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K10-1345 - JR Kumoha 11 200 Nambu Branch Line 2 Car Powered Set
O Scale Wargaming Architectural Narrow Gauge Tools+

Kato 10-1345 JR Kumoha 11 200 Nambu Branch Line 2 Car Powered Set

Only 100.00 Out of stock but available to order
Brand: Kato
Part Number: 10-1345
Scale / Type: N Scale
Our Code: K10-1345

10-1345 Kumoha 11200 Nanbu Branch Line 2-Car Set Commercialized the metropolitan area of ??the old-style National Electric Railway, the former Moha 30-shaped 17m class control electric car Spiderha 11, Kuha 16., Spiderha 12, and Spiderha 13. The 200th of the Moha 31 type remodeling of the Nambu branch line is characterized by a round roof adopted from the beginning and side windows gathered in two pieces. The 400th model of the Moha 50 type remodeling of Tsurumi Line is the Moha 50 type remodeling car which is a steel car. We divided the front with side window and through door in detail arrangement. Vehicles are used on major routes such as the Yamanote Line, Keihin Line (now Keihin Tohoku Line), Chuo Line, etc. during the Moha31 type era, and the Nanbu Line, Tsurumi Line, I moved the place of activity to the Ome Line. In the Nambu branch line, the 200s were used until 1980 (1980), and it became popular with Spiderha 12 on Tsurumi Line. Old-style Kokuden Kumoha 12 which was born in the Showa 20's, was active until March 1996 in the popular Tsurumi Line Okawa branch line as a local line in the metropolitan area. Perfect for small radius layouts. Main features ? Kumoha 11 200 Nambu branch line / Kumoha 11 400 Tsurumi line Product is not only the difference between 200s and 400s, of course, the details of the old-style national railway such as heavyweight bogies of car body and spoke wheels stand out with rivets and sill headers Reproduce. -In addition to the Nambu branch line and Tsurumi line, the organization of Nambu line (main line) and Ome line can also be reproduced by the Sabo included in the attached seal. The 200th series is the Nambu branch line that was affiliated with Nakahara Electric Railway District in the Showa 50's, and the 400th Series is a prototype car that belongs to the Bentenbashi Railway District affiliated car that was active on the Tsurumi Line in the late 1940s. -Head / tail light lighting type (with a light off switch). The headlights use bulb-colored LEDs. -Equipped with spoke wheels and a close link coupler for the old country. The minimum radius of travel is R150 and can travel even with a small radius layout. The body notation is expressed without exhaustion. Numbering indication Seal attached with destination sabot included. Selectable "Body with ATS onboard" and "Abs with no ATS onboard" user attached parts included. ? Kumoha 12 50 Tsurumi Line The Kumoha 12 50s that continued to be active on the Tsurumi Line after becoming JR. In the late Showa 50s of the JNR era, it commercialized the figure of the 17 m class national railway belonging to the Bentenbashi Railway District. -Reproduce the unique form of different faces before and after the conversion to both cabs. Accurately commercialize the figure that was active in the single operation of the Okawa branch line. We reproduce the skeleton with the rivets, which is unique to the old-style Kokuden. The pantograph is fitted with PS13 (black). -Head / tail light (with light off switch) is standard equipment. Headlights use bulb color LED. The front sabot is attached with a seal. "Musashi Shiroishi Aoi Okawa" (yellow area, yellow frame 2 each), "Tsurumi" "Kaishiura" "Okawa" (displayed in the window 2 each), the number display is "63" "63". We adopt wheel with missing spoke for DT11 truck. Equipped with a proven flywheel-mounted power unit, it achieves smooth and stable low-speed travel. It is possible to run even with the small radius layout of R150 with a small car body unique to 17m national railways. In a small space of the tabletop, you can enjoy toko toko and simple driving. The coupler is standardly equipped with a body-mounted KATO telescopic close coupled coupler old country type. Achieves a smooth running between the actual connecting surface. A tightness on the front during single-line operation, ATS bodice (1 for each) that reproduces the presence / absence of the on-vehicle child. -Equipped with a proven flywheel-mounted power unit. Achieves smooth, stable low-speed driving. The wheel adopts the wheel from which the spoke was newly removed. -The package is single item clear case on.

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