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prodigy advance
Gaugemaster Controllers
O Scale Wargaming Architectural Narrow Gauge Tools+

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On This Page:

Gaugemaster Range Leaflets

GM9951 - Gaugemaster Collection

GM9953 - Gaugemaster Electrics

GM9955 - Gaugemaster Kestrel N Scale Kits

GM9957 - Gaugemaster Scenics

GM9957 - Gaugemaster Structures OO Scale Kits

GM9961 - Gaugemaster Tools

GM9950 - Gaugemaster Analogue

GM9952 - DCC Control

GM9954 - Gaugemaster Highways

GM9956 - Gaugemaster Lighting

GM9958 - Gaugemaster SEEP

GM9960 - Gaugemaster Tiny Signs

GM9952 - Gaugemaster Track

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Prodigy Advance DCC PC Computer Interface

Click here to find out more and download the free software and necessary drivers

Prodigy Advance DCC Digital Manuals

DCC02 - Prodigy Advance System

DCC04 - Prodigy Advance Wireless System V2

DCC10 - Walkaround (Obsolete)

DCC12 - Walkaround

DCC20 - Large Decoder (Obsolete)

DCC23 - 6 Pin Decoder

DCC40 - Auto-Reverse Module

DCC50 - Booster Unit (Obsolete)

DCC55 - Prodigy Computer Interface

DCC71 - Adaptor Plate

DCC80 - DCC Autofrog Unit

Remapping the Opti / Omni Decoders

DCC01 - Prodigy Express System

DCC03 - Prodigy Advance Wireless System (Obsolete)

DCC05 - Prodigy WiFi Module

DCC11 - Extension Plate

DCC15 - Decoder Doctor

DCC22 - Classic 8 Pin Micro Decoder

DCC25 + DCC26 - (Old Style) (Opti) Decoder Instructions

DCC30 - Accessory Decoder

DCC49 - 8 Amp Booster Intsructions

DCC51 - Prodigy Wireless Conversion Pack

DCC70 - Black Box (Obsolete)

DCC75 - Tech 6 Controller

Cased Controller Instructions

10LGB5 - Single Track G Scale (5 Amp)

100MO - Single Track O Scale Controller

D - Twin Track Controller

DS - Twin Track Simulator Controller

LT - Loco Tester

PO - Single Track Simulator O Scale

SELECT - Single Track with Fine Control

TS - Three Track Controller (1 Simulator)

10LGB - Single Track G Scale Controller

100M - Single Track Controller

COMBI - Single Track with wall transformer

DF - Twin Track Feedback Controller

E - Economy Controller (Obsolete)

P - Single Track Simulator Controller

Q - Four Track Controller

SF - Single Track Feedback Controller

Panel Controller Instructions

100.O - Single Track O Scale Panel

U - Single Track Simulator Panel

UF - Single Track Feedback Panel

UDF - Twin Track Feedback Panel

UTS - Three Track Panel (1 Simulator)

100 - Single Track Panel

100LGB - Single Track G Scale Panel

UO - Single Track Simulator O Scale

UD - Twin Track Panel

UDS - Twin Track Simulator Panel

UQ - Four Track Panel

Handheld Controller Instructions

HH - Handheld Control with Feedback

W - Handheld Control

Transformer Instructions

T1 - T4 - Uncased Transformers


Electronic Modules Instructions

HF-2 - Twin Track Cleaner

SS-1 - Super Shuttle Module (Z, N, OO, HO and O Scales)

SS-2 - Station Stop Module

GM40 - AC/DC Rectifier

GM56 - OO Buffer Stop Light Pack

HF-1 - Single Track Cleaner

HF-3 - Lighting Generator

SS-1LGB - Super Shuttle Module for G Scale

SS-3 - Automatic Train Control

GM55 - OO Buffer Stop & Light

GM58 - N Buffer Stop Light Pack

Point Control Instructions

GM500 - Universal Relay Switch

CDU - Capacitor Discharge Unit

EM1 - Electro-Magnetic Uncoupler

PCU1 - Point Control Unit

PCU2 - Point Control Slave Module

TLU - Tension Lock Uncoupler

MCDU and PCSET - Instructions for Our Cased CDU and Point Control Starter Pack

How To Wire an Electro-Frog Point - Using SEEP PM1 Point Motors and GM510 Switch

Guide to Switches - Gaugemaster Switches Explained

PM-1 - Seep Point Motor (Polarity Switch)

PM-2 - Seep Point Motor

PM-4 - Seep Point Motor (Self-Latching)

PM-10 - Seep Solenoid Point Motor

PM-10D - Seep Solenoid Digital Point Motor

PM20 - Surface Mounted Point Motor

PM20 - Fitting Insructions

Gaugemaster Lighting

HBYS - 2 Aspect Colour Light Signal Instructions

Gaugemaster Scenics

GM195 - Seafoam Trees

Gaugemaster Scenic Sounds

GM781 - Station (Steam) Scenic Sounds Module

GM783 - Urban Scenic Sounds Module

GM780 - Lineside Scenic Sounds Module

GM782 - Station (Modern) Scenic Sounds Module

GM784 - Rural Scenic Sounds Module



O Gauge Locomotives:

Owners Guide - Class 08

Sound Functions - Class 08

Instructions and Sound Functions - A1 and A1x Terrier

OO Gauge Locomotives:

Owners Manual - Class 68

Function Guide - Class 68

Sound Functions - Class 68

Sound Instruction Sheet - Class 73 / DAGM100S-101S

Zimo Sound Decoder Instructions

DCC Concepts Instructions

Alpha System:

DCD-AEC - Central and Box Instructions

DCP-AEU - Alpha Unit Owners Manual

Alpha Switches - Owners Manual

Locomotive Decoders:

DCC Decoders - Connections & Stay Alives

CV Settings- for Zen Decoders

Zen Decoder Range - Basic Information

Power Base:

PowerBase - Installation Manual


DCP-CBS - Cobalt S Lever For Solenoids

DCP-CBS - Cobalt S Lever Basics

DCP-CBS - Cobalt S Lever For Cobalt Motors

Guide To Soldering:

Guide to Soldering - Part 1 (Basics)

Guide to Soldering - Part 2 (Techniques)

Guide to Soldering - Part 3 (White Metal & Other Metals)

Guide To Wiring:

Guide to Wiring - Point Work and Special Connections

Guide to Wiring - Isolators and DCC Program Tracks

Accessory Decoders:

ADS2 / ADS8 - Wiring Instructions

AD-2FX - COBALT Accessory Decoder (2 way)

ADS-2FX - COBALT Solenoid Accessory Decoder (2 way)

AD-8FX - COBALT Accessory Decoder (8 way)

ADS-8FX - COBALT Solenoid Accessory Decoder (8 way)

Lighting and Buffer Stops:

DML-MBS - Buffer Stop with Lamps

Point Motors:

Cobalt Analogue - (Obsolete)

Cobalt Digital - (Obsolete)

Cobalt IP - Cobalt IP Analogue Instructions

Cobalt DIP - Cobalt IP Digital Instructions

Cobalt Omega - Classic Omega Cobalt Instructions

Cobalt-SS-Motor - Slow Action Surface Mounted Point Motor

Power Supplies and Units:

PSU2 - PSU2 Instructions

DCP-CDU2 - Cobalt CDU Unit

DCP-REX - Relay Extension Board Instructions

Guide to Adding Realism:

Adding Realism - Peco OO Gauge Points

Adding Realism - Track Ballasting

Adding Realism - Locomotive Lamp Positioning


FA180730 - USB Sound Module

FA161460 - Car System House Boat


FM6152C - HO Turntable Instructions

FM9152C - N Turntable Instructions


HN89121 - Turntable (DCC Ready)


K28885 - Straight Instructions

K28886 - Corner Instructions

Kestrel Instructions

KD9 - Station Buildings

KD11 - Flat Canopy

KD21 - Crossing Gates and Cott.

KD26 - Corner Pub

KD28 - 3 Storey Town Shop

KD30 - Station Masters House

KD32 - Pair Pre War Semi Det. Houses

KD38 - Steel Footbridge

KD40 - Modern Fire Station

KD1000 - Town Station

Kestrel Dimensions - GMKD01 to GMKD2003

KD8 - Country Station

KD10 - Island Platform with Flat Canopy

KD12 - Small Signal Box

KD25 - Corner Shop

KD27 - 3 Storey Townhouse

KD29 - Modern Station

KD31 - Station Masters House

KD37 - Farm House

KD39 - Modern Industrial Unit

KD43 - Goods Shed

KD1001 - Old Factory with Chimney


MN60881 - s88 Decoder

MN60882 - s88 DC Decoder

MN60883 -L88 (Link s88)

MN07226 - Smoke Generator

MRC Decoders

1908 - Steam Sound Decoder

1909 - Diesel Sound Decoder with 6 Prime

1910 - Diesel Sound Decoder

1911 - Steam Sound Decoder

1916 - Drop in for Atlas Genset Locomotives

1922 - DCC Drop in Sound Decoder For EMD F & E Units

1952 - N Gauge Kato GG-1 Sound Decoder

1955 - N scale GP7, GP9, GP30 and GP35 Sound Decoder

1956 - Steam Sound Decoder with 20 Different Chuff Sounds

1957 - Sound Decoder for Kato F Series Locomotives

1958 - Sound Decoder drop-in for Kato PA1

1959 - N Gauge or Small HO Diesel Sound Decoder

1960 - N Gauge DCC Diesel Sound for Kato SD45-SD70MAC-AC4400

1961 - N Gauge Steam Sound Decoder

1527 - Dcc District Circuit Breaker

1619 - HO Gauge DCC Diesel Sound Decoder

1645 - N Gauge DCC Synchronized Diesel Sound Decoder

1651 - 4 Function Loco Decoder

1660 - N Gauge DCC Synchronized Diesel Sound Decoder

1661 - 4 Function Loco Decoder

1664 - N Gauge DCC Decoder Kato P42, E8, E9

1802 - HO Gauge SD40 Diesel Sound Decoder

1804 - HO Drop-in Diesel Sound Decoder MP-15

1808 - N Gauge SD80 Diesel Sound Decoder

1810 - N Gauge F40PH Diesel Sound Decoder

1812 - N Gauge Diesel Sound Decoder for Most Atlas Locos

1818 - G Gauge DCC Diesel Sound Decoder

1820 HO Diesel Sound Decoder for RS-3 Locomotive


HO Scale:

46121 - PLUX16 Decoder Instructions

56122 - 8 Pin Decoder

56123 - PLUX22 Decoder

56199 - Stadler GTW Diesel Sound Decoder and Speaker

56341 - BR220 / V200 Sound Decoder and Speaker

56342 - T669 Sound Decoder

56354 - BR118 Sound Decoder

TT Scale:

46180 - BR187 Sound Decoder and Speaker

46191 - Talent 2 Sound Module and Speaker

46199 - Vectron BR247 Sound Decoder and Speaker

G Scale:

35000 - Transformer Instructions

35002 - Analogue Controller Instructions

35010 - Digital Centre Instructions

35012 - Digital Receiver Instructions

35013 - Accessory Decoder Instructions

35015 - Booster Unit Instructions

35016 - Switch Decoder Instructions

35030 - Shuttle Unit Instructions

36120 - Taurus / BR218 Decoder Instructions

36121 - BR80 Decoder Instructions

36122 - V60 / BR260 / BR199 / BR204 / VT98 Decoder Instructions

Piko G Scale Track

N Scale:

46193 - Hondekop Sound Module and Speaker

46212 - Function Decoder

Control Systems and Accessory Decoders:

55040 - Smart Control Instructions

55030 - Accessory Decoder for Points and Signals



Click Here To view the Z21 Website.

RC10810 - Roco multiMAUS Instructions

Seuthe Smoke Units




Moving Figures:

VN1500 - Toilet Stories

VN1501 - Lovers in Action

VN1503 - Playground See-Saw

VN1504 - Lovers in Action

VN1517 - Window Cleaning

VN1518 - Policeman

VN1520 - Farmer with Scythe

VN1522 - Farmer with Pitchfork

VN1523 - Farm Girl Carpet Beating

VN1529 - Huntsman Firing Gun

VN1541 - Fireman with Chainsaw

VN1546 - Brewer Pouring Beer

VN1547 - When Nature Calls

VN1563 - RC Helicopter Pilot

VN1723 - Platform Despatcher

VN5110 - Railway Foreman

VN5125 - Cleaner with Cloth

VN5126 - Watering The Flowers

VN5142 - Fireman and Hose

Illuminated Items:

VN5022 - Camp Fire Light

VN5192 - Advert Pillar

Animated Animals:

VN1581 - Cow with Moving Head

VN5197 - Cowboy on Horse

Electrical Modules:

VN5021 - Flickering Fire Effect

VN5065 - Blinker Unit

VN5066 - Gas Lamps Module

VN5067 - Fluorescent Lamp Module

VN5071 - Electric Live Coupler

VN5200 - Transformer

VN5201 - Transformer

VN5205 - Power Module with Distribution Strip

VN5207 - Time Relay

VN5208 - Timer Switch


WH933-2849 - Turntable Instructions


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