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DCDCP-CB6DIP - Cobalt iP Digital Slow Action Point Motor (6)
O Scale Wargaming Architectural Narrow Gauge Tools+

DCCconcepts DCP-CB6DIP Cobalt iP Digital Slow Action Point Motor (6)

Only £139.95 Out of stock but currently on order with supplier
Brand: DCCconcepts
Part Number: DCP-CB6DIP
Scale / Type: N / HO / OO / O / Gauge 1 / G Scales

Introducing Cobalt-iP Digital – Cobalt-iP Digital is a new Cobalt DCC-on board product that adds on-board DCC control to the very best features of Cobalt Classic-O and Cobalt -iP to create the best ever digital-ready point motor.

With Cobalt-iP Digital, you can have your cake and eat it too, because it is 100% ready to go in digital format, yet it will also allow you to have a classic control panel with a choice of either one or two push-button switches per turnout… Super low current draw means you can use complex pre-set routes using the abilities already built in to most quality DCC control systems with no need to add anything else!
While Cobalt-iP Digital may look the same on the outside, we have added so much more than you can see.
It has a totally new and even quieter internal gearing structure, re-designed internal electronics to add actively managed drive speed and at the same time, we’ve added our all new microprocessor-controlled “intelligent power” electronics to make Cobalt-iP Digital perform better than any point motor you have ever seen.
Being aware that not all power supply situations are the same, we have also made drive voltage almost irrelevant because Cobalt-iP Digital has a huge “safe power range"… so it is totally comfortable with a very, very wide range of track bus or accessory power voltages.
So… apart from intelligent control, smooth operation, insanely long life and the hobby’s best backup and warranty, plus incredibly easy solder-free installation, smooth operation and exceptional usability, what’s new in Cobalt-iP?

  • Cobalt-iP Digital is even easier to add to your layout as it is already pre-centered and ready to install. All Cobalt-iP leave the factory pre-centered.
  • Whatever voltage or power source you choose, it’s OK! Cobalt-iP Digital has a really wide-ranging safe Power input – Whether you model Z, N, TT, OO/HO, O, G or anything in between, Cobalt-iP Digital is always happy. Acceptable power bus voltage range is 7~23v, AC, DC or DCC!
  • Cobalt-iP Digital has TWO on-board switches – all “Break before make” so that they only operate if Cobalt-iP has really changed. One switch is directly linked to the power input wires for direct connection of frog power logic systems or computers, panel switches or any accessory that can be allied with Cobalt-iP Digital drive power, and there is another totally independent SPDT changeover switch that you can use for secondary frog power, signalling, interlocking or ANY purpose you can imagine.
  • Cobalt-iP Digital offers the choice of either one (toggling) or two (left/right) push-button switches for manual operation so you can have digital control AND a classic control panel in any style you want at the same time!
  • Cobalt-iP Digital has super-high switch power handling. All Cobalt switches have heavy phosphor bronze changeover contacts that are literally gold plated and they will handle 5 amps reliably.
  • Cobalt-iP Digital has an “Inverted throw direction” software commend, to make installation super-easy – this lets you synchronise crossovers at the flick of a switch or synchronise the Cobalt-iP throw position with either your DCC system or computer diagram where “main or branch” choices need to be swapped! (Look for "Command address 197" in the instructions.)
  • Cobalt-iP Digital can have auto-centering activated or deactivated at any time, so if you need to relocate it, you can remove it from the layout pre-centred and ready to go. (Look for commend address 199 (activate) and 198 (deactivate) in the instructions.)
  • Cobalt-iP Digital has “Super low power bus loading”… even though it is always interactive and listening for commands - when stopped, overall draw is less than 5mA per Cobalt-iP Digital (That is far less than the current draw of the average red LED) so connecting many of them will not drain your track power!
  • Cobalt-iP Digital is the easiest motor to install ever, because it has totally Solder-free connections.
  • Cobalt-iP Digital point motors are available singly and in packs of six or twelve.
  • Every Cobalt-iP is totally complete and we even include the mounting screws so there is nothing else needed. This time we have even included the very popular double-sided foam mounting pads!
  • Panel lights are easy and you have a wide choice of connection methods... They can be added via on-board switching or they can be indirectly powered via the frog power switch using the same wires that power Cobalt, and that makes professional-looking control panels much simpler to set up and wire!
  • Cobalt-iP Digital is just as easy to install as Cobalt classic – and even easier to wire! Just 2 wires are all that is needed for basic DCC operation!

A general overview of Cobalt and Cobalt-iP ranges:

Cobalt Point Motors are the most reliable and powerful point motors available and they are exceptionally gentle on your point-work. A movable fulcrum allows easy adjustment of blade closure pressure and ensures that throw is easy to adjust irrespective of scale, type of point-work or thickness of baseboards.
All Cobalt point motors are compatible with all common modelling gauges from Z to G scale, and can be used with 2 or 3 rail systems from any brand, whether the layout itself is AC, DC or DCC powered.
You are also able to have both digital and manual control at the same time… and the latest Cobalt accessory decoders have a really wide-ranging feature set, so for those who want to have the convenience of “Route control” with the added versatility and fun of interacting with a classic type conventional control panel… plus panel lights and other features, you can!
The Cobalt-iP series was designed from the ground up for variable voltage input, and it will work well on both DC and DCC. It is also ideal for computer or other digital interface out of the box… so in any form, it WILL work the way you need it to! (If you are powering them with DC, Cobalt-iP also works superbly with the excellent DCCconcepts PSU2+ power supply).
You will never need to solder wires with Cobalt classic or Cobalt-iP products by the way – all connections are made with top quality spring connectors making initial wiring or later changes fast… and easy.
We also offer a complete range of cobalt accessories for Cobalt classic and Cobalt-iP – switch packs with panel mount LEDS, foam mounting pads for even quieter operation, tie-bar stickers to disguise the mounting holes and accessory packs that even include the drills needed for installation. For switch packs that will suit Cobalt iP plus accessory decoder or Cobalt iP Digital… look for the “D” in the part number!
Most importantly, we hold really good stocks of spare parts in case you lose anything – and all Cobalt and Cobalt-iP range point motors are guaranteed for life, so as long as you bought them new and still own them, they are under warranty… and in the rare event of a fault, we will, as needed, replace it or assist and repair any problem that may arise… so you can be confident that cobalt will indeed be the last point motors you ever need to buy!

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