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K1-816 - JR Taki 43000 Wagon Blue
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Kato 1-816 JR Taki 43000 Wagon Blue

Only 42.00 Currently in stock & available to ship
Brand: Kato
Part Number: 1-816
Scale / Type: HO Scale
Our Code: K1-816

1-816 (HO) Taki 43000 Blue The freight trains since the freight transport reform in February 1984, unlike black freight cars that had been organized so far, are operated by consolidating several types of container trains and tanker trains. The leading role of the tanker train of that era is Taki 43000, and more than 500 cars have been manufactured since it appeared in 1967 (1967), and it has been active in various parts of the country as a tank car for exclusive use of gasoline. Initially, it was only a dedicated car of the Japan Oil Terminal painted in blue, but in 1974 (1974) a black-painted Nippon Oil Transportation affiliated car also appeared. New production vehicles belonging to Nippon Oil Transportation (1990 Taki 243666-) since 1990 are painted in emerald green and light gray to make a change. In addition, the vehicle with the ENEOS mark appeared with Taki 1000 of a new format from 2001 (2001). The only body of the Taki 43000 is the silver body of the Taki 143645. The Taki 143645 is a Taki 43000 stainless steel tank body manufactured in 1987 by only one car manufactured by Nippon Vehicle Manufacturing in 1987. Aside from the silver tank body, the truck also differs from the other Taki 43000, and it is a major feature of this freight car that it is equipped with a TR 215F truck. Main features ? Faithfully reproduces the body shape of different diameter cylinders utilizing Taki 43000 and plastic molding technology. -Faithfully reproduce the details of various parts of the vehicle such as handrails, underframes and piping. Real driving scene is reproduced by reproduction of TR214 bogie full of three-dimensional feeling and "roller bearing that shaft end actually rotates". We beautifully reproduce the body paint color of each oil transport company of single item and bright. The vehicle number, affiliation notation and inspection notation can be selected by the transfer seal. Other oil transport company marks and body markings are reproduced realistically in printing. Japanese oil transport color is also lineup with ENEOS mark We adopt realistic black wheel. Accessory parts (parts with user) Parts of handrail, discharge pipe, air tank, brake cylinder, hand brake, roller shaft end, transfer seal, oil company seal etc. ? Taki 43000 Silver (Taki 143 645) Among the Taki 43000, the body is silver, and the Taki 143 645 is commercialized. -Precisely reproduce the color of the stainless steel tank body that emits distinctive luster. -Faithfully reproduces the body shape of different diameter cylinders utilizing plastic molding technology. -Reproduce the TR215F truck with long axis distance with new parts. The roller bearing rotates and pursues realism. -Tank receiver, frame, dolly is reproduced in black like a real car. The company crest, company name "Nippon Oil Transportation Co., Ltd.", car number "Taki 143645" (black letters), load, conversion, standing station "Hamagoi station" (black letters), all the model notations are printed. Inspection notation, periodic notation are reproduced with lettering sheet. Included content: "35-1-12 / 30-1-12 Kawasaki car" "29-12-18 / 24-9-19 Kawasaki car" "A1" For the lettering sheet Changai station " Hamagoi station" (White Included variations of). It can be reproduced in your favorite figure.

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