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K10-1189 - JR 103 Series Low Cab Yamanote Line EMU 6 Car Powered Set
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Kato 10-1189 JR 103 Series Low Cab Yamanote Line EMU 6 Car Powered Set

Only 140.00 Out of stock but available to order
Brand: Kato
Part Number: 10-1189
Scale / Type: N Scale
Our Code: K10-1189

10-1189 103 series low-speed operation truck Yamanote line 6-car basic set "Green Yamanote Line" is a hot topic now. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the 103 series of bowish colors appearing on the Yamanote line. The E231 series 'Midori Yamanote Line Wrapping Train' is reminiscent of the time of its appearance, and now its memory series 103 revives. Appeared in 1963 (1963), and nearly 3,500 cars were manufactured and became the largest vehicle group of JNR, the 103 series is a leading figure supporting Japanese commuting transportation in the high growth period. Mass-produced air-conditioned cars appeared in 1972, and were introduced to the metropolitan area's aorta, the Yamanote Line (Ugusian), contributing to the improvement of the commuting environment. The high-performance truck that appeared in ATC was chased, the active period was short, but we will commercialize the organization of the nostalgia composed of the top car Kuha 103 low-performance truck. In addition, "ATC preparation (construction) car" refers to a high-speed operation truck that can be equipped with ATC equipment, and in 1974 (1974), considering the introduction of ATC on the Yamanote Line, it is the top where ATC equipment deployment can be supported in the future The car has a high cab structure to improve visibility and ensure safety in case of level crossing accidents, and features an elongated front window, an added wiper, and a stainless steel band under the window. Main features ? Commuter-type train 103 series representing JNR. The mass production type cooling car is properly commercialized in the figure that was active in the urban ring road and the Yamanote Line. The low cab / two-light shield beam light reproduces the leading car of the unit window with the prototype, around Showa 48 in the heyday. ? Head / taillights are standard equipment on top cars. ? At the bottom of the head, the ATS-B Onjoko, a jumper plug, and a realistic dummy coupler representing air piping are equipped. Bring out the front. ? The power is equipped with a well-established power unit (with no flywheel). The 10-car full organization also runs powerfully. ? The coupler is standardly equipped with a cart-mounted KATO coupler dense serial type (with jumpers) at the middle joint. Reproduce the realistic connection. ? Destination indication sticker attached. Both front and side "Yamanote Line" and "Ikebukuro" destination display and operation number display, organization number tag, car number included. ? The package is a 6 case book case with both basic and additional sets. ? Kuha 103 Yamanote Line ATC preparation car High chauffer 103 ATC preparation car. Reproduce the time when Yamanote Line appeared in combination with the existing organization. -There is no door window behind the driver's cab, and ATC antenna is not equipped while supporting ATC equipment. The 2-car set allows you to enjoy the transition of the formation similar to a real car by replacing the 103 series low-performance operation truck Yamanote Line set, which has already been released. We can reproduce mixed color formation in transference to Sobu Rakkei Line seen in the last stage of JNR in combination with 103 series Sobu Rakoku Line set. -Under the head part floor, the ATS-B car upper child, jumper plug, equipped with a realistic dummy coupler that expressed air piping. -The coupler is standardly equipped with a truck mounted KATO coupler tight tandem type (with a jumper) at the intermediate coupling part. Realize a connected part. Destination indication sticker is attached by contents supporting various ways of enjoyment. Organization number tag, front operation number / destination display, side destination display. In addition, in mixed color formation with Sobu Raku Line, the error prevention sticker pasted on the front / side is attached for the prevention of error. -The package is a 2-card box / foam insole specification. ? 103 series low-performance operation truck Chuo Line / Sobu Rakken Line 103 commuter type train representing JNR. Forty years ago, in 1973 (1973), the mass production cooling car formation introduced as Chuo Line's first series 103 was commercialized as a prototype. Furthermore, the figure which played an active part in the line section which connects Chiba and Mitaka called Sobu Raku Line is also commercialized at the same time. Reproduce the appearance of going around Shinjuku. We reproduce the leading car of low cab / 2 light shield beam lights in prototype of Showa 50's of the heyday period. -Head / tail light standard equipment on the leading car. -Under the foremost floor, equipped with a jumper plug, a realistic dummy coupler representing air piping. Bring out the front. -The power is equipped with a well-established power unit (flywheel not mounted). The 10-car full organization also runs powerfully. -The coupler is standardly equipped with a truck mounted KATO coupler tight tandem type (with a jumper) at the intermediate coupling part. Reproduce the realistic connection. The destination indication sticker is attached to the basic set. An error prevention sticker is also included that can reproduce the "orange Sobu Line" seen on the Sobu Rakkei Line. Silver sheet mark printed. The Chuo Line Basic Set comes with a "special fast" head mark. -The package is a 7 case bookcase with both basic and additional sets. Optional option ? LED room light clear Part number: 11-211 ? LED room light clear (for 6 cars) Part number: 11-212 ? LED room light clear (bulb color) part number: 11-213 ? LED room light clear (bulb color) (6 cars) Item number: 11-214

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