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K2018-1 - JR D51 Steam Locomotive Tohuku
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Kato 2018-1 JR D51 Steam Locomotive Tohuku

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Brand: Kato
Part Number: 2018-1
Scale / Type: N Scale
Our Code: K2018-1

2018-1 D51 Primary form (Tohoku specification) JNR's steam locomotive D51, nicknamed "Degoichi". It is a steam locomotive representing Japan, which appeared in 1935 (Showa 10) and produced the largest number 1115 cars in Japan. As a steam locomotive suitable for Japan's railways, it has made great use in both passenger and freight trains, from main lines to sub-high lines. Produced for a long time, it can be broadly divided into two styles, called primary and standard. In the power modernization, electrification progressed in the trunk lines of various places, and the active location of steam locomotives was narrowed in the 1940s. Just before the SL boom that captures the braveness of the steam locomotive that is disappearing takes place in the photo, electrification is on the verge of the Tohoku Main Line, 13 main tree line, D51 triple ream for towing a heavy freight train of 1000 tons. A power run was unfolding. Unlike the triple line on the Robi line in the middle of the SL boom, there were not many people who were triple line on the northern main trunk line yet to visit, and the figure was revised by the electrification by October 1954 I erased the KATO is an active member of Michiren at the 13 Honki Tatsumi (Numamiyauchi-Ichinoha) where two types of standard forms are called the Tohoku Main Line Oku-Nakayama crossing, which is called "Namekuji" as a variation of D51. Will be commercialized in the form called "Tohoku specification" Main features ? D51 standard type / primary type (Tohoku specification) · The best-selling steam locomotive D51 of KATO, a group called the primary type “name lottery”, has newly appeared various parts of the body with new molds. Reproduce the rounded boiler tip and a short cab, as the feed water heater, steam reservoir and sand box are united, which is the primary feature. · Reproduces a large-sized heavy oil tank mounted on a tender with a heavy oil co-combustion machine equipped with heavy oil towing trains on the bullet train and the Tohoku Main Line. -Reproduce a slightly higher shield beam auxiliary light (secondary light) unique to Tohoku specifications. Appeared in specifications that can be seen a glimpse of the Tohoku-likeness everywhere. · The standard style is a familiar style where the feed water heater was placed in front of the chimney. • Both primary and standard types have headlights lit (no light off switch). Secondary lights, tender lights and tail lights are not lit. · All are equipped with snow plow standard (removable). The cold curtain of the driver's cab is also reproduced by another part, and the activity in Tohoku is reproduced. · Spoke wheel adoption that the front wheel, follower wheel is missing. Arnold coupler standard equipment. Replacement KATO knuckle coupler is included. -The front of the replacement heavy-duty coupler (Arnold Knuckle) is included so that various triples such as front 3 and front 2 can be reproduced. · Number plate is a selective type. The first form is 17, 40, 57, 76. Standard form elects 164, 356, 400, 458. -Coreless motor mounted, proven flywheel mounted power unit provides stable driving and strong traction. ? D51 Hokkaido type / new product by variation development of Giesul ejector · D51. The bravery in Hokkaido where the steam locomotive of JNR was the last success was reproduced exactly. -D51 called "Hokkaido-shaped", a very cold area specification. Commercialized an active machine around 1975, just before the abolition of steaming. · Furthermore, "Hokkaido-type" equipped with Giesul Ejector (induction ventilator) is also commercialized at the same time. Accurately reproduce the inverted trapezoidal flat chimney. -Reproduce the closed cab, truncated differential, driver's seat swing window, passenger seat H rubber support window, front deck handrail, tender light position and so on. · It is full of Hokkaido-style charm such as front mark light position, boiler upper handrail, and tenter front wife shape for closed cab. -Snow plow standard equipment (removable). Correspond to heavy-duty operation, coupler for heavy-duty and knuckle coupler for heavy-duty included. -Arnold coupler standard equipment at the rear of the tender. KATO knuckle coupler included for replacement. -Headlights on (no light off switch). · The auxiliary light and the light of the tenter and the taillight do not light up. · The power unit is equipped with the coreless motor / flywheel, which has a reputation for powerful traction and stable low-speed driving. · The car number of "Hokkaido-type" is set to 320, 397, 467, and 710, which finally gathered at Muroran Main Line and Omi and Iwamizawa after active in various places in Hokkaido. · The car number of “Hokkaido-type · Gisul Ejector” is set to 241 · 345 · 711 · 953 centered on the centrally-located Oji branch engine zone affiliation machine. · Toyota also carries Saki 3000 coal loading simultaneously released, Suha 45 series passenger cars and sleeper express "large snow". C62 "Niseko" heavy-duty auxiliary machine towing also.

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