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Right Lines e-Zine Preiser New Items 2017

Preiser 2017 New Items

Julian Lilley

JULIAN LILLEY looks at what is due for release in 2017 from Preiser.

Preiser produce probably the finest, and certainly the widest range of model figures, in over nineteen different scales.

The majority of the range are hand painted, with a good range of unpainted figures as well. The Preiser 2017 New Items Leaflet is available free of charge.

OO/HO Scale

By far the biggest part of the Preiser range is HO Scale, which can of course be used by OO Scale modellers. Their sets with part numbers starting with '10' are plastic moulded figures hand painted with extra detail, whilst those whose part numbers start with the '14' not so finely detailed, but are better value for money, which are particularly good for crowd scene work.

I regularly see layouts where there are large area of just grass with the odd trees placed here and there. I particularly like the PR10697 On The Lawn set and PR10696 Outdoor Fun set, both of which could be used in most settings with grass.

Preiser New Items

PR10696 Outdoor Fun Figure Set (5)

Preiser New Items

PR10697 On the Lawn Figure Set (6)

Continuing on from their boating lake range launched (pardon the pun) in 2015, they have added some nicely detailed sets to compliment this range.

Preiser New Items

PR10692 Leisure Time at the Lake Figure Set (9)

Preiser New Items

PR17317 Information Displays/Lifebelts Kit

Preiser New Items

PR10705 Youths (4) with Boats (2) Figure Set

The two wood stack sets below I can see being popular for use either in goods yards or a farmyard. You could also put them on the edge of a woodland/forest to represent logging, particularly if you have a back scène with a lot of trees on the border.

Preiser New Items

PR10707 Stacking Firewood Figure Set (3)

Preiser New Items

PR17609 Various Woodstacks Kit

How many layouts have a garage with petrol pumps, but no figures next to the cars? This has been remedied with the At the Filling station set!

Preiser New Items

PR10709 At the Filling Station Figure Set (6)

A set that also that took my eye (the apple of your eye? - Ed) was the Apple Harvest set and the single figure 'Picking Apples' that accompanies it. Both would look good with our set of three apple trees!

Preiser New Items

PR10720 Apple Harvest Figure Set (6)

Preiser New Items

PR28209 Picking Apples

With most layouts having a platform the three sets below would add additional realism and theatre. The two shopping sets could of course be used in High Street settings too.

Preiser New Items

PR10734 Waiting Train Travellers Figure Set (6)

Preiser New Items

PR10737 Shoppers Figure Set (7)

Preiser New Items

PR10738 Shoppers & Benches Figure Set (6)

O Scale

With the recent growth in the popularity of O Scale, particularly helped by the recent releases from Dapol, Preiser have increased their range of figures that would be ideal for platform population and fitting inside coaches.

Preiser New Items

PR65500 Seated Passengers Figure Set (6)

Preiser New Items

PR65501 Seated Passengers Figure Set (6)

Preiser New Items

PR65502 Passengers Figure Set (6)

Preiser New Items

PR65503 Passers By Figure Set (6)

G Scale

By its nature most G Scale layouts are in the garden, so the introduction of some beautifully detailed gardeners are natural additions.

Preiser New Items

PR44928 Gardening Figure Set (2)

Preiser New Items

PR44929 Working in the Garden Figure Set (2)

For sheer brilliance in the modelling detail I must mention the Cartwright and Basket Weaver. At the Nuremburg Toy fair they looked even better in "real life".

Preiser New Items

PR45520 Cartwright

Preiser New Items

PR45521 Basket Weaver

N Scale

Just a few additions in N Scale this year, however they have added what I feel are the best modelled cows in the scale, and the black and white set should be particularly popular amongst British modellers.

Preiser New Items

PR79228 Black & White Cows Figure Set (6)

Preiser New Items

PR79229 Light Brown Cows Figure Set (6)

With Christmas just nine months away the set below is worth making note of, although having seen them I am still getting over the shock that there is more than one Father Christmas!

Preiser New Items

PR79226 Christmas Figure Set (5)

Latest Arrivals

Last but not least, whilst touring our warehouse yesterday I noticed these great accessories that would not be out of place on nearly every OO/HO project you are working on, and they are currently (at time of publication) in stock!

Preiser New Items

PR17101 Metal Drum (30)

Preiser New Items

PR17102 Sacks (60)

Preiser New Items

PR17104 4-Way Euro Pallets

Preiser New Items

PR17105 Beer Barrels Crates etc

Preiser New Items

PR17107 Forklifts/Wheelbarrow

Preiser New Items

PR17113 Plastic Crates & Boxes

Preiser New Items

PR17202 Waste Containers Dustbins

A Reminder for British OO Modellers...

And for the British Modellers who insist on true 1/76th scale, Preiser have created a range of OO Scale figures just for the British market.

The range is diverse, including passengers, British Policemen, British Rail staff, and cows!

Preiser New Items

PR73000 Seated People (6)

PR73001 Waiting Passengers (6)

PR73002 Hurrying Passengers (6)

PR73004 British Police (6)

PR73005 British Rail Staff (6)

PR73006 Businessmen (6)

PR73008 Travellers (6)

PR73009 Travellers (6)

PR73011 Seated Passengers (6)

PR73013 Black and White Cows (6)

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