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Right Lines e-zine Roco New Items 2016

Roco 2017 New Items

Ian Fowler

IAN FOWLER takes us through what's available from Roco in 2017.

It's a couple of months since Roco announced their new items, so now seemed a good time to revisit what's coming out of Austria in 2017.

All the Roco new items can be viewed in the New Items brochure (RC80817), while products targeted at newcomers/beginners can be found in the Roco/Fleischmann Start brochure (RC81791). Both these brochures can be viewed online here: Start Leaflet - Roco New Items - or can be supplied as paper versions with an order.


Rather appropriately, we will begin with the Start brochure which is an 84pp full colour publication split equally between the Roco and Fleischmann brands each with a respective front cover meeting in the middle.

Many of the completely new items take the form of starter sets, which should not be ruled out by even experienced modellers with existing railways as they are often heavily subsidised and contain unique products. So after committing the track and control to the secondary market, you could be quids in!

RC51296 Roco Starter Set

RC51296 Swiss Electric Freight Starter Set with z21

New digital sets in HO Scale include Austrian Diesel Freight (Rh2043/Gondolas) as RC51291. Swiss Electric Freight (Ae6/6/Gondolas) as RC51296, Czech Diesel Freight (T478/Gondolas) and German Diesel Passenger (BR280/Coaches) as RC51295. German Diesel Freight is represented with RC51290 (BR220/Tankers), RC51292 (BR132/Gondolas) and RC51288 (BR232/Tankers).

RC31029 Roco Starter Set

RC31029 HOe Feldbahn Steam Freight Starter Set

Prospective Narrow Gauge modellers will be pleased to see the introduction of a basic analogue starter set in RC31029. Featuring a cute steam locomotive with 4 tipper trucks, this is a perfect way to kick off a project layout or to add a narrow gauge railway to your existing HO layout.

On to locomotives and rolling stock, and it's important to remember that although these products are aimed at newcomers, they offer exceptional value for money and the lines (in terms of performance and looks) between Start and Standard Range products are blurry to say the very least, so they should be given close consideration by all modellers, not just the newbies.

The collaboration with "Henning Sound" also accelerated the introduction of some sound fitted locomotives into the range so we now see. Modellers of German outline benefit most with a DR BR142 and a DBAG BR232 in two liveries. Belgian modellers are looked after with a Reeks53 Diesel. All these items are available as standard DC, DCC sound and AC sound versions.

In terms of passenger rolling stock, there's a nice collection of DB Era IV three axle 2nd class coaches in 4 variants and also 2 axle DR coaches from the same era.

RC56257 Roco Martha Tank

RC56257 OBB Martha Tank Wagon

Moving on to freight and there's a blue Austrian Tank called Martha (RC56257) and continuing the blue theme, a CD gondola is also introduced as RC56278.

RC44002 Roco Wagon Set

RC44002 DB Wagon Set (8)

TOP TIP! On page 29, there are two EIGHT wagon sets for a stupidly low price. The DB pack is RC44002 and a DR pack as RC67127. An absolute steal for the money.

Carrying on the freight theme and looking at the German releases, there's a side discharge hopper in DB Era IV Brown (RC56332) and us Brits infiltrate the range with a BP tank in green as RC56263.

RC44002 Roco DBAG Staff Coach

RC54294 DBAG Staff Coach

Perhaps my favourite item though is a DBAG maintenance crew coach (RC54294) which is a bit quirky but could find a home on many layouts.

Finally, the geoLine track system is tentatively reintroduced with an order deadline of May. This appears to be the first step into a comprehensive reintroduction to the range but production (in 2017 at least) will be limited.


Most manufacturers the world over are playing catch up with announced items that have not yet been delivered, and have taken the sensible step of announcing fewer completely new items in 2017 in order to physically deliver previously promised products.

However, there are many completely new products and it is these items we will focus on here.

RC44002 Roco BR84 Steam Locomotive

Roco BR84 Steam Locomotive

Roco welcome us to "Hell's Valley" with their BR85 available in four versions (RC72270/RC72271/RC78270/RC78271). With only 10 locomotives built and one surviving in preservation, it is a testament to their popularity that this model is commercially viable.

The BR03 is revisited with tooling changed to reflect the lack of tender flaps, the spoked wheels and high sand boxes while the mechanism is improved and chassis more detailed. Available in three versions (RC72216/RC72217/RC78217).

RC73929 Roco PKP Vectron Electric Locomotive

The Siemens Vectron is one of the most significant new European locomotives of recent years as the tried and trusted performance of the Eurosprinter is combined with the newest safety standards and maximum pan European versatility.

There are plenty of options to choose from and each version features prototypically correct roof detailing for the subject matter and a really neat illuminated display feature. Modern modellers are sure to find one for their railway and the varieties are listed thus:

Livery Standard DCC Sound AC Sound
MRCE RC73925 RC73926 RC79926
Locomotion RC73921 RC73922 RC79922
Railpool RC73915 RC73916 RC79916
CD Cargo RC73931 RC79932 RC79932
BLS Cargo RC73919 RC73920 RC79920
PKP Cargo RC73929 RC73930 RC79930
RC73142 Austrian Rh5042 Diesel Railcar

The Austrian Rh5042 Diesel Railcar is introduced for the first time which (almost unthinkably) began its career as an express train before being deployed on branch line duties in the twilight of their careers which lasted for a phenomenal number of years. This is available in three versions (RC73142/RC73143/RC79143).

RC72072 BR628.4 2 car DMU

A new BR628.4 2 car DMU is also produced in DBAG traffic red in three variants (RC72072/RC72073/RC78073). This train has an interesting history and its subsequent development can be directly linked to the reunification of Germany!

There are no new tooled coaches in the Roco programme for 2017.

The Facs Hopper Wagon is another completely new tooled item for 2017. Originally constructed for the transportation of sensitive bulk products such as sugar, grain or chemicals these wagons found later use carrying aggregates. Again there are many variants including DR (RC76171/RC76174), DBAG (RC76170/RC76175), SNCF (RC76172/RC76178), CFL (RC76173) and ZSSK (RC76177).

The Rail Cargo Austria Rnoos timber carrying wagon is introduced which is rich in detail, even down to the replication of the stakes. Available as RC76141.

Roco Jura Cement Silo Wagon

RC76146 Jura Cement Uacns932 Silo Wagon

The modern Uacns932 silo wagon makes its debut in Holcim (RC76145) and Jura Cement (RC76146) colours. The block formation nature of these wagons means that you'll need plenty to form a realistic train so pre-orders are recommended.

The imposing Zaes 4 Axle Tank Wagon is also on the "to do" list with this slurry wagon being made available in 4 versions - namely DR (RC67310/RC76155), DBAG/KVG (RC76156) and DBAG/NACCO (RC76536).

Modellers of the Italian scene will be thrilled at the introduction of the FF/EE and FF pitched roof vans (RC76162/RC76163/RC76164) a longer version of the standard van and seen all over Europe often containing fruit for onward distribution.

Ravenna Viaduct

Finally, there are a number of new items produced in collaboration with existing manufacturers. Roco have teamed up with Noch to offer the Ravenna viaduct (notable for its history with the BR85s) in modular form, with Zimo on a variety of decoders and with Viessmann on some signals.

There are also numerous reliveries of existing products which cannot possibly be described in detail here and I urge you to take a look at the new items brochure (RC80817) either online or in print in order to obtain a complete overview of this year's releases. With production runs getting smaller every year, it's really important that if you have a firm interest in a product, that you pre-order it from your local dealer to guarantee supply and avoid future disappointment.

All in all, it is an interesting (and perhaps more importantly, deliverable) selection of items featuring products which will enhance many modeller's railways.

CLICK HERE to view the Roco New Items on our website

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