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K3049-2 - JR EF58-150 Electric Locomotive Blue Miyaharasa Depot
O Scale Wargaming Architectural Narrow Gauge Tools+

Kato 3049-2 JR EF58-150 Electric Locomotive Blue Miyaharasa Depot

Only £78.00 Out of stock but available to order
Brand: Kato
Part Number: 3049-2
Scale / Type: HO Scale
Our Code: K3049-2

3049-2 EF 58 150 Miyahara Institutional District Blue Miyahara engine ward, Miyahara driver's office (current Miyahara general driver's office) for the limited express traction of the trunk line that is manufactured at Toshiba Fuchu plant in March 1958 (1958) and electrified from Tokaido main line to Sanyo main line Active from the start for a long time, 2011 (2011), has finally been scrapped. Now, while expectations for preservation are rising, I am quietly waiting for that time. KATO decorated the end of the first Blue Train 20 series, followed by the EF 58 150 Miyahara driving station of the JR era, which was based on the appearance of the “Goodbye Series 20 passenger car” at the time of high speed “Sayonara 20 passenger car”. We will commercialize the blue figure of the era of belonging to Miyahara Institutional District as a prototype for the JNR era that led the luggage train. Main features ? EF 58 150 Miyahara Institutional District Blue Commercialized the Showa 50's and Miyahara Institutional District as a prototype. · We reproduce figure of blue paint called general color. · The roof is painted blue. -Body integrated representation (number plate, maker plate) -Reproduction of the center of the nose with a sharp edge-Reproduction of head mark stay mounted at a low position-Reproduction of front step without division -Crew door lower cover, Reproduce the state without handrails -Pantograph is equipped with PS15 (black)-No train radio antenna attached. -Parts attached to the user, silver grip rod, signal flame tube, whistle ? Express the cab (control panel, chair, indoor see-through) ? Reproduce the vehicle body representation realistic ? Flywheel mounted power unit adopted ? Headlights lit ? Arnold coupler standard equipment (KATO knuckle coupler included) ? Single item ? EF58 150 Miyahara operating plants reproduce the 1997 around the time of "goodbye 20-based passenger car" operation in the prototype employs a dedicated vehicle, reproduce the 150 Unit unique decorative brown body color reproduction of with-deep -body integral representation (license plate, the manufacturer plate) · Reproduces the front center nose muscle with a sharp edge · Reproduces the head mark stay attached at a low position · Reproduces the front step of the three divisions · Reproduces the absence of the handrail at the bottom of the crew door · SG on the roof wind trunk is expressed openings the PS15 pantograph having a pipe-like pantograph shoe reproduced so that head mark is attached Quick head mark specification. ("Salon Car Naniwa" "Taste Meguru Tajima Kaniski" head mark included)

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