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K10-596 - JR E231 Series Tokaido/Shonanshinjuku EMU 2 Car Add on Set
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Kato 10-596 JR E231 Series Tokaido/Shonanshinjuku EMU 2 Car Add on Set

Only £36.00 Out of stock but available to order
Brand: Kato
Part Number: 10-596
Scale / Type: N Scale
Our Code: K10-596

10-596 Series E231 Tokaido Line Shonan Shinjuku Line Add-on Set B (2 cars) Among the E231 family groups that show overwhelming presence in the metropolitan area, the suburbs group that stretches its legs from the Tohoku Line and Takasaki Line to the south and the Tokaido Line and Ito Line from the south, and the Suburbs Group has an outstanding activity as Shonan Shinjuku Line. We will change the set configuration and re-appear in an easy-to-purchase package. (It is the best selection type.) Main features ? Incorporate the distinctive Double Decker Green Car into the “Basic Set” you will purchase first, and if you purchase the additional B set, it will be a set case containing 8 cars. Finally, when you purchase the supplied organization set (5 cars), you can store 2 cars of the additional set B, and 15 car trains can all be stored in 2 set cases. In this production, the prototype is the current appearance, and the leading car front skirt is a large new type. ? A semi-automatic door switch on the side of the vehicle body, the speaker lid on the outside of the upper car is also expressed. ? On the front car front glass, the destination display and the black mask of the operation number display part are expressed. ? Reproduce the large front skirt. ? Salo E230, E231 faithfully reproduce the image of the vehicle. In particular, the representation of the window edge (black) that differs from the existing two-story green car is also realistically reproduced. ? The interior of the semi-cross seat vehicle and the long seat vehicle, which are characteristic of the suburbs type, are reproduced as the actual vehicle. ? Beautiful and realistic reproduction of the difference between the silver tones unique to stainless steel vehicles. ? Reproduce the window glass colored in green. ? It is possible to reproduce the connection between the leading vehicles unique to the suburbs. ? Realistic reproduction of the PS33B single arm pantograph. (Moha E231 only) ? Model K-17 formation belonging to the Kozu Vehicle Center as a prototype. · 4-Car basic set KUHA E230-8058 (1 car) Moha E231-1558 (3 car M) Salo E230-1058 (4 car) KUHA E231-8517 (10 car) · hematopoiesis set A (4-Car) Moha E 230-3558 (No. 2 car), Salo E 231-1058 (No. 5 car), Moha E 230-1517 (No. 8 car), Moha E 231 3 517 (No. 9 car) , Additional set B (2 cars) Saha E 23 10 66 (No. 6 car ) ) Saha E231-1065 (7 car) - 5-Car set KUHA E230-6044 (11 car) Moha E230-1085 (12 car) Moha E231-1085 (13 car M) Saha E231-3044 (14 car) -Kuha E 231-8044 (No. 15 car) -KATO coupler expansion and contraction-Standard type ? Top, middle car full connection part -Destination indication seal (not included in the two-car set ) -Roof equipment (parts with user ) ? A power unit with a flywheel, a suspension mechanism, and a see-through of the front car cab ? The top car and motor car are compatible with DCC decoders. You can enjoy DCC operation easily with FL12 and EM13. ? The vehicle number as well as the formation number entering the front glass of the car is also realistically reproduced ? The cooler is equipped with Mitsubishi's AU 726 type (The two-car set Saha E 231-1000 is equipped with the AU 725 cooler)

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