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K20-823 - Unitrack (R448-60) Single Deck Curved Girder Bridge Green
O Scale Wargaming Architectural Narrow Gauge Tools+

Kato 20-823 Unitrack (R448-60) Single Deck Curved Girder Bridge Green

Only £75.00 Out of stock but currently on order with supplier
Brand: Kato
Part Number: 20-823
Scale / Type: N Scale
Our Code: K20-823

20-823 Curved iron bridge set R448-60 ° (green) The single track deck girder curvilinear iron bridge basically conforms to the existing single track deck girder iron bridge, and can be used together to construct a linear with realistic changes. At the same time, we will also release a single-frame rigid frame erected connection pillar and a truncated cone for single-rail bridges, which is essential for the production of bridges. Single-lined ramen overhead line columns can be used for elevated local private railways and Shinkansen. Products that can extend the outer curvilinear iron bridge and the bridge pier are now available that enjoy the popular single track deck girder curvilinear iron bridge in more various forms. ? Single line deck girder curve iron bridge R481-15 ° Unlike existing products, it is a curvilinear iron bridge with an open circuit passage (handrail) attached to the outside of the curve. Because the curve diameter is a little larger than the existing single track deck girder curvilinear bridge, you can enjoy as a double track bridge by combining. In addition, single-line deck girder curve railway bridge R481-15 ° (Zhu) is four and it tailored like are assorted "curve railway bridge set R481-60 ° piers (non-electrified-Zhu) also will be released. ? frustoconical pier Lifting kit This is a kit that can extend the height of the existing product “Frustum-shaped pier”, which has been requested a lot. Two levels of height adjustment are possible by combination of three parts. You can enjoy the powerful height of the iron bridge up to 110mm (the floor floor 120mm). -We will commercialize a brown Uni-Joyner, piece-Joyner that matches dark browns such as wood sleepers. When connecting multiple single track deck girder iron bridges (straight lines) or when combining with single track deck girder curvilinear iron bridges, you can use this product to make the seams less noticeable and produce a better-looking finish. Also, it can be used for darker tracks with other existing iron bridges, or, depending on your preference, on a regular track with a uni-track. Main features ? Single track deck girder curve iron bridge R481-15 ° (?) / (green) / (gray) · Curve radius is set at R481 mm. The track maintenance passage (handrail) is placed on the outside of the curve. · A single-track deck girder curved iron bridge can reproduce a double track curved iron bridge with a double track spacing of 33 mm with a curve diameter one size larger than R448-15 °. -The appearance conforms to the existing single-track deck girder steel bridge in each color. By connecting together, it is possible to construct a linear shape that changes as it is. -The color of one joiner is brown and pursues reality by making it a color close to the sleepers. In addition, two pieces of Joiner included. ? Assortment set which cut the curvilinear iron bridge part in the image of the famous spot of curb iron bridge set R481-60 ° (non electrification and reed) and ? line . A set consisting of four single-track deck girder curvilinear iron bridges R481-15 ° (?), five pairs of conical bridge pier No. 5 for single-line iron bridges, and two joiners. Girder bridge × 4 span by assembling, set configuration to make up a curved iron bridge of R481-60 °. · The height of the bridge pier is set to be 50 mm (track bottom: 60 mm) the same as the existing product standard. · Can display about 3 cars. It is also possible to display the situation of the triple run of D51 seen on the Kabi line with a curvy deck girder iron bridge. ? A set consisting of three parts: a frusto-conical raised kit , an extension pier, an extension pier, and a pedestal. 5 incorporated. -The height of the bridge pier can be extended to 90 mm and 110 mm by combining it with the existing product "Single-conical bridge pier cone No. 5". (Base floor height is each plus 10 mm) -The color is the same as the existing product 'Single-wire single-wire bridge pier cone-shaped bridge pier No. 5'. ? Dark brown molding color matched to Unijoiner / One Joiner / Unitrack wooden tie. · The shape of Uni-Joyner and One-Joyner follow the existing products. • (N) The shape of the back side is different from the one side joiner for motorized point No. 4, so it can not be used for auxiliary lines. -Each product contains 20 pieces per set. ? Specification of curved iron bridge set R448-60 ° (green) , single track deck girder curved iron bridge R448-15 ° (green), for single track iron bridge No.5 50 mm of conical root bridge, single wire rigid frame column (with bridge column for bridge pier) Both are the same as single items. Girder bridge × 4 span, R448-60 ° curve iron bridge is completed set composition by assembling. Total length of about 47cm on the circumference, will be the size of the three-car train. · The height of the bridge pier is set to be 50 mm (the bottom of the track: 60 mm), which is the same as the existing product standard, and it can be incorporated into the single track elevated track layout to enjoy driving. -This product alone can not enjoy driving. This product is supplied with a 12-column rigid-frame column for single-line steel bridge, and a double-beam column for 23-047 single-wire iron and bridge pier No. 5 is not included. · Set contents: Single track deck girder curvilinear iron bridge R448-15 ° (green) 4 pieces for single track iron bridge Conical trapezoidal bridge pier No. 5 50 mm 5 single track rigid frame cross column (with bridge cross column base for bridge pier) 12 ? Single track deck girder Curved iron bridge R448-15 ° · Curved radius set at R448 mm (R 481-33 mm). Arrange the track maintenance passage (handrail) inside the curve. -The appearance conforms to the existing single track deck girder iron bridge including color. Even when connected to each other, it is finished without discomfort. · The color of Uni-Joyner is brown and pursues reality by making it a color close to the sleepers. · We prepare three colors of the same moss, green, ash as existing deck girder iron bridge to scene of favorite. · Accessory: One piece joiner 2 ? For single wire iron bridge Conical trapezoid No. 5 50 mm · The height of the bridge pier is set to be 50 mm (track bottom: 60 mm) the same as the existing product standard. · The number of inserts and functional specifications are aligned with the existing 23-047 single track iron bridge bridge pier No. 550 mm. · If you use the attached check board parts with handrails, the sense of detail will increase. · Accessories: 5 inspection tables, 5 bridge rods for 23-047 single track steel bridge piers, 5 single wire rigid frame bridge pillars (with bridge wire pedestals for bridge piers) · The basic shape of the rigid frame pillar is the existing double wire wide frame The same bracket as the wire column, the bracket reproduces the actual movable bracket (long / short 6 pieces each). · If using the attached single-frame iron bridge rigid frame column, it is suitable as a single-line deck girder vertical column. · If you use the overhead wire column set (sold separately), it can be used for ground / single wire elevated as well as the existing single wire connection pole. · Accessories: 12 sets of rigid frame erected column for single track steel bridge, 4 sets of tension adjustment device

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