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K23-063 - Double Track Truss Catenary Gantries (6)
O Scale Wargaming Architectural Narrow Gauge Tools+

Kato 23-063 Double Track Truss Catenary Gantries (6)

Only £18.00 Out of stock but available to order
Brand: Kato
Part Number: 23-063
Scale / Type: N Scale
Our Code: K23-063

23-063 Double track wide ramen overhead wire column N Gauge Unitrack Overhead Poles Installed on Unitrack Tracks, Starter Sets, Double Tracks, etc., you can enjoy more realistic driving. Please choose your preferred form of overhead wire column. Main features ? Overhead pole set This is a platform to support the overhead pole. There are 16 each for “ground post for mounting on the ground” when attached to a unitrack and “16 for overhead for mounting on an overhead single track”. · 16 overhead ground wire columns and 16 overhead wire pillars ? Double wire arched wire pillars Double wire arched wire pillars often seen in new wire and conventional wire improvement sections in recent years. Double-wire spacing is 33 mm in compliance with double-wire plate lines, Unilac, and fixed lines. A total of 10 types and 2 wire tensioning devices are set for the 2 types depending on the difference in the wire support method. · A double-track arched wire column x 8 and an adjustable wire column x 2 ? Single-track wire column A concrete link rod widely used in single-line sections, relatively new electrified sections, and Shinkansen. There are 8 sets (total 16) of 2 types according to the difference of overhead wire support method. · Single single wire connection pillar × 16 ? Double wire connection pillar This is the most common wire connection pole in the main trunk line with double wire support beam and truss type and double wire section of private iron. Double-track distance is 33mm according to Unitrack and fixed type line. -Double-track overhead wire column x 8 ? Double-track wide overhead wire pole The "Double-wide-width overhead wire pole" used in the curved part (with cant) of the double track is able to pass smoothly even when the vehicle is inclined. -8 x wire column, 2 x wire rod with adjuster, 10 wide wire rod columns for the ground ? Double wire wide arched wire column The double-row arched wire column often found in new lines and conventional line improvement sections, and has a width that matches the double-line track. A total of 10 types and 2 wire tensioning devices are set for the 2 types depending on the difference in the wire support method. · Double wire wide arched wire column × 10 (Type A × 6 · Type B × 4) Tension adjustment device × 2, Tension adjustment device support post × 2, Ground wide connection wire column × 11 ? Double wire wide It is an overhead wire column of truss structure by the difference in kind of "double wire wide overhead wire rod" used in the curved part (with cant) of the rigid frame overhead wire column. You can use it on the ground, of course, even overpass. It can pass smoothly even when the vehicle tilts. · Six wire columns, four tension adjustment devices, six wide platform wire columns for ground, six pedestals, and six bases ? Four-wire type wide wire bridge column double overhead wire track that can straddle four line segments It is a pillar. A track with a cant can pass smoothly because it is a wide overhead pole. · 10 cross wire columns (2 tension tension devices can be installed), 8 tension adjustment devices (4 overhead wire connection types, 4 single independent types), 10 multiple wire cross connection pole posts × 10

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