Kumoni 83 800s, which appeared in 1966, is a low roof structure that corresponds to a narrow tunnel in line with the electrification extension of the Chuo East Line, and is remodeled from Moha 72 of old commuter type commuter type 73 Was born. The initial car, which was painted in Yokosuka color according to the 115 series 800 which becomes a companion, and the position of the rain gutter was raised high and finished in a roof style, was excellently popular for the beauty of organization when connected with the 115 series. KUMOO UNI-82 is a mail-department-only vehicle that appeared in 1966 to be able to be connected to the 115 series in the trainification of long-distance ordinary trains by electrification extension of the Chuo East Line. Unlike Kumoni 83, which was introduced at the same time for luggage, it has a unique window arrangement with a sorting shelf so that mail can be sorted. As the 800 series name shows, it has become a low roof structure style corresponding to the narrow tunnel of the Chuo East Line, and has been active in wearing the familiar Yokosuka color of the Chuo East Line according to the 115 series of companions. Main features ? Kumouni 82 800 A combination train Kumouni 82, which has been active in postal and parcel transportation, has newly appeared. On the Chuo Main Line and Shinonoi Line, reproduce the figure that was active with the suburban form train 115 series. -Reproduce the 800 series that was active in team with the 115 series and Kumoni 83 at Chuo Main Line Shinjuku exit. Commercialized blue and cream paint called Yokosuka color. -Reproduce the distinctive side form lined with the window of the division room unique to the mail car, which is different from the luggage car Kumoni 83. -Reproduce the low roof structure unique to the 800 series. The pantograph reproduces a different appearance before and after the regular pantograph is converted from PS13 to PS16. A vehicle that serves as an accent to reproduce the central main line, along with the 115 series 300 series and 800 series, the 101 series 165 series, and the 181 series "Azusa" of the JNR era. -Head / taillights are standard equipment on the cabs on both sides. With light off switch. The front display curtain is a lighting type and "Shinjuku" is standard equipment. Two types of "load" and plain are included for replacement. The lower model modified from the old-style National Electric Railway Series 73 is accurately reproduced together with the snow-resistant DT13 truck equipped with snow plows. The coupler is connectable with 115 series 300 series (800 series) and Kumoni 83, and both ends are body mount type KATO coupler densely connected standard equipment. The power is equipped with the proven power unit with a flywheel. The specification without traction tires also supports co-drive with a conventional power unit. Package is in standard clear case. ? Kumogi 83 800 It is a low roof structure 800 series national railway type baggage train manufactured for the 800th Central Line. -Reproduces the roof roof structure found in the initial car. We express style full of elegance different from late car. A newly-made vehicle body while utilizing the lower end of the old-style Kokuden 73 series. -Standard equipped with a body-mounted KATO coupler close-in type, which is ideal for linking with the 115 series 300/800 series on the Chuo East Line. -Head / taillights are standard equipment on the cabs on both sides. With light off switch. The front display screen is lit. The front destination display is set to "Matsumoto". Includes plain and "load" destination display parts. The car number is set to Kumoni 83800 for motor car and Kumoni 83803 for no motor. It is equipped with different pantograph before and after, PS13 and PS16. Equipped with a snow plow to reproduce a firm face for cold areas. The power is equipped with a proven power unit with a flywheel. As it is a specification without traction tires, it also supports co-drive with a conventional power unit, and you can enjoy co-drive with your existing vehicle. When connecting with the 165 series as with the actual vehicle, replace the front bogie of the 165 series leading car with the additional carriage (11-033: TR69 coupler length), and replace the coupler (11-703: KATO coupler close connection type A) You need to. Optional option ? LED room light clear Part number: 11-211 ? LED room light clear (for 6 cars) Part number: 11-212 ? LED room light clear (bulb color) part number: 11-213 ? LED room light clear (bulb color) (6 cars) Item number: 11-214

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