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Right Lines e-Zine Faller New Items 2016

Faller 2016 New Items

Terry Smith

TERRY SMITH looks at what is due for release in 2016 from Faller.

Faller are just a continental brand right? Actually a large number of their kits can either be made as they are, or adapted to be used on British Outline layouts. In this review of new releases for this year I will point out models that I believe could cross over to British layouts, but do look at the range yourself. I am sure there is much in their extensive catalogue that may inspire you to a bit of kit bashing.

Faller 130816 Monastery Kit

The star of the Faller range for 2016 must be their Limited Edition Premium model, the FA130816 HO Scale Monastery Kit. This massive structure measures 604x517x374mm and is packed with details such as the ornate windows and intricate spires. Much of this kit could be adapted to use on a OO layout and in my opinion just painting the roofs slate grey would give the right effect.

Faller 110131 Wittenberg Station Kit

In contrast to their many period station kits, Faller are offering us an ecological Modern Image station based on the DB building at Wittenberg. This HO/OO kit FA110131 comes with a roof mounted lawn and solar panels, although some may build this modern building without these and use them on other projects.

Faller 120208 Train Washing System Kit

Next up and ripe for use on a Modern Image UK layout is the Train Washing System Kit FA120208. We even have something similar on the approaches to our local terminus station of Littlehampton, and used in conjunction with our GM406 Loco Depot and GM407 Carriage Platforms in our Fordhampton Station Range whole modern day service facility could be constructed.

Faller 120275 Segment Turntable

An unusual but useful addition to the range this year is a working Segment Turntable, FA120275. Although quoted as HO this item could equally used on a space saving OO layout and can move smaller locomotives to a total angle of 37.5 degrees. I would imagine modellers of O-16.5 narrow gauge could also be interested in this item.

Faller 130198 Dairy Kit

FA130198 is a striking new model for this year, which is an operating Dairy. This impressive structure comes complete with the stainless steel storage tanks and with the addition of a FA180629 Synchronous Motor you can actually add movement to the conveyors in the bottling plant! Again with a bit of adaptation could easily be an interesting feature on a OO layout.

Faller 130160 Fire Station Kit

Being a fairly frequent traveller to both Germany and Austria I have always been surprised, but also impressed by those countries obsession with Fire Stations! Even some of the smaller towns and villages often have quite impressive Feuerwache. FA130160 is Faller's latest offering of the type and is modern glass fronted building with garages for up to four vehicles. However with not too much adaptation, one could easily turn this into a modern image factory/distribution unit, with the colour lending itself as a British Royal Mail depot?

Faller 180383 Steam Engine Kit

Another kit lending itself to motorisation is the FA180383 Steam Engine. The model is of the stationary type that was used during the industrial revolution both here in the UK and in parts of mainland Europe and by using the FA180723 Direct Current Motor, builds up as delightful working model of an important piece of history, which can still be seen in museums today, such as Amberley Working Museum near to Gaugemaster HQ.

Faller 180383 Metal Shredding Plant Kit

Of all the Faller models that do cross over easily for use on UK based layouts, industrial structures/facilities have to be the easiest to accommodate. The Metal shredding unit FA130186 is no exception to this and could be the basis of a modern day scrap yard or car recycling plant. I think you could have a lot of fun building up your own pile of scrap metal from bits of old kits!

Faller 131258 Service Station Kit

A couple of new additions to the HO Hobby range, that will have universal appeal, are the FA131258 Service Station and the FA131306 Container Crane. The useful Esso Garage could be used on Continental, British and even US layouts. With so much being transported today in big metal boxes the Container Crane is a must have structure for most modern image layouts and both these useful kits are attractively priced.

Faller 222216 Grain Silo Kit

A few items of note and enjoying universal appeal in the Faller N Scale range for 2016 are the FA222216 Grain Silos, the FA272909 Lifting Jacks and FA232373 Timber Storage Sheds. the latter even comes with piles of timber. Finally an evergreen and very useful kit that has found its way into the smaller scale Hobby Range is the FA232514 Garden Centre. Of course one can use the kit as described, however once placed in multiples these miniature industrial sized greenhouses can be laid out to represent nurseries such were seen, and some still remain, along the Southcoast mainline from Brighton to Southampton.

These are just some of the new additions to the Faller range for 2016 but as I said do look through their offerings in their catalogue, on our website, I think you will be surprised how much can be used on both UK and Continental layouts, in either OO/HO or N scales.

CLICK HERE to view the 2016 Faller New Items on our website

CLICK HERE to view the Faller 2016 New Items Leaflet

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