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K10-1199 - JR 10 Series Nichinian Sleeper Express No.3 Coach Set (6)
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Kato 10-1199 JR 10 Series Nichinian Sleeper Express No.3 Coach Set (6)

Only 140.00 Out of stock but available to order
Brand: Kato
Part Number: 10-1199
Scale / Type: N Scale
Our Code: K10-1199

10-1199 Series 10 sleeper express "Nichinan No. 3" set of 6 cars In October 1973, at the time when steam locomotives disappeared rapidly all over the country, the express trains of steam locomotives were suddenly restored. The train goes down "Nichinan 3". From Kyoto, it passes Sanyo Road, and the Kyushu Island is a express train that traveled nearly 1,000 km to Miyakonojo on the Nippo Main Line, moving south with Oita and Miyazaki. At the time of departure from Kyoto, it is a dignified formation of 13 cars formation, but on the way, it separates 3 sleepers in Oita to 10 cars formation. In Miyazaki, the car was divided into three cars, seven cars, and C57, which was handed over from DF50, ran 50km to Miyakonojo on the final route, drawing a large number of fans to Hyuganoji during the SL boom. ("Nichinan No. 1" of the up train is towed by DF 50.) Although it is a night express train, it will be the foot of the daytime Nippon Line, a foot of honeymooners from Oita, and it will arrive in the evening at the final destination Miyakonojo. It was a train that ran through 20 and a half hours. After that, along with the extension of the Sanyo Shinkansen, it was abolished as an express train, and gave over its role to the express sleeper "Kosei", but as the express train of the last steam locomotive in the country, its name was in the heart of the railway fan I'm leaving. Main features ? Ninan 3 express train "Ninan 3" which is the last steam locomotive tow by JNR. Commercialized express trains that sparkle in the SL boom. ? In the basic set, reproduce the seven-car train of Miyazaki- Miyakonojo, which was driven by C57. Reproduce the style of a short but express train. ? A unique knitting style suitable for the honeymoon Mecca Miyazaki at the time of the sleeping car Ohane 12 with two green car Oro 11. ? Reproduction of 13 cars full of Kyoto arrivals and departures is reproduced by adding the vehicles that are added to Oita and Miyazaki in the middle of Oita by additional set. ? The OHA 46, Naha 10, and Nahaf 10 three forms of the reduced weight and remodeled vehicle of Suha 43 have not changed in appearance, but first appeared. ? The basic set is standard with Arnold couplers on the locomotive side of Mani 60 and Nahaf 10. The additional sets are standard equipped with Arnold couplers on the 10th car Naha 10 (9th car side) and the Nahaf 11 (locomotive side). KATO knuckle coupler / coupler adapter included for replacement. ? The KATO coupler N JP is standard equipment in the middle connection part. Reproduces the actual vehicle spacing and travel. ? Roofs of 10 series passenger cars including Naha 10 and Nahaf 11 are gray. Mani 60 and OH 46 are painted in different ways depending on the dark gray and the model. ? For both basic and additional sets, taillights are standard equipment on vehicles that will be the knitting end. With light off switch. You can enjoy the same solution as a real car. ? The car number / type display / train name / destination etc. of the side have been printed (Express "Nichinan": Oita, Miyazaki, Miyako). ? A destination display sticker is included for the up train (Kyoto line) reproduction. The actual inspection mark has been printed on the side of the vehicle that will be the end of the formation. ? For the package, both basic and incremental sets include a bookcase. A locomotive can be stored in the additional set case. Optional option ? LED room light clear (bulb color) part number: 11-213 ? LED room light clear (bulb color) (6 cars) Item number: 11-214 ? Magnematic coupler MT-7 Product number: 11-710 (only for both ends Nahaf 11 / Mani 60 Arnold coupler)

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