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K10-288 - JR 883 Series Sonic EMU 7 Car Powered Set
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Kato 10-288 JR 883 Series Sonic EMU 7 Car Powered Set

Only £230.00 Out of stock but available to order
Brand: Kato
Part Number: 10-288
Scale / Type: N Scale
Our Code: K10-288

10-288 883 Sonic Renewal Car 7-Car Set The 883 series "Sonic", which appeared in 1995 (1995), features an elegant exterior based on a stainless steel body and an open interior, and adopts JR Kyushu's first pendulum method. Originally 7 series x 5 and 5 series x 3 sonics were used, but all vehicles were redesigned by 2007 (2007) and unified with metallic blue body color. From 2008 the next year (2008) the 883 series All 7-training is carried out, and an intermediate addition model of two cars of 883 series 1000 series that adopted the aluminum body has appeared. The 883 Series "Sonic" 3rd car to be commercialized this time is an organization in which all the cars are made of stainless steel. Debuted in 1995 as a limited express train equipped with the first pendulum mechanism of JR Kyushu, and continues to be active today while changing its appearance. It is a distinctive vehicle that is painted in dark metallic blue that images Kyushu's east coast. Main features ? 883 "Sonic" Renewal Car (3rd car) Of the 883s that belong to the 7-Car Set and Oita Vehicle Center, the Ao4 formation formed as a third car is a prototype. · We reproduce the appearance that was unified with stainless steel body, deep metallic blue paint that was changed at the time of renewal, and the "S" emblem on the front. · Small window near the door of chroha 882, roof equipment added additionally, silver work added under the crew room door, roof with fan cover added to the top car, radio added to car No. 6 Reproduce the antenna and other details. -Head / tail lights on. Headlights use bulb color LED. Reproduce the difference in fog lamp color. -Equipped with our unique pendulum mechanism, in which the vehicle body leans inward at the curve. -Standard equipped with a jumper tube KATO coupler dense series at the intermediate car connection. · Strict, three-dimensional details such as smart single-armed pantographs and roof tops with high-pressure equipment densely represented. ? The 883 series “Sonic” 's sharp and innovative design and form, and accurate modeling of precise lettering arranged in various places ? “Pendulum mechanism that realistically reproduces a curvilinear passing scene full of a sense of force that inclines the vehicle and approaches an actual vehicle We adopted “ ? Redesigned beautifully colored blue metal metallic ring, elegant body and heavy bogies, etc.” ? Incorporating an intermediate increase car of 1000 series with the same body shape as the 885 series, Reproduces the unique formation form ? Reproduce the top car ventilation fan cover added , reproduce the train radio antenna of the middle car (Saha 883-8) ? Standard equipped with a jumper tube KATO coupler close-in, in the middle car connection part Smart single-armed pantographs, high-pressure equipment on the roof, and other shapes that accurately represent complex and three-dimensional details ? Head / taillights lit ? Accessories · Rows Previous display seal, bumper, coupler cover, roof equipment (parts with user) ? 883-based "Sonic" Renewal car 7-Car Set Mohd 883-1000, and hematopoiesis Saha 883-1000, 7 Lenka was 2008 (2008) It reproduces the present figure. It features a unique form of organization incorporating intermediate cars with different body shapes. Kuroha 882-8 + Saha 883-208 + Moha 883-208 (M) + Moha 883-1003 + Saha 883-1003 + Saha 883-8 + Spider Ha 883-883 series "Sonic 883" 7-car set The figure at the time of 1995 (1995) appearance is reproduced. The top part of Cerulean blue is characterized by the stainless steel body. It runs at 130 km / h on the Nippon Main Line with many curves. Kuroha 882-5 + Saha 883-205 + Moha 883-205 (M) + Saha 883-105 + Moha 883-105 + Saha 883-5 + Spiderha 883-5 ? 883 series "Sonic 883" yellow 5-car set Heisei 15 The figure of the year (2003) is reproduced. It is characterized by the coat color (yellow) at the beginning of the car, which is the feature of the 4th car, and the form of organization that has been converted into five cars. Kuroha 882-7 + Saha 883-207 + Moha 883-207 + Saha 883-7 + Spiderha 883-7 Optional option ? LED room light clear Part number: 11-211 ? LED room light clear (for 6 cars) Part number: 11-212

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