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K10-537 - JR 223-2000 Shinkaisoku EMU 4 Car Powered Set
O Scale Wargaming Architectural Narrow Gauge Tools+

Kato 10-537 JR 223-2000 Shinkaisoku EMU 4 Car Powered Set

Only £160.00 Out of stock but available to order
Brand: Kato
Part Number: 10-537
Scale / Type: N Scale
Our Code: K10-537

10-537 223 series 2000 series (primary car) "new rapid" 4-car set The 223 series 2000 series is a JR West suburban train that appeared in 1999 with the successor car of the 1000 series. It is operated at a maximum speed of 130 km / h for the “new rapid” face of the Urban Network JR Kyoto Line and Kobe Line. KATO sells popular series 223 series 2000 divided into primary car 4 car set, secondary car 4 car set, and secondary car 8 car set. You can enjoy a variety of combinations, such as 4 cars + 4 cars 8 cars, 4 cars + 8 cars 12 cars, 4 cars section operation. Main features ? Accurately express the difference between primary and secondary vehicles. ? Color of glass ··· Secondary car (light green), primary car (transparent smoke) · Front JR mark ··· Secondary car (present), primary car (none) · Numbering display ··· 2 Next car (magsign), primary car (LED) ? In order to make it possible to connect top cars, KATO coupler telescopic tight connection is standard equipment ? When primary car and secondary car are combined and fully organized, windows You can enjoy the difference between the color of glass and the kind of display (the difference between Magsign and LED). ? A connector cover is attached to the 4-car set. ? Destination display mounted ("New Rapid" and "Himeji" are already mounted). The destination display set sold separately can be exchanged for your preferred destination. ? Express the vehicle number, door switch and weak cooling car display on the vehicle. ? Head / Tail Lights (with off switch) ? top car front of the destination display, operation number display section lights up ? the top car driver's seat see-through of accessories ? -roof on the device (part with user) driver for the off switch - coupler cover (4-car set only) ? (2-order cars) 4-car set Kuha 222-2058 + Moha 223-2153 (M) + Saha 223-2136 + Kumoha 223-2058 -front destination display ... "A0123 new rapid Himeji "(LED) · side destination display (LED) ···" new fast "," Himeji "1 to 4 car ? (2-order cars) 8-car set Kuha 222-2057 + Moha 223-2027 + Saha 223-2135 + Saha 223-2134 + Moha 223-2152 (M) + Saha 223-2133 + Saha 223-2132 + Spiderha 223-2057 · Front Destination Display ... "A0123 New Rapid Speed ??Himeji" (Mag Sign) · Side Destination Display (LED ) ... "new fast", "Himeji" 1 to 8 car ? (1 primary car) 4-car set Kuha 222-2037 + Moha 222-3040 (M) + Saha 223-2082 + Kumoha 223-3037 -front destination display ... "A 0123 New Rapid Himeji" (LED), side line Point display (LED) ... "New Rapid" "Himeji" Car 9-12 ? For the 223 series 2000 series destination display set, 2 sets for “new rapid” and “quick” are released. You can enjoy replacing your favorite destination display. · Contents · · · Correspond to the operation of 12 car formation. ? 223 series 2000 series destination display set "new high speed" · front destination display ···· 5 types 2 each (parts where "operation number, type and destination" became one ") " A0233 new high speed Omi Imaz "" A0203 New rapid speed Yonehara "A0235 New rapid speed Banshu Akaho" more mag sign "A0121 new rapid speed Shiga" "A0151 new rapid speed Omi Shiozu" or more LED display · side destination display (LED) · · · 5 each two types ("destination · car number "Parts that became one " "Kyoto area Omi Imaz" cars 1-8 "Kyoto area via Kosai Line Shiga" cars 9-12, "Yonehara" cars 1-8, "Yonehara area Omi Shiotsu" 9-12 No. car / “Himeji area Banshu Akaho” No. 1 to 8 cars ? Series 223 series 2000 destination display set “Fast” · Front destination display · · · 3 kinds of 2 each (“Operation No. · Type · Destination” became one Parts) "A0211 High Speed ??Yonehara" "C0203 High Speed ??Netoshi" or more Magsign "A0135 High Speed ??Ogaki" LED display , side type display "High speed" 24 * "New" included with the product Use in exchange for "quick". · Side destination display (LED) · · · 3 kinds each 2 parts (parts where "Destination · car number" became one "" Yonehara "1-8 car-" Yonehara direction Ogaki "9-12 car-" Himeji Direction Abashiri 1 to 8 cars

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