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Right Lines e-Zine LGB New Items 2017

LGB 2017 New Items

Pat Pettett

PAT PETTETT looks at what is due for release in 2017 from LGB in G Scale.

LGB 90463 Building Block Starter Set

A new development for this year is the LGB90463 Construction block set the wagons in this set have bases suited to use with a certain very famous make of building blocks... An add on wagon for this is already available under part number LGB94063.

LGB 20041 DR Snow Plough III (MFX/DCC-Fitted)

Turning to locomotive power, the DR motorised snowplough (LGB20041) makes a return. This has moveable ploughs at each end, these tip up to allow coupling to a locomotive.

LGB 20480 DR BR99 653 Steam Locomotive III (MFX/DCC-Sound)

Saxonian power features heavily this year, with a completely new model locomotive, the Saxon VIk class (LGB20480) a compact 0-10-0 loco barely 16 inches long, but fitted with two motors and traction tyres plenty of power! Also fitted with DCC and sound, the sound will also give basic running sounds when used on analogue layouts.

LGB 21980 SOEG IK Steam Locomotive VI (MFX-Sound)

LGB21980 is a Saxonian Ik class again with DCC and sound. Naturally we need something to pull, LGB35094 is an interesting "articulated" coach set two of the smaller four-wheel coaches squashed close together and run as a pair. LGB35091 and LGB35092 are matching conventional four-wheel coaches, in brown and green respectively.

LGB 42636 OBB GGm-s Van IV

Turning to OBB, both the bogie box van (LGB42636) and bogie open wagon (LGB42637) have freshly tooled, correct pattern bogies.

LGB 20273 RhB Rhatia LD1 Steam Locomotive I (MFX/DCC-Sound)

The Swiss "Heidi" locomotive is back, under part number LGB20273 the version for this year has DCC and sound, and is limited to 399 models worldwide.

LGB 32523 RhB 2nd Class Coach III

Green and cream RHB coaches are on offer this year, both bogie versions (LGB32523) and longer wheelbase four-wheel versions (LGB33551) are available.

LGB 28441 RhB Ge4/4 II Electric Locomotive VI (MFX/DCC-Sound)

The RHB Ge4/4 II locomotive wears a special livery this year, commemorating works on the Albula tunnel DCC and sound are fitted (LGB28441).

LGB 31679 RhB 1st/2nd Class Express Coach VI

Suitable rolling stock includes the LGB31679 coach this is a composite coach, with the first class section having longer window bays. Also available are two axle bicycle vans (LGB34555) and the Pullman style brake van in RHB red (LGB41841).

LGB 33353 RhB Observation Gondola VI (MFX/DCC-Sound)

Adding some Jazz (or whatever your taste) is the LGB33353 music sightseeing car in yellow RHB livery, this is fitted with a DCC decoder, and includes an SD card loaded with music four musicians on the centre of the car will perform for you! The SD card can be removed, and whatever sounds you like installed on it.

LGB 23461 SchB Class HGe2/2 Electric Locomotive III (MFX/DCC-Sound)

The Electric rack locomotive is back in a rather attractive grey and cream livery, with DCC and sound the first time this loco has been sound fitted (LGB23461). Matching bogie coaches are available, LGB36642 is a set of two.

LGB 29272 DFB Steam Train Pack VI (MFX/DCC-Sound)

The Steam Rack Locomotive is back as part of LGB29272, a DFB livery train pack including the loco, two coaches and a four-wheel open wagon again this has DCC and sound for the first time.

LGB 20578 DRGW F7A Diesel Locomotive III (MFX/DCC-Sound)

Turning to US outline, the complete F7A-B-A is available again in D&RGW yellow LGB20578 and LGB20579 are both DCC and sound fitted, the centre B unit (LGB20588) has a speaker fitted, and can produce sound when coupled to an A unit. A full rake of five coaches are available as well, including baggage and observation cars. All of these feature interior lighting.

You can view the 2017 New Items brochure here.

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