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K24-850 - Unitrack Power Feed Control Switch
O Scale Wargaming Architectural Narrow Gauge Tools+

Kato 24-850 Unitrack Power Feed Control Switch

Only £17.50 Out of stock but available to order
Brand: Kato
Part Number: 24-850
Scale / Type: N Scale
Our Code: K24-850

24-850 Feed switch During the heyday of steam locomotives, the main stations had an engine zone attached to them, and there was always a turntable. Steam locomotives whose traveling direction is limited due to their structure are placed on a turntable and turned around in order to change the traveling direction at the station or terminal station, and they are equipped with coal, sand, etc. In response, I left for the next train tow. The good old days, the electric turntables are perfect for reproducing the landscape of the engine districts when steam locomotives were the flower of railways. A prototype that has a relatively shallow pit called a lower road type, with smooth side-to-side rotation and a reliable stop mechanism, this item doubles the fun of running a steam locomotive train. Of course, steam locomotives that have been active in Japan are equipped with a 160 mm main girder that can be mounted with room. Why don't you try to reproduce the scenery of the county area with a wealth of items, such as an extension track set that forms the perimeter of the turntable, adjacent tracks, and an electric turntable extension cord (150 cm). Main features ? The electric turntable (# 20-283) · The turntable which is indispensable to enjoy the steam locomotive is a new appearance from KATO! The definitive edition of the steam locomotive structure! · It has a relatively shallow pit called the lower road type A specification that reproduces the type and pursues ease of use that supports parlor driving. · The track arrangement angle of the turntable adopts 10 °. The outer diameter of the body is 217 mm. The turntable girder length is 160 mm and large steamers are OK! · The thickness of the turntable is 12 mm. 5 mm up against the 7 mm upper surface of the Unitrack track. Adjust the height outside the adjacent line. · By the switch operation of the controller, rotation and stop to the left and right and automatic lock type automatic advance angle that drives accurately are adopted. -Actual turning speed of about 1 minute per lap. Just before stopping, it decelerates further and stops securely. The actual movement brings out the scenery of the institution district. -The connector type one-touch wiring eliminates the need for complicated electrical wiring. Anyone can easily incorporate it into the layout. · The feed to the line is from the turntable. The turntable girders can feed by feeding the lines before and after the connection. · In the case of retaining, it can be turned on / off for each indwelling wire by using the insulation joiner and the adjacent line feeder kit and feeding switch (sold separately). · By combining multiple sets of optional turntable extension lines, it is possible to reproduce a powerful large-scale engine district with a powerful trunk line. · Separately sold structures including the engine area facility set are perfect for reproducing an engine area with a turntable. · Product contents: Body · Turntable controller · AC adapter power supply · Controller connecting cord · Jump code 1 adjacent line (straight line) 4 lines · outer peripheral line (3 lines) 2 pieces · car stopper 6 pieces · Uni-Joyner 2 pieces ·Insulation Joiner (one piece) 6 pieces. ? Turntable extension line set (straight line) (# 20-285) · Used for extension of indwelling lines extending radially from the turntable. Stopper to use on the diagonal is attached. · For connection to the turntable, replace the outer panel with the outer track and connect the adjacent tracks. · Product contents: Adjacent lines: 3 straight lines · 3 outer circumference lines (3 segments) 2 pieces · 3 car stops 3 pieces, Uni Joiner (pieces), 6 pieces of insulation joiners (pieces) ? Turntable extension line set (curved) (# 20-286) · A set for line expansion parallel to the turntable, such as reproduction of a small-scale engine district or terminal station without using a fan-shaped engine storage. · With parallel tracks (curved), make parallel double tracks with a double track spacing of 33 mm from the turntable. It is most suitable for the setting of the wooden storage. · Curve R381-10 is used at the end of the adjacent line (straight line) and has the same length as S62, and creates a parallel double line with a double line spacing of 49.5 mm. Between the tracks, you can set up a coal feed / water supply set and a local home. · Product contents: Adjacent line Curve (1 each for left and right) · 2 curves R381-10 2 straight lines · 2 outer circumference line (3 segments) 2 pieces Unijoner (pieces), insulation joiner (pieces) 6 pieces each . * Standard Uni Joiner is included with R381-10 and S62. ? Turntable adjacent line feeder kit (# 20-284) · Feeder kit used for vehicle detention to the track connected to the turntable, and constant current supply by DCC. · The power is supplied to each wire by attaching it to the back of the adjacent wire. In the case of vehicle retention, turn on / off the optional feed switch. -Product content: Current collection pin (left, right) -Back cover-Flat screw-Feeder code 3 sets each- Fan-shaped engine storage (# 23-240)-Completed product type fan-shaped with a modern, reinforced concrete structure as a prototype Institutional storage. -It has 3 wires, and can be extended by arranging multiple wires with 3, 6 and 9 wires. -A straight design with no door on the front. · The depth is 200mm, and large-sized steam locomotives such as C62 and D51 are also stored with room. -The roof is in the form of a loose one-piece flow with smoke removal chimneys before and after each rail. We arrange window for light on the side and the back. · In the cabinet, a unitrack line (186 mm) that reproduces the inspection pit is attached. · Connect to the outside of the turntable extension line set (straight line) when using the floor. · The angle of the adjacent line is 10 ° rail height is about 12 mm. It also supports use by dropping the turntable from the base surface. · The rail surface height is 7.2 mm when the bottom spacer is not used. · The special seal with number line indication, zebra mark, various slogans etc. is attached. ? Electric turntable extension cord (150 cm) (# 20-287) · It is an item which extends the range of use of Uni-track electric turntable. If the turntable is placed inside a large layout such as a fixed type or endless, or if the distance between the turntable main body and the operation device is long in the floor layout, the range of installation of the turntable on the layout is improved, which is cheaper. You can use it with your heart. · One has a length of 150 cm, and it will be about 4 m in total length when connecting this two cords to the cord attached to the turntable body. (The installation position of the equipment is set at a distance of 2 to 3 m, which is the upper limit that can be manipulated visually)

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