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K10-1234 - JR Series 14 Sakura/Sasebo Sleeper Express Coach Set (7)
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Kato 10-1234 JR Series 14 Sakura/Sasebo Sleeper Express Coach Set (7)

Only £165.00 Out of stock but available to order
Brand: Kato
Part Number: 10-1234
Scale / Type: N Scale
Our Code: K10-1234

10-1234 Series 14 sleeper limited express "Sakura" JR specification Sasebo formation 7-car set Sleeper Limited Express "Sakura" appeared in 1961 as a 20 series blue train. It was replaced with a series 20 sleeper car called "Run Hotel" to a 14 series sleeper car with distributed power system suitable for split and merge in 1972, such as "Sakura", "Mizuho", "Asakaze" It was used by the train and played an active part. In the schedule revision in December of 1994 (1994), the 7 same Nagasaki / Sasebo formation that has been relocated to the Nagasaki driving center in JR Kyushu, will go round in 5 days with Nagasaki ? Tokyo ? Sasebo ? Tokyo ? Nagasaki Played an active role in The scenery where each formation of Nagasaki Station and Sasebo Station arrival and departure is split and annexed at Hizen Yamaguchi Station of the Nagasaki Main Line, "Sakura" is abolished Sasebo arrivals and departures formation in 1999 (1999) Nagasaki formation and "Hayabusa It was seen until it became co-operation with "". Room facilities corresponding to the times are planned, such as turning the store into a shop by stopping the cafeteria business of four private rooms B sleeper (quartet) in the 700s series or the cafeteria Oshi 14. Main features ? 14 series sleeper limited express JR specification · The 14 series sleeper limited express "Sakura" JR specification comes up. Reproduce the JR Kyushu formation (Nagasaki Operation Office affiliation) around 1996 (1996). · A product is produced by dividing the 7-car train including the 14-700 series of the quartet (four-person private room) by Nagasaki organization and Sasebo formation, making a car number and a side destination indication separately. -As a difference with the JNR era, the room is remodeled into a two-stage sleeper (B sleeper) reproduced -Ohane-Suhnefu's ? ? ? notation, JR mark on the side of the vehicle, such as no white line of the passenger door "Sakura" Reproduce. · Ohane 14 700 Quartet is the same as Ohane 14 in the same appearance. New printed ? ? ? ? mark and car number at the top of the customer door. · The side destination display is “Special express Sakura Nagasaki line” for Nagasaki organization and “Special express Sakura Sasebo line” for Sasebo organization, and the car number Sabo has already been printed. · The train mark conversion device of Suhanev 14 sets "Sakura", "Mizuho", "Izumo" (all are illustrations). -Both sets also include the head mark "Sakura" and "Mizuho" for the locomotive EF66. -The end of the organization Suhanev 14 is equipped with Arnold coupler standard. Replacement knuckle coupler is included. In addition, a replacement jumper for tightening the knitting end and a front holo that is more realistic when knitting and connecting are included. · The middle connection part of the organization is equipped with a body-mounted close self-contained coupler. Realize a realistic connection surface. · Package is both 7 case book case. ? Series 14 sleeper limited express · Commercialized the sleeper limited express No. 14 of the 14 series 3-stage era from about 1975 to 1975 (1980) as a prototype. · We commercialize organization for Nagasaki and organization for Sasebo so that you can enjoy the divided operation only by the 14 series passenger cars that adopt the "distributed power system" for the first time that the service power supply is supported by a diesel generator under the floor. · We will reproduce realistically and accurately in 14 full organization of EF65 500 (P type) traction. Nagasaki organization 8 two-piece set (Suhanefu 14 22 + Orone 14 2 + Ohane 14 39 + Ohane 14 33 + Oshi 14 8 + Ohane 14 25 + Ohane 14 15 + Sohanef 14 13) Sasebo formation 6-car set (Suhanev 14 27 + Ohane 14 37 + Ohane 14 41 + Ohane 14 + 16 Ohane 14 42 + Sohanev 14 2) ·Detailed room details such as the room door and the roof on the roof are reproduced finely · The state of the roof is reproduced realistically · The favorite train mark can be selected standard equipped with a train mark conversion device Suhanefu 14 (cherry, Mizuho, each pictorial and character mark) and side destination direction curtain "Sakura Nagasaki row", car number ticket, grade display, such as B bed, expressed in print the mark ? - The room is in the bed setting state, reproduces the three-step bed and ladders , blue No. 20 car body color, beautifully separates two white bands , reproduces the light blue window glass incorporated on the same surface as the car body , cooler and Detailed equipment for underfloor equipment such as water tank, air tank, piping etc. And off with switch (Suhanefu 14) -Standard equipped with KATO coupler telescopic tight self -aligned type (intermediate connection surface) -Locomotive side of the Suhanev 14 is equipped with an Arnold coupler as standard (replaceable with the included knuckle coupler) -By attaching the intermediate holo for the attached Suhanev 14 Really reproduce the connection between slow and fast vehicles. -Jumper plug parts attached to tighten the tail end of Suhanev 14- Head mark attached for locomotive (Sakura / Mizuho) Optional option ? LED room light clear Part number: 11-211 ? LED room light clear (for 6 cars) Part number: 11-212 ? LED room light clear (bulb color) part number: 11-213 ? LED room light clear (bulb color) (6 cars) Item number: 11-214

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