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K10-1306 - JR 50 Series Coach Set (5) Red
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Kato 10-1306 JR 50 Series Coach Set (5) Red

Only 135.00 Out of stock but available to order
Brand: Kato
Part Number: 10-1306
Scale / Type: N Scale
Our Code: K10-1306

10-1306 50 series 51 type passenger cars 5 cars basic set In the 1950s, locomotive-driven passenger trains disappeared in various places, but in the regional urban areas, passenger trains capable of exhibiting transportation power for commuting to school in the morning and evening remained useful. However, the vehicles used are mainly old vehicles called vehicles for over 30 years old, and new vehicles for ordinary trains are newly manufactured for the first time in 18 years for transportation improvement and safety improvement. It will be, and it is 50 series general form passenger car that was born in 1977 (1977). We received the Railroad Friends' Association Laurel Award for 1979. The conventional narrow manual passenger door has become a wide automatic door, and the area around the entrance has also become a long seat, greatly improving flight convenience and safety. It was nicknamed "Red Train" from the body painted on Red No. 2 and was heavily used for commuting to and from school in the suburbs of a regional city, but it was scrapped in about 10 years after the start of production due to rare waves of electrification and air traffic. Started and disappeared rapidly. 50 series 51 type passenger car appeared for Hokkaido in 1979 (1979), and a total of 130 cars were manufactured, and it became active in the main trunk line of Hokkaido, and continued to be active in a wide area from Hakodate to Wakkanai in the north and Abashiri in the east. However, we retired earlier than the 50 series for warm regions in 1994 (1994). It is an essential vehicle to talk about Hokkaido in the JNR era. KATO will be commercialized in the original form of the JNR era as the 50 series of the previous product. In addition, this time, 50 series passenger car upgraded parts are released. The roof of the vehicle, which has many opportunities to be seen from above, is divided into a roofboard and separate parts for the ventilator. By replacing it with the roof sheet of the product (integral ventilator), further refinement can be achieved. Please enjoy it together. Main features ? 50 series 51 form passenger car JNR last general form passenger car OHA 50 series 51 form (nickname Red Train), commercialized the JNR age as a prototype. The TR230A truck is also newly set including a small double window against windiness, which is the biggest feature of the 51 type for cold regions. The difference between 50 series such as Eligo spring with rubberized rubber pillow spring, single push brake, gear type axle generator, etc. is reproduced without leaving. In addition, the Ohaf water tank covered with a steel plate cover to prevent freezing, and the difference in the appearance of the wife's face etc. are also reproduced as the 51 form feature. Consisting of a five-car train of a reasonable length and a single item product. It is possible to reproduce various operations from short organization to align with single item to long organization of set + single item. -Ohaf 51 has tail light lighting type at both ends (with light off switch). In addition, inspection notation that stands out at the knitting end is printed on both ends. (However, the Ohaf entering the middle of the 5-car set is omitted) -In addition to the gray of H rubber, which is an accent of the red body, the silver door rail and shoe slip are also expressed by printing. ? 50 series JR 50 last general form passenger car called by nickname of "Red Train", the original figure of the JNR era, reproduce the 2000 series electric heating equipment cars belonging to the Fukushima passenger car district prototype. Ouha main line, besides it's activity in combination with ED78 / EF71 at Itaya Pass, the figure played an active role with various locomotives in the whole country can be reproduced. Despite its simple appearance, it reproduces the vivid painting of "Red No. 2", which distinguishes it from a conventional passenger car, in the name of "Red Train". Oha 50 Ohafu 50 both express the shoe slipper, the silver of the door rail, and the H rubber of the direction curtain preparation part and the toilet odor removal window by printing. The OHAFF 50 equipped with a crew room is equipped with a taillight as standard (both sides) and a light off switch. You can select the side that lights up. The inspection mark has been printed on the wife's face of Ohaf 50. The Ohaf 50, which is an intermediate car of the basic set, is not equipped with tail lights. -Coupler is standard equipped with a cart mount Arnold coupler. Set the hole for body mount coupler mounting on the floor board. -The package is a basic 5-car set, 7-car bookcase type (locomotive and one additional passenger car can be stored). Single item is standard clear case on. ? 50 series passenger cars You can further improve the accuracy by replacing it with grade-up parts and roof plate (integral ventilator). Roofs for OHA (10 ventilators) Roofs for OHAFF (9 pcs) 2 each for 50 series, 50 series, 51 type can be used for both. Optional option ? LED room light clear Part number: 11-211 ? LED room light clear (for 6 cars) Part number: 11-212 ? LED room light clear (bulb color) part number: 11-213 ? LED room light clear (bulb color) (6 cars) Item number: 11-214 ? KATO coupler N (PAT.) Part number: 11-702 ? Magnematic coupler MT-10 Product number: 11-711

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