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K20-176 - Unitrack Compact (R117-45) Curved Track 45 Degree 4pcs
O Scale Wargaming Architectural Narrow Gauge Tools+

Kato 20-176 Unitrack Compact (R117-45) Curved Track 45 Degree 4pcs

Only £7.50 Currently in stock & available to ship
Brand: Kato
Part Number: 20-176
Scale / Type: N Scale
Our Code: K20-176

20-176 Curved track R117mm Uni-track compacts can be deployed in a small space of 325 mm × 573 mm, smaller than A2 size, "CV1 endless basic set" of curve radius R150, and 150 mm and 183 mm for expansion, 2 types of small radius curved rails 4 each This set consists of “CV2 exchange wire motorized point set”, motorized point R 150 mm 45 °. Basic standards such as roadbed width and appearance (single-line, black wooden ties) conform to single-line unitracks, so compatibility with conventional unitracks such as straight lines and points is sufficient. Enjoy the mini layout on the table and the fun in combination with the unitram. Because the radius is too small ... Uni-track compact has restrictions on vehicles that can pass through, and conventional N gauge standard vehicles are not suitable for driving. Although it can be used for Unitram, pocket lines, vehicles using small power units, etc., check the minimum passing radius of the instruction manual attached to the product to determine if it can be driven. If not stated, R249 is the minimum passing radius. Uni-track compact that concentrates the fun to run the railroad model in a small space! Discover how to enjoy a different railroad model in a small space such as on the table. Main features ? CV1 endless basic set (plan size: 325 mm × 573 mm) · Contents: R150-45 8 straight lines S124 3 straight lines S62 1 single, feeder line S62F 1 dog bone with narrow center of relayer endless The shape can also be made easily by adding R150-45 x 8 and S64 x 4. -Set the curved line R183-45 and the curved line R150-45, both for 4 pieces (8 rounds are completed) for expansion.- Blister pack specification of sliding mount. ? CV2 Unitrack Compact Set · A point set that can be replaced with a vehicle by adding it to CV1 (# 20-890). (Consists of EP150-45L x 1, EP 150-45R x 1, curve R150-45 x 2, point switch x 2)-Blister pack specification of sliding mount. ? The motorized point code is detachable. Also, it can be pulled out from either left or right. · Selection of "Selection type" "Non selection type" mode is possible with the screw on the back of point. The "non-selective" is mainly suitable for DCC (digital command control). ? CV3 Unitrack Compact Set Crossed Line Endless Set · Endless development set with crossed lines in the curve radius of 183 mm. If combined with the “Glacier Express” starter set or CV1, expansion to a compact space is possible. · A curved line is R183 mm, and a simple endless wiring adopts a plan to be a double track outside of CV1. · By utilizing the included cross track X90, the fun of running is doubled, and the figure eight endless is completed. · Combination with the V (V) and V4 V (variation) track set series is also OK! It is also a misplaced plan incorporating point track! · The package is a slide-type blister specification, and the manual has two mounts, layout plan Introduce etc. ? Please be aware that unitrack compacts can only pass through vehicles. (S248 × 3, S124 × 1, S124 C × 1, S62 × 1, S62 F × 1, S45 × 2, R183-45 × 8, X90 × 1, Relaimler × 1)

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