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K10-1108 - JR 287 Series Stork EMU 3 Car Add on Set
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Kato 10-1108 JR 287 Series Stork EMU 3 Car Add on Set

Only £105.00 Out of stock but available to order
Brand: Kato
Part Number: 10-1108
Scale / Type: N Scale
Our Code: K10-1108

10-1108 Series 287 "Kototori" 3-Car Addition Set Series 287 is the latest DC express train developed by JR West Japan based on Series 683. In 2011 (2011) in the form to replace the traditional 183 series "Korokotori" began to be active as "Koroshio", and started operating as "Kuroshio" from March 2012 (2012). Following the all-electric vehicle system of 0.5M system adopted from the 321 series, we aim to become a standard DC-type express train of JR West Japan as a vehicle with enhanced safety, comfort and convenience. At present, "Kinosaki" in "Konotori" and "Kinotaki" and "Maizuru" in the northern Kinki area centered on the San-in / Fukuchiyama line We are active in being introduced to "Kuroshio". We commercialize 287 series "Panda Kuroshio" which design of topic of panda was given in Kansai. Wrapping organization of 287 series "Kuroshio" that collaboration of JR West Japan 30th anniversary of 2017 (2017) and Adventure World in Shirahama-cho, Wakayama prefecture as 20th anniversary of 20th anniversary of park opening appeared At the same time, it quickly became a topic vehicle. The wrapping on the forehead of the vehicle looks like a panda's face, and the side of the vehicle is characterized by a dynamic animal-friendly wrapping. Main features ? JR West Japan's latest express vehicle 287 series. Accurately commercialize the innovative body style that further advanced safety. ? The connector is standard equipped with a body-mounted KATO coupler telescopic dense serial type at the top and middle. Cognate formation can be reproduced easily. ? The motive power is equipped with a proven power unit with a flywheel. You can enjoy stable driving. ? "Kototori" · A common design with the 683 series, the dark red band under the window on the side of the vehicle emphasizes the image of "Kototori" and "Kinosaki". -Head / tail light standard equipment on the leading car. Express the difference in color of headlights. The basic set Spiderha 287-8 is equipped with a light off switch so that you can enjoy addition and closing. -The side curtain is attached with a seal. Set nicknames, destinations and car displays corresponding to “Kototori”, “Kinosaki”, “Hijidate” and “Maizuru”. -The package is the best selection type of the basic set is a paper box and foam insole. Book set specification with 7 cars in addition set. · The basic set can be accommodated in the book case of the additional set. A set name indication sticker is attached. ? While designing in common with "Kuroshio" and "Kototori", the ocean green band under the window on the side of the car emphasizes the image of "Kuroshio". -Kumoha 287 and Moha 287 make a new roof. Newly produced intermediate car 2 format (Moha 286-200, Moha 287-200) to reproduce "Kuroshio". -Head / tail light standard equipment on the top car of the basic set. The headlights on the cab express the difference between white and "Kototori". -A switch with a light off switch is attached to spiders 287 to which additional formation is connected. The spider set 286 in the add-on set has no head / tail light. -The direction curtain comes with a seal. Set "Kyoto" "Shin Osaka" "Ki Tanabe" "Shirahama" "Wakayama" corresponding to the destination of "Kuroshio". -The package is a six case type basic set, and a three case type bookcase specification for the additional set. ? Panda Kuroshio "Smile Adventure Train" -Reproduces the lively wrapping of a real vehicle. Distinctive deformation from the eye-catching panda's face, sides wrapped with various animal figures for each theme, stripes with different colors for each vehicle, etc. Change. · The connector is standard equipped with a body-mounted KATO coupler telescopic dense serial type at the top and middle. Reproduction of co-organization is easily possible. · The power is equipped with a proven power unit with flywheel. Achieves stable driving. -Head / tail light of the top car lights. The headlights on the cab are white. The light unit uses a white LED. -Side direction curtain seal attached. Content: "Kyoto" "Shin-Osaka" "Ki Tanabe" "Shirahama" "Wakayama" -The sleeve of the book case adopts a specially designed one. Optional option ? LED room light clear Part number: 11-211 ? LED room light clear (for 6 cars) Part number: 11-212 ? LED room light clear (bulb color) part number: 11-213 ? LED room light clear (bulb color) (6 cars) Item number: 11-214

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