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Right Lines e-Zine Trix New Items 2016

Trix New Items 2018

John Chandler

JOHN CHANDLER takes us through the new releases from Trix this year.

Following from last year's celebration of 60 years of the Trans Europ Express, Trix are marking the 90th anniversary of the classic train, Rheingold, which was integrated into the TEE family.

Trix New Items

The 1928 Rheingold is offered in both N as a locomotive (M16181) and coach set (M15539) whilst in HO Scale as a complete set limited to 699 pieces (M21928).

Trix New Items

Starting in N Scale, Minitrix offer a new starter set comprising a DCC-fitted Railion Logistics loco 185 260-7 with a stake wagon and tarpaulin wagon, oval of track and, for the first time in this scale, an infra red controller (M11145).

Trix New Items

In the 'my Hobby' range, Minitrix propose a V160 (M16162) and a Class 132 (M16234) Diesel locomotive with a pair of high sided gondola wagons (M18082 & M18083).

Trix New Items

From the Royal Bavarian State Railroad (K.Bay.Sts.B.) a class S 2/6 steam locomotive (M16183) and three Epoch 1 coaches (M15968, M16969 & M16970) are proposed. In the Trix HO range, the equivalent locomotive is proposed (M22966) with the Marklin coach set (MN41354).

Trix New Items

Following last year's announcement by Marklin and Trix of the Henschel snow plough, Minitrix are now releasing two versions in N Scale, both with working plough wheel (M15422 & M15820). Both units have an MTC14 socket for a DCC decoder.

Trix New Items

In a limited edition of 499 pieces, the 30th anniversary of the German InterRegio service is marked by the introduction of the ubiquitous E03 locomotive (M16344) with a set of 3 coaches (M15948). Two other coaches can be added which are not of limited production (M15989 & M15897).

Trix New Items

An unique locomotive from former Czechoslovakia is on the way; part of the traction from the Hupac Group, this locomotive, nicknamed 'Diving Goggles', was introduced from 1969 albeit initially for passenger use. Minitrix propose D753.704 (M16737) as a one-time series.

Trix New Items

Detraining momentarily, Minitrix propose two new curved points to R3/R4 30? in both left (M14947) and right (M14948) handed versions. To augment the layout, two buildings, the Raiffesen Warehouse with Market (M66324) and the Rottweil Locomotive Shed (M66326) laser cut kits are proposed.

Moving to HO Scale, many of the Trix items have already been considered under their Marklin equivalents in a previous RIGHT LINES article. Some equivalents are given below.

Description Marklin Trix
1928 Rheingold Set MN26926 M21928
TEE Rheingold Class 112 Locomotive and Coaches MN26983 M22064 M23485
Deutsche Bahn Class V200 Locomotive MN37806 M22754
TGV V150 World Speed Record (on rails) holder MN37797 M22796
LGB 50th Anniversary SBB Re4/4” Locomotive MN37351 M22843
Royal Bavarian State Railroad (K.Bay.Sts.B.) Class S 2/6 Locomotive MN37018 M22966
Ardelt 57 Tonne Steam Crane MN49570 M23057
Trix New Items

New on the scene is a DB Class E44 (M22710) locomotive, E4 088 as it looked in 1959. Through its fitted digital decoder, not only can the head and tail lights for end 1 and end 2 be controlled independently for push-pull operation, each pantograph can also be raised and lowered as well.

Trix New Items

Building on the effects that can be incorporated into current models, Trix propose an express steam tender locomotive (M22035) based on 01 202 from the Swiss Pacific Association museum. Not only can a smoke generator be retrofitted to this model, but whilst it is in steam, the coal level in the tender can be seen to decrease!

Trix New Items

Heading out of 'normal' territory, Trix venture into Italy with a private-owner G 2000 Vossloh Diesel Locomotive (M22343). Again, this model has individually controlled head and tail lighting.

Trix New Items

Finally, I make no apologies for repeating myself from my Marklin article. On 3rd April 2007, a 'slightly modified' TGV from the SNCF fleet shattered the speed record for rail-based (I exclude Maglev!) traction, attaining 574.8kh/h (359.25mph). Nearly 11 years after this achievement, Trix offer a replica (M22790) of the record-breaking consist together with a certificate of authenticity as only 999 models will be produced. The mfx+ decoder offers many sounds including cheering as the record was achieved!

Trix New Items

This year also celebrates the 50th anniversary of LGB, a sister company of Trix. Being primarily a modeller of metre gauge, LGB's major range comprises the Swiss Rhätische Bahn (RhB) and to celebrate this anniversary, the RhB (and the SBB) have decorated Ge4/4” and Re4/4” (respectively) locomotives with suitable vinyls. This has, of course, been modelled (M22843) by all of the Marklin component companies and others.

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