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K10-1405 - JR Kiha 85 Hida/Nanki 5 Car Powered Set
O Scale Wargaming Architectural Narrow Gauge Tools+

Kato 10-1405 JR Kiha 85 Hida/Nanki 5 Car Powered Set

Only 155.00 Out of stock but available to order
Brand: Kato
Part Number: 10-1405
Scale / Type: N Scale
Our Code: K10-1405

10-1405 KIHA 85 system 5 both hematopoiesis set The Kiha 85 series appeared in 1988 as a limited express train for JR Tokai. It has two leading end shapes, penetrating and non-penetrating, and features a stainless steel body with a white front and an orange band. Taking advantage of the enjoyment of landscape views from the panoramic window, we have been active in . Active as "Hida" on the Takayama Main Line and "Kanuki" on the Kisei Main Line, the Kiha 85 is characterized by its many variations of formation, as it can be appropriately organized according to the increase and decrease of passengers because it is a pneumatic vehicle. To be able to reproduce the current organization, we will commercialize the Kiha 84 300s, which is essential for the formation including the 85 km and 85 kms green top cars in all rooms, and the Kiha 85 1100s, a modified car for disabled people. We also reproduce the holo adapter attached to the front through door. In addition, it is also possible to reproduce the figure of deer impact mitigation equipment attached to the skirt, which is mainly seen in the operation of "Nanki". The lights are LED light units, and the room lights are dedicated, and the ones sold separately are attached. Main features ? Commercialized Kiha 85 series (Wide View Hida / Wide View Nanki) Kilometer 85, Kiha 84 300, Kiha 85 1100 newly. -Head / tail / LED head mark, Kiha 85-1104, Kiha 85-1105, Kiha 85-1109 with the light off switch. The room light is only Kiha 85 series, and it is available separately. Unlike off-the-shelf products, room lights are user-installed. -Reproduce the holo adapter attached to the front through door. The coupler reproduces the carriage mounted KATO coupler JPB and the circulating waste disposal tank by the carriage installation. -A skirt with deer impact relief is included. The first car has security device notation, affiliation notation, and JR mark printed. Also printed on all vehicles on the end. -Destination display type: "Hida" "Nanki" "Ise" "temporary", Destination: "Osaka" "Nagoya" "Takayama" "Toyama" "Toi" "Kii Katsuura", seating: "free seat" "designated seat" . Accessories 4-car basic set: Deer shock absorber with skirt (for Kiha 85, Kiha 85-1100 1 each, driver for light off switch, destination indication seal 5-car addition set: driver for light off switch, destination indication seal ? LED room light clear For Kiha 85 series 5 units / Interior light unit is converted to LED to reproduce the actual light while improving the brightness. In 5 cars, it will be 1 set for motor vehicles and 4 sets for trailer vehicles. The top and middle illumination plates (prisms) are included for each three cars. -Includes one interior light unit cover for trailer vehicles that supports a 5-car set. Used in exchange for the base cover for motor vehicles. The installation of the room light of each vehicle is the following combination first car: room light unit + room light unit cover T + light board short middle car: room light unit + room light unit cover T + light board length middle M car: Interior light unit + interior light unit cover M + light board length content: 1 set for board + board cover M, 4 sets for board + board cover T, only 1 for board cover T, light board short (for top car ) 3 pcs, light board length (for intermediate car) 3 pcs, current collecting shoes (high) 10 pcs, current collecting shoes (low) 2 pcs Optional option ? LED room light clear Kiha 85 series for 5 cars

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