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Right Lines e-Zine Marklin New Items 2016

Marklin & Trix 2017 New Items

John Chandler

JOHN CHANDLER takes us through the new releases from these two major continental manufacturers this year.

Marklin/Trix are normally amongst the last to release their new items proposals but this year they are up with the rest. As is so often the case, their range includes a theme and this year is no exception with the 60th Anniversary of the Trans European Express being celebrated.

Marklin and Trix HO Scale

Please note, you may see more than one part number for an item in this article; the number prefixed 'MN' is the Marklin 3-Rail version, and the prefix 'M' denotes the Trix DC counterpart.

Marklin Rhinegold

The Trans European Express (TEE) was a collaboration between CFL, DB, FS, NS, SBB, SNCB and SNCF to provide prestige trains across Europe to compete with the airline services. Accommodation was only First Class and often the trains were named (Rheingold, Rheinpfeil, Helvetia and Edleweiß are amongst the more famous).

The table lists the Marklin and Trix items which are proposed for this celebration (including some items available only to Club members).

Description Marklin HO Trix HO
E10.12 Locomotive (Rheingold) MN30390 N/A
Rheingold Coach Set (“Tin Plate”) MN40850 N/A
E103 Locomotive MN39170 M22932
Parsifal Coach Set MN43856 M23475
Paris – Rhur DMU MN39082 M22602
L'Etoile du Nord MN26608 (Loco & Coaches) MN41879 (Additional Coaches) M22574 (Loco only)

Marklin are extending their locomotive capabilities and taking advantage of the 32 functions now controllable by their CS3 control system. Typical features include Telex couplings at each end of some of the shunter-style locomotives (providing 'automatic' uncoupling) and controlled pantographs on some of their electric locomotives so they can be raised and lowered as required. Other features are also being introduced.

Lego Model Railways

Two new releases in the Start Up range for younger modellers are a set of Building Block Cars (compatible with other building block ranges) and the 3D Building Puzzles, a range of buildings suitable for use on a layout but which do not require tools or cement to assemble.

Marklin Coaches

Four sets of three-axle double passenger cars are proposed (MN43173, MN43183, MN43184 and MN43193) which are fitted with interior lighting and all couplers, both within the coach pairs and between them, conduct electricity between the coaches so that only one pick-up shoe is required.

Catenary Maintenance Rail Car

Returning to the range is the Catenary Maintenance Rail Car (MN39974, M22974). This makes full use of the CS3's 32 function capability including pantograph control and raising/lowering/rotating of the inspection platform.

Henschel Design Steam Powered Rotary Snowplough

New to the range is the Henschel Design Steam Powered Rotary Snowplough (MN49966, M24966). Perhaps not as function-rich as it could be, the model does include rotating snowplough and control for a smoke generator.

Class 491 Powered Observation Rail Car

Also noteworthy is the Class 491 Powered Observation Rail Car (MN37584, M22193) complete with full sound and a number of Preiser figures (and driver) installed.

An old faithful makes a comeback this year with the re-introduction of the Class 420 Munich S-Bahn EMU (MN37507, M22654). This model includes the roof-top electrical connectors between the cars.

Class 247 Diesel

The Vectron class continues to expand in model form as it does in full scale with the introduction of the Class 247 Diesel (MN36290, M22281).

SBB Ae8/14

Continuing from last year's theme of the opening of the new Gotthard Base Tunnel, Marklin are proposing a model of SBB Ae8/14, 11801 (MN37595, M22397). Designed specifically to provide traction for the Gotthard route, this locomotive was the first of three 'prototype' designs which led initially to the Ae6/8 Crocodile and then the Ae6/6 and later the Re6/6 which is still in service today. This locomotive is currently maintained in operating condition by SBB Historic at Erstfeld.


The model has fully controllable pantographs and comes with a booklet about its history.

Stepping across to the Netherlands, Marklin propose a Class 1600 electric locomotive (MN37219) with coach set (MN42648). In paying attention to detail, the announcements available from the loco's decoder are in Dutch!

Pennsylvania Railroad GG1

Another iconic locomotive added to the Marklin range is the Pennsylvania Railroad GG1 (MN37494) in an experimental silver paint scheme. Its bogies are designed for negotiating sharp curves. A matching coach set (MN43616) is also proposed with built-in lighting.

Staying with the USA, an Alco PA-1 Diesel locomotive is also proposed (MN39617), powered by two synchronised high-efficiency propulsion systems.

Robel Track Car

Finally for HO, in collaboration with Viessmann, the Robel Track Car is proposed in DB (MN39549), BLS (MN39548) and ÖBB (MN39547) guises. All feature a fully movable loading crane.

Turning now to the Trix HO range, many of the new items proposed have already been referenced above with their Marklin counterparts.

Mobile Station Controller Set

Three new track sets are proposed: A Digital Starter Set, comprising loop of track and a Mobile Station Controller - good if you have locomotives and stock already and want to dip your toe in DCC (M21000), A C2 Extension Set to add a passing loop using straight points (M62902) and a C3 Extension Set to add a passing loop using curved points (M62903).

Class 42 Heavy Steam locomotive

Interestingly, whilst Marklin propose a Class 42 Heavy Steam locomotive (MN39042, M22224), this is also proposed in Trix without DCC fitted for the analogue market (M22227); the model has a MTC21 decoder interface.

In addition, the Trix Express range (three rail) returns with two coach sets forming the “IC 690 Hohenstaufen” Express Train (M31164, M31165). Wheelsets are available for Trix 2-rail and Marklin 3-rail operation.

Minitrix N Scale

Next, let us consider the Minitrix offerings.

Class 42 Heavy Steam locomotive

As an exclusive, Minitrix are proposing a Class 42 steam freight locomotive (M16412). This is the oil-fired version as it looked in 1972. The model features firebox glow and cab lighting.

SBB Ae6/6 electric locomotive

New this year is the Minitrix "my Hobby" 'affordable' range aimed at those who see "their hobby as an escape from the daily grind". To this end, two passenger coaches (M18053, M18054) (shortened to 140mm instead of the more usual 165mm over buffers) a tanker wagon (M18081) and an SBB Ae6/6 electric locomotive (basic DCC) (M16261).

Class 110 electric locomotive

Whilst not of the TEE ilk, Minitrix propose train EC40/41, Molière which operated between Moscow and Paris. Class 110 electric locomotive (M16106) provides traction for two coach sets and an additional car which reproduce EC41 (M15698, M15682 and M15683).

A return for the ICE1 is proposed in the form of a five-car set (M16941) with sound generators in both cabs and an add-on set of three coaches (M15941).

BR182 locomotive

The Hanseatic Express double-deck train is proposed as a one-time series; comprising a coach set (M15776) with one or two additional coaches (M15775), this Hamburg – Rostock express train can be recreated with the my Hobby BR182 locomotive M16957.

GYSEV Class 470 electric locomotive

In common with several other manufacturers, Minitrix have adopted the GYSEV Class 470 electric locomotive and propose a version of the “Wagner Locomotive” (M16952). Among other features, this locomotive can play Wagner's Ride of the Valkyries on entering a station.

Finally from Minitrix, they are proposing a Dutch Class 1800 electric locomotive (M16003) and coach set (M15547) representing a standard single deck Dutch express passenger train.

Marklin Z Scale

VT98 Uerdinger Rail Bus

Moving to Z scale, the classic VT98 Uerdinger Rail Bus is proposed with MN88166 containing a new generation of motor and MN88171 providing an additional control car.

Marklin Z Scale Turntable

Along with the coaling stage (q.v.), Marklin are also releasing a new turntable (MN89983) and 3-stall roundhouse (MN89835). The turntable comes with 8 feeder tracks and can be expanded to 24 lanes using MN89971.

Marklin Gauge 1

Heavy Double Diesel locomotive

In Gauge 1, Marklin are releasing a new Heavy Double Diesel locomotive (MN55288, MN55284 and MN55289) They do add the caveat that these will "be produced only if enough orders are received"!

Of note is the intention to produce the Rheingold Coaches as separate cars.

Köf III Small Diesel Locomotive

For shunting, a Köf III Small Diesel Locomotive is proposed (MN55334); the model is fitted with Telex couplers at each end for ease of uncoupling.

Magirus Merkur 120S truck

Scenically, Marklin will be releasing a set of seated figures (MN56404), a Magirus Merkur 120S truck (MN18220) and a laser cut engine shed (MN56179). Concrete sleepers form the basis of a track kit, including two rails (MN59989).


Controlling Digitally with the Central Station 3

To compliment the CS3 controller, a 190-page book, "Controlling Digitally with the Central Station 3" (MN03092) is proposed in English text. Also for the CS3, two new decoders are proposed: m83 Decoder (MN60832) for solenoid motors and m84 Decoder (MN60842) for signals and on/off effects.

Huntschen Large Coaling Station

Marklin have entered the world of laser-cut with a model of the "Huntschen" Large Coaling Station in Saarbrücken. Being readily scalable, this model is proposed not only in Marklin HO (MN77502) but also Marklin Z (MN89201) as well.

In summary, the above items have been the highlights, for me, of the new items proposed by Marklin and Trix. It is by no means an exhaustive list and a full list can be found in the Marklin New Items for 2017 catalogue (MN285366) and the Trix New Items 2017 (M285374). Further information, including price and availability, can be found on our web site.

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