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K1-609 - JR Kiha 80 Diesel Railcar
O Scale Wargaming Architectural Narrow Gauge Tools+

Kato 1-609 JR Kiha 80 Diesel Railcar

Only £74.00 Out of stock but available to order
Brand: Kato
Part Number: 1-609
Scale / Type: HO Scale
Our Code: K1-609

1-609 (HO) Kiha 80 Kiha 81 debuted in the limited express "Hatsukari" as the first station of the first diesel train Kiha 80 series in 1960 (1960). It features a distinctive bonnet shape and has been at the forefront of various expressways since then. The Kiha 82 900s appeared to be the first car of the 80 kilos and remodeled into a leading car after 1968 (1968). It is characterized by the arrangement of windows in the green car era, and after having been active in "Inaho", "Tsubasa" and "Hitachi", we traveled to Hokkaido and worked as "Okhotsk" and "Hokuto". The Kiha 82 series was created based on the Kiha 81 series, which achieved results in the Tohoku Express "Hatsukari", with the aim of increasing the number of non-electrified main arterial trains. At the same time, a dining car car with a drive engine has appeared. In October 1961, she made her debut with the limited express "Swan" of the Japan Sea Longitudinal Line, and major cities and regions such as "Oozora" in Hokkaido, "Kamome" in Kyoto-Nagasaki, and "Matsuze" in Sanin Express It has been active for a long time as a flower-shaped limited express train connecting main cities and sub-high lines, and has been evaluated as a completed form of the JNR Limited Express. The Kiha 82 has an improved power unit, a completely renewed light unit, and a more realistic lighting condition. In addition, Kiha 81 and Kiha 82 900 series, which had many requests, will be commercialized on the HO scale. Main features ? As you can choose the presence or absence of the coupler cover on the front of Kiha 81 and the presence or absence of the regular radio antenna on the roof, it is possible to reproduce different figures depending on the time ∑Reproduce the unique bonnet shape. ∑ The front connector cover can be optionally installed / removed. The front connector is a dummy coupler. ∑ Conventional wireless antennas are separated into piping and pedestal parts. It is possible to choose the roof of Kiha 81 which varies depending on the time. -Reproduced in the form with a tablet catcher. -The truck adopts DT31. ∑ The attached head mark includes "Hatsukari", "Tsubasa", "Inaho", "Hitachi", "Kuroshio" and "(plain)". ? Kiha 82 900 ∑ Window arrangement and cooler arrangement unique to the modified car are accurately reproduced. -Reproduced in the form with a tablet catcher. ∑ The attached head mark includes "Hokuto", "Okhotsk" and "(plain)". ? Model faithfully modeled the form of Kiha 82 series and the mid-Showa 40s period of the express train heyday. -Kiha 82 is equipped with a head / taillight as standard (with a light off switch). The bulb color is used for the headlights, and the white LED is used for the train mark lighting. Reproduce the train marks and lights realistically. ∑ The Kiha 80 motor vehicle uses a power unit with a reputation for the HO gauge Kiha 58. Smooth and powerful driving is possible. -Faithfully reproduce beautiful proportions including the front shape of Kiha 82 series. -Beautifully reproduce the paint of 82 series diesel cars that were divided into red No. 2 and cream No. 4. ∑ We adopt window glass colored blue by imitating heat ray absorption glass ∑ We model late form which added cooler from the time of manufacture in prototype as prototype ∑ Because of 80 sheet of engineering paper of color 80 and green car beautifully notation Reproduction. -DCC NMR A 8-pin plug compatible (motor control only)-KATO coupler self-adaptation type (PAT.) That reproduces the form of a real vehicle connector and enables a connection function and a smooth curve passage scene is standard equipment. -Body number, body notation can be selected to your favorite number / notation with detailed lettering sheet. ∑ Destination indication seal attached. -Kiha 82 series 4-car basic set and Kiha 82 single item comes with an exchangeable train mark. (Ozora, swans, seagulls, marshes) Optional option ? (HO) LED room light clear part number: 7-504 ? (HO) Train mark set for Kiha 82 series Part number: 7-102

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