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K3023-1 - JR EF64-1000 Electric Locomotive
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Kato 3023-1 JR EF64-1000 Electric Locomotive

Only £74.00 Out of stock but available to order
Brand: Kato
Part Number: 3023-1
Scale / Type: N Scale
Our Code: K3023-1

3023-1 EF64-1000 General color EF64-type electric locomotive developed for mountain line. Among them, the 1000s group is a new division of the EF64 whose capacity began to be added in 1980, and features a different body from the original EF64. The EF 64 1031 Nagaoka Vehicle Center is a vehicle that plays an active role in the transport of various types of trains in the Kanto area, as well as being used as a passenger train that has pulled passenger cars. You can enjoy various types of vehicles and train-type transportation by utilizing double-headed couplers. From this product, we will change the double-headed coupler to a new type without hooks and a double-ended double-headed coupler. Main features ? Accurately model an elegant car body, heavy truck around and on the roof. ? Equipped with a square cooler after the late installation on the roof of the driver's seat (JR freight new update color). ? A see-through cab inside the room ? Flywheel Equipped with a power unit for powerful and smooth running performance ? Realize the print on the vehicle body ? Realize black wheels. ? Headlights lit. ? Features of the 1031 unit ∑ Commercialized as a prototype EF64 1031 unit belonging to the JR East Nagaoka Vehicle Center as a prototype ∑ Equipped with a double-headed connector, enforcing around the skirt such as a heartbreaker, KE 100 jumper plug, skirt notch Correctly reproduce the remodeled-Reproduce the small size JR mark, black H rubber, silver on-the-roof resistor arranged on the side- Number of 1031 unit is already printed ∑ Quick head mark "Akebono" "Hokuriku" Included -2 types of jumper plugs, on-the-roof equipment, front handrail parts included -Double-headed connector on one side when shipped, the other equipped with Arnold coupler according to the passenger car. One each coupler is included for replacement. From the production this time, the double-headed coupler is equipped with a double-headed coupler with a tight-ring specification without a hook. ? Feature of JR Freight New Update Color ∑Commercialized as a prototype of EF64 1000 series JR Freight New Update Color belonging to JR Freight Aichi Kenkyujo ∑Prototyped car body color designed with white Yamagata on white background ∑ Number plate selection formula: 1013 , 1024, 1028, 1036 represents the rolling plate wheels. -Roof top equipment, front handrail parts included -Arnold coupler (KATO knuckle coupler for replacement included)-Features of the car equipped with a general color cooler- Commercialized the JR Freight Takasaki engine area affiliation era EF64 1000 series as a prototype -On the driver's seat Equipped with a cooler -Number plate selection type: 1015, 1019, 1024, 1041-Expressing a box type wheel ring core -Roof top equipment included -Arnold coupler (KATO knuckle coupler for replacement included) -1032 (with double-headed coupler) Features ∑ Commercialized the JR East Japan Nagaoka Vehicle Center affiliation EF64 1032 as a prototype ∑ Equipped with a double-headed connector, accurately reproduce the remodeling implemented around the skirt, such as the heartbreaker, KE 100 jumper plug, skirt notch ∑ The size is large with EF64 1031 (# 3023-4) ∑ The JR mark with different sticking position (only one side) is reproduced accurately. -The number plate is 1032. Manufacturers' plates are printed by Kawasaki Heavy Industries / Fuji Electric. Differentiate from the previous 1031 unit. -Quick head mark "Akebono" "Hokuriku" is attached -Jumper plug two, on-the-roof equipment, front handrail parts are attached -At the time of shipment double-headed connector on one side, the other is equipped with Arnold coupler according to the passenger car. One each coupler is included for replacement. ? Feature of Unit 1001 ∑ Commercialized EF64 1001 unit belonging to JR East Takasaki Vehicle Center as a prototype ∑ Reproduce the color of the brown body ∑ The number of Unit 1001 represents the printed plate wheel. ∑ Roof on the device, the front handrail parts are included ∑ KATO knuckle couplers (replacement for Arnold coupler included) ? features of the general color products the EF64 1000 series of-JNR era prototype Quick head mark "Dewa" comes the "Hokuriku" - License plate selection type: 1012, 1020, 1027, 1032 ∑ Expressing box type wheel ring center ∑ Roof top equipment, front handrail parts included ∑ Arnold coupler (KATO knuckle coupler for replacement included)

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