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K10-835 - JR ES26 Cassiopeia Sleeper Express 6 Car Add on Set
O Scale Wargaming Architectural Narrow Gauge Tools+

Kato 10-835 JR ES26 Cassiopeia Sleeper Express 6 Car Add on Set

Only £155.00 Out of stock but available to order
Brand: Kato
Part Number: 10-835
Scale / Type: N Scale
Our Code: K10-835

10-835 Series E26 6-Car Additional Set B The special train "Cassiopea Cruise" (tour type) for tours dedicated to the operation started in June 2016 and travel to Hokkaido with "Cassiopea trip" (night sleeper train type), and JR locomotive locomotives within the road Driving driven by was a topic. Lastly, the service for Hokkaido in February 2017 (2017) was finished, but the service in JR East area such as Ueno-Morioka, Aomori and Shinshu area is continued. In order to pass through the newly-used common blue tunnel, the model will faithfully reproduce the appearance where the under-floor equipment cover has been changed by the LCX antenna being mounted under the floor of Kahaf E26. Main features ? EF81 95 + E26 series "Cassiopeia Cruise" Basic set (4 cars) ?Special purpose item? · Color name of the white background which was widely written on the side and the color of the painting of cherry red of EF81 95, colorful and with the latest technology Sharply reproduced. -EF 81 is also faithfully reproduced the vertical heating indicator light, the usual radio antenna removal trace on the roof. -Head mark for traction machine attached (for EF 81, for EF 64 1000) -Reproduce the LCX antenna added under the floor of Kahaf E 26-1. -Side display seal attached. It is possible to reproduce the side display only for the "Cassiopeia Cruise" that displays only the car number and the nickname of "Cassiopee". -Add a non-smoking car mark next to the car mark E26 1 mark of the additional set. The wheel mark of the Sloné E27 101 has been improved to a blue-tone expression. -Beautifully express the symbol mark (Slonev E26 / Kahaf E26) and five color stripes. In addition, the subtle texture difference of stainless steel (door frame, steel observation department, etc.) is also expressed. · Interior reproduction of Kahaf E26 lounge, Mashi E26 dining room, and each vehicle private room based on brown, Mashi E26 has a table light. · Slone E26 connected part Reproduction of telephone antenna and Kahaf E26 roof equipment with separate parts ·Reproduction of equipments under car end part floor (represented by separate parts of bogie part installation) · Slonev E26 / Kahaf E26 formation both end connection part , Equipped with Arnold coupler as standard (included with replacement KATO knuckle coupler). The middle connection unit is equipped standard with a jumper tube KATO coupler tight series. -Tail light / back sign lights. The light board lights up brightly by adopting white LED. -The basic set comes with a set name display sticker that can be used for the book case of the expansion set AB. ? EF510 + E26 Cassiopeia Basic Set (4 cars), Cassiopea Add-On Set A (3 cars), Cassiopea Add-On Set B (6 cars) · Basic Set (4 Cars) + Add-On Set A (3 Cars) + Add-On Set B ( It is also possible to reproduce the 12-car locomotive + 12-car full organization as in 6). -The basic set adopts a new suspension type package that contains three EF510 locomotives + E26. In addition, since 4 additional sets A (3 cars) adopt 7-bookcases that can store the basic set, it is possible to store them neatly even if the organization is increased to 7 cars. Finally, when you purchase additional set B (6 cars), full organization will be stored in all 2 set cases. · Accessories: "Casiopair" "Hokutosei (golden edge)" head mark, selective license plate (509, 510) · Basic set (4 cars): EF 510-500 Cassiopeia color + Kahaf E26-1, Sloné E27-401, Thronev E26-1 · Addition set A (3 cars): Throne E27-201 + Throne E27-301, Maci E26-1 · Addition set B (6 cars): Throne E27-1 + Throne E27-202 + Throne E27-302 + Sloné E27-40 + Sloné E27-101, Sloné E26-1 ? E26 series "Cassiopea" 12-car set symbol mark (Slonev E26 / Kahaf E26) and five color stripes are beautifully represented -It is composed of curved glass Modeling of the observation section (Slonev E26 / Kahaf E26)-Color of glass is expressed by light green- Subtle texture difference of stainless steel (door frame, steel observation section etc.) · Kafeh E26 lounge, Mashi E26 dining room, interior reproduction of each vehicle private room based on brown · Mashi E26 table light lighting · Sloné E26 connection part Reproduction of telephone antenna and Kahaf E26 roof equipment by separate parts · Car end part Reproduce the equipment under the floor (represented by a separate part of the bogie attachment) · vehicle number, · vehicle representation is already expressed · taillight / back sign lights. The white LED on the light board makes the lighting condition even brighter than conventional products. · Slonev E26 / Kahaf E26 knitting both end connection part is equipped with an Arnold coupler as standard (KATO knuckle coupler for replacement is attached). The middle connection unit is equipped standard with a jumper tube KATO coupler tight series. · The destination indication seal is attached ? As for the pulling machine, EF510 500 Cassiopeia of exclusive painting, ED79 of Tsugaru strait line, blue DD51 of JR Hokkaido are most suitable. You can reproduce the scene of locomotive exchange in Aomori and Goryokaku with N gauge. ? The night scene can be enjoyed by incorporating “LED room light clear E26 series” (sold separately), which is a set of six cars. Optional option ? LED room light clear For E26 series 6-car compartment 11-222

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