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K10-1497 - JR Kiha 81 Inaho/Tsubasa 7 Car Powered Set
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Kato 10-1497 JR Kiha 81 Inaho/Tsubasa 7 Car Powered Set

Only 230.00 Out of stock but available to order
Brand: Kato
Part Number: 10-1497
Scale / Type: N Scale
Our Code: K10-1497

10-1497 Kiha 81 series "Inaho Tsubasa" 7-car basic set The diesel express Kiha 81, which was born as a non-electrified section in 1960, built a JNR 82 system together with the Kiha 82 that was born the following year, and contributed significantly to the modernization of passenger transport. After being active in "Hatsukari" between Ueno and Aomori at the time of appearance, I was chased by electrification and moved the place of activity to "Tsubasa" from 1954 (1968), and next October 1969 From there, it was diverted to the newly created "Inaho". The "Hitachi", which was operated using the gap between operations, appeared for the first time at this time, and the E657 system, which has been inherited from the current name, is active as an express. He was active as a limited express "Kuroshio" of Kisei Main Line from 1972 (1972), but gave up his role to 381 series due to completion of electrification between Shingu-Wakayama in September 1976 (1978) and retired. . Main features ? Kiha 81 series "Inaho Tsubasa" Commercialized in the form of "Inaho", "Tsubasa" and "Hisashi" who were active in the middle period of Kiha 81 series. -Kiha 81 reproduces the distinctive bonnet shape at the front and the appearance without a tablet catcher next to the crew door. The coupler at the top of the lead car is equipped with a dummy coupler as standard. A knuckle coupler for Kiha 81 top connection is attached. -The middle car Kiha 80 of the set of Kiha 81, Km 80 reproduces the engine without a cover, the tank installed under the car end floor. The kilo 80 is reproduced with the green mark in 1954 after May 1954. -Equipped with a conventional radio antenna on the roof. -The first set of the Kiha 81 set dining car car 80 900 and the single Kiha 82 900 are commercialized. Accurately reproduces the engine for traveling provided under the floor of the Kis 80 900 and the window arrangement unique to the original green car of the Ki 82 82 900. Each car head / taillight, nickname display lights up. Kiha 82 900 is a single item with a light off switch. -All trucks are equipped with DT31. The color of the chair is expressed by the green car is brown, the ordinary car is blue, and the dining car is ivory. A nicknamed Sabo, No. Car Sabo, a sticker with a display of destination is included. The head mark of the set has "Inaho" attached. "Tsubasa" "Hitachi" is attached for exchange. -The single item Kiha 82 900 has a plain nickname display attached. As a replacement, "Hokuto" "Okhotsk" and Sabo seal for both trains are attached. Smooth running is achieved with a flywheel / suspension mechanism mounted power unit. The intermediate connection part is equipped with a body-mounted KATO coupler with elastic tight self-aligned standard. DCC friendly ? The last activity of Kiha 81 series "Kuroshio" Showa 53 (1978) Kiha 81 is a direct link between Nagoya and Tennoji, "Kuroshio No. 5" going up "Kuroshio No. 2", going around Kii Peninsula, Nagoya-Tennoji It was operated with a 10-car train over 8 hours and 24 minutes, with an interval of 493.1 km. The other "Kuroshio" will add cars 8 to 10 (additional formations) in Shirahama, and many operations of basic 7-car formation can be seen until Shingu, and head to the Nanki region, which was popular as a honeymoon destination at the time. Because of this, two green cars were connected and a dining car was also open. A distinctive front style Kiha 81, called Bulldogd, is reproduced realistically in a lasting appearance different from "Hatsukari". -Kiha 81 forehead removed the coupler cover and the end form in which the coupler was exposed. -Equipped with a cooler for crew on the roof of the driver's seat. -Reproduce the equipment trace of the conventional radio antenna attached at the time of "Hitachi" operation of the Joban Line. The middle connection part is equipped with a body-mounted KATO coupler, which is equipped with an elastic tight self-supporting standard. -Reproduce the organization that was organized in two consecutive green car kilometer 80 was operated in "Kuroshio". Smooth running is achieved with a flywheel / suspension mechanism mounted power unit. The front nickname display is equipped with "Kuroshio". A side sabot is attached with a seal, and set 3 sections of Tennoji-Shirahama, Shingu, Nagoya. -Both basic and additional sets, 7 both type book case. ? Kiha 81 series "Hatsukari" 9-car set [Legend collection] Modeled in the appearance of the popular Kiha 81 series appearance at the time as the still famous car. The package is set as a dedicated item as a legend collection, and the famous train Kiha 81 series "Hatsukari" is commercialized. - 9-Car Set KIHA 81-4 + km 80-1 + km 80-3 + Kisashi 80-1 + KIHA 80-10 (M) + KIHA 80-7 + KIHA 80-4 + KIHA 80-1 + KIHA 81- 1 Modeling the form at the time of Showa 35 appearance. Kiha 80 primary type, kg 80 reproduces the time of appearance, reproduce the difference from the existing vehicle- Position of sabo receiver, water supply port of car body, no ventilation duct on roof, no water tank on roof (kg 80) The Kiha 81 has no cooler at the top of the cab, uses the original form with a coupler cover, and uses a replaceable lighting-type head mark (sold in a state where "Hakari" is attached). "Hitachi" "Inaho" "Tsubasa" "Kuroshio" is attached to the head mark for replacement. It is equipped at the time of appearance, the external holo between the vehicle connection is attached as a separate part for display, and the headlight / taillight is standard equipped (Kiha 81 only) Power unit (Kiha 80-M-), adopting a power unit equipped with a flywheel Beautifully express the representation of 80 kg of engine color seat and 1st class car (N) KATO coupler stretchable self Standard model PAT.P (Body mount) is equipped as standard Optional option ? LED room light clear Part number: 11-211 ? LED room light clear (for 6 cars) Part number: 11-212

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