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K10-1434 - JR 189 Series Asama EMU 5 Car Powered Set
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Kato 10-1434 JR 189 Series Asama EMU 5 Car Powered Set

Only £185.00 Out of stock but available to order
Brand: Kato
Part Number: 10-1434
Scale / Type: N Scale
Our Code: K10-1434

10-1434 Series 189 5-Car Basic Set Commercialized 189 series "Asama" small window organization which played an active part along with "grade up asama" at the end of the Hakuhyo. The 189 series was added to the 183 series 1000 series with the Yokomitsu Cooperative Operation Mechanism and appeared in 1975, and was put on the limited express "Asama" and greatly contributed to the transportation improvement of the Shinetsu Main Line. The 189 series released last year has been upgraded, but the conventional organization has been called Accommo improvements and paint color changes since 1992 (1992). The N105 formation to be commercialized is the formation used for the Asagi No. 37, the last downward train on the Sougei Line (September 30, 1997). The auxiliary equipment is the EF63 1st JR type 3 unit + EF 63 2 It was the unit No. 19 of the second form tea. You can enjoy the final chapter of the Satsumaiso by combining the released by Hobby Center Kato. Main features ? 189 series "Asama" small window organization · N105 organization belonging to Nagano General Vehicles Station after removal of one pantograph from 1995 to 1997 is a prototype. -After removing the side sabot, the second panther of Moha 188 is removed, and the form notation reproduces as it is. -Equipped with closely coupled coupler (no hook) at the top of Kuha 189-500. Kuha 189-0 head is equipped with a dummy coupler of the coupler cover expression. · The body color is Ivy Green, Ivy Green, Foggy Gray. Roof color mouse No. 1, cooler etc. are reproduced in gray No. 1. -A lineup of Kuha 189-500 and Salo 189 small window cars that are not included in . · The power is equipped with the proven power unit with a flywheel. Stable driving is possible. -Head / tail light · Train mark lights on (no light off switch), each white car adopted a white LED light unit. · The direction curtain has been printed “Limited Express L Asama Nagano”. No. car / seat display / no smoking mark printed The security equipment title is P / SN. H rubber is black. · The convertible train mark is available as “Asama”, “Marine City Asama”, “Soyokaze”, and “Express Myoko”. · Destination indication seal attached. Side direction curtains: "Express Asama Ueno" "Express Asama Yokohama" "Express Seyokaze Ueno" "Express Myoko Myoko Kogen" "Express Myoko Ueno" · A bookcase of 5 basic sets can accommodate 2 EF63 cars. ? 189 series The 189 series at Nagano General Vehicles Station, which was used in the previous "Asama" issue, will be upgraded for service improvement purposes. The seat elevation of the designated seat vehicle · Expansion of the seat pitch, enlargement of the side window top and bottom direction, 2 + 1 row of green car seat, remodeling such as installation of the telephone room and men's toilet etc. It took place from 1990 to 1992). Based on the foggy gray, Ivy green and gray belts have been renewed to change the image from JNR color, and it continues to be active as a symbol in the end of the large-scale boom of the last ice floe. I was proud. -The N206 organization belonging to the Nagano General Vehicles Station is a prototype around 1995-1997 (1995-1997) after the enforcement to reduce the pantograph. After removing the side sabot, the second pant removed the Moha 188, reproducing the figure that the model notation was only the center of the car body. · Reproduces the enlarged side windows and seat pitch of the painted and upgraded car (designated seat vehicle) with a chic impression and the seat with a raised floor. Salo 189 2 + 1 seat, reproduce the difference in the window arrangement by the installation of the telephone room and the antenna on the roof. · Moha 188 makes the presence or absence of cooler side run board shape and end face piping by difference of production year depending on the vehicle. No.2,4,7 car has cooler side run board cover, and there is wife side piping. No. 9 car cooler side run board without cover, no wife face piping. -Roof color is reproduced in gray. H rubber is black. Push-in ventilator separate parts. · Protection device notation is P / SN. The side view is "Express L Asama Nagano". No. car / non-smoking car / seat display printed. Reproduce the display content of the end. -The molding color of the chair is reddish brown in salo and purple except in salo. · Reproduce the circulating waste processing device at the end of the car below the floor. -Equipped with close link type coupler # 2 (without hook) at the leading part of Kuha 189 508 and each vehicle intermediate connection. EF63 Can be connected with 2nd JR specification and 3rd JR specification. Kuha 189 10 The top part is equipped with a dummy coupler of the coupler cover expression. -Express the cab. -Equipped with a train mark conversion device. "Asama" "Azusa" "Home liner" can be selected. · Light unit adopts white LED. · The destination display sticker contains "Limited Express L Asama Ueno", "Limited Express L Asama Myoko Kogen", "Limited Express L Asama Naoetsu", "Limited Express L Azusa Shinjuku", "Limited Express L Azusa Matsumoto", "Omiya", "Furukawa", and "Sonosu". ? Salo 189 More cars (specially planned product) · Usually, it was operated by 11 car formation that incorporated 1 car green car, but when many customers are 12 car formation that added 1 car green car It might be driven and Salo 189-1 in the 0s without MG installed was filled up. The Salo 189-1 is an accommodation modified car similar to the No. 100 truck that was incorporated in the normal organization, and the 2 + 1 row seat with enlarged seat pitch, enlarged side window, telephone room and for men Remodeling such as setting of restroom is enforced. · You can enjoy the powerful 12-car formation together with the 189 series . Optional option ? LED room light clear Part number: 11-211 ? LED room light clear (for 6 cars) Part number: 11-212

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